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TudorCast show

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A podcast dedicated to Tudor History

By Lara Eakins

San Francisco History Podcast – Sparkletack show

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Stories unearthed from the history of San Francisco, the "city that knows how".

By Richard Miller

Proverbs Podcast show

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Throughout human history, wise men and women have sought to distill common sense and wisdom into concise passages or sayings, maxims by which we all might live. This podcast will offer a series of these proverbs drawn from a wide variety of traditions and backgrounds.


Notebook on Cities and Culture show

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(Formerly The Marketplace of Ideas.) A world-traveling interview show where Colin Marshall sits down for in-depth conversations with cultural creators, internationalists, and observers of the urban scene about the work they do and the world cities they do it in, from Los Angeles to Osaka to Mexico City to London to Seoul and beyond.

By Colin Marshall

The New York Minute Show - Video show

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This is a video podcast that accompanies the New York Minute Show audio podcast. You'll see brief, but telling glimpses of New York City through these short video clips.

By Robert J. Safuto Q&A on Ayn Rand show Q&A on Ayn RandJoin Now to Follow

Now you can find answers to urgent, real-life questions. Listen to Leonard Peikoff, the world’s leading authority on Ayn Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism, as he explores subjects of general interest, such as human relationships, career and morality. His answers are posted online every week, on Mondays. Some recent questions include: Is love more important than career? Can science answer everything? Is it proper to be competitive with one’s friends? What’s more dangerous: religion or socialism? You can listen to full episodes on iTunes. Or listen to single questions or full episodes on the Peikoff website. A large archive of podcasts is now easily searchable by topic or key words. If you have a philosophical question to ask Leonard, simply go to

By Leonard Peikoff

锵锵三人行 show

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By 锵锵3人行

Irish Fireside show

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The Podcast on Irish Travel, Irish Customs and All Things Irish. We take you to some of the best Irish towns and villages. As we explore Ireland's most popular destinations, we offer our suggestions to get you off the tourist trail and in to the "real" Ireland. Sit back, relax and make yourself comfortable at the Irish Fireside, and feel free to use our Episode Guides for maps, destination recaps and links to the sites and topics we discuss.

By Liam Hughes & Corey Taratuta

The Paranormal Report | Jim Harold and Micah Hanks show

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Looking for the latest in paranormal news? A review of the paranormal world with Jim Harold and Micah Hanks.

By Jim Harold & Micah Hanks: Paranormal News, Ghost Videos, UFO Videos and more!

Black Man With A Gun | Firearms| History |Gun Training show

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Guns, American History, Firearms Training from gun rights activist, author, trainer and professional speaker, Kenn Blanchard. He gives a conscientious take on the world of firearms and the gun community. He showcases the diversity of the gun culture with experts on hunting, gun rights, the justice system, and self defense. It is done with humor and compassion for all people, since 2007. He helps you “survive another week,” by sharing positive people, products, and news with the wit and humor of the gun rights activist since 2007. The show is not to incite but to inspire.

By Kenn Blanchard