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Brazilian Portuguese Podcast, by RLP show

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Brazilian Portuguese Podcast is back! Now powered by Really Learn Portuguese. Our goal is to produce great posts and podcasts to really help people learn Portuguese language and Brazilian culture in a fun and simple way.


Deviate with Rolf Potts show

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Rolf Potts veers off-topic in this unique series of conversations with experts, public figures, and intriguing people.

By Rolf Potts

Pop Culturist Podcast show

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From CRTVCHURCH comes The Pop Culturist Podcast with Ross Montgomery, Josh Pease, and Chad Smith. Each week we discuss the broad themes, small details, and ridiculous theories from pop culture's past, present, and future.


Buried show

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In the spring of 1991, a young woman named Carey Mae Parker went missing from the Lake Tawakoni area of northeast Texas. Her disappearance devastated a family and still hasn’t been solved. But there’s something unusual about Carey’s case. After years without answers, family members made a shocking discovery: Police had never investigated. For nearly 20 years, no search was conducted, and no one was questioned. And Carey isn’t the only one missing.


Women Do It Better show

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It’s Not a Comparison - It’s A Knowing Women - No more dimming so others feel comfortable around you. It's time to take your gifts and DOMINATE!!! More women than ever are in the C-suites, not only on top of their own game but on top of The Game. We hold, budget and spend the finances, and are the last stop on the responsibility route. Learning how others have used the same gifts you possess will change the direction of your courage, your confidence and therefore your choices. We stopped waiting for the invitation to the doorway called Success. Many of us are ready to Dominate in Business and in Life. As a woman, you have just the RIGHT GIFTS. They are yours and they need to be discovered, sharpened, brightened, and then directed. Once you acknowledge the gifts AND you know how to apply those gifts in your chosen arena — Watch Out. Every week I am going to talk about the GIFTS we have. I will show you how to find them, understand them and master them to Dominate and Explode. When you are Hungry for Success like the people who listen to this podcast — what you will take away will far exceed the expectations.

By Gloria Mayfield Banks

The Good Life Guys show

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On this show we talk about what we're thinking, reading, and experiencing. We speak candidly about even our most intimate and personal things. We rack our brains to figure out life so that it might be a little easier for you! Please enjoy the show :)

By Yasin Mammeri

Sampler show

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Sampler brings you the best moments from the world of podcasts. We'll feature bite size tastes from a variety of shows plus we'll talk with podcasters to find out why they do what they do. Sampler is hosted by Brittany Luse and a different special guest each week.

By Gimlet

CTRL+T show

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Welcome to CTRL+T, the TechCrunch podcast that looks at how technology impacts culture. Listen to TechCrunch reporter Megan Rose Dickey and Editorial Director Henry Pickavet as they dive into the week's headlines followed by interviews with influencers and innovators in the field. Premier episode launches December 16th.

By TechCrunch


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MURDERISH is a true crime podcast that brings you intriguing stories of murder, strange disappearances, serial killers and other creepy events. If you are fascinated by the mind of a killer, and are interested in knowing the details of their crimes, you're in the right spot. Don't worry, you're not a murderer, you're just MURDERISH.

By Jami Rice

Crazy Family Adventure | Stories about RV living, family travel, and working from the road show

Crazy Family Adventure | Stories about RV living, family travel, and working from the roadJoin Now to Follow

Our family of 6, plus our dog, sold everything, bought an RV and have been traveling full-time around North America since May 2014. We love talking about RV life, unschooling, making money on the road, and the reality of what it means to live in less then 200 sq. feet. Living in a camper isn't always rainbows and sunshine, but it definitely makes life interesting and we are so excited to share it with you to hopefully help inspire you, help you plan to get on the road with your family, or just to answer some questions you may have about this lifestyle!

By Bryanna and Craig Royal