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We Need To Talk About Ghosts show

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One mans attempt to convince himself that it wasn't just the wind...

Blamo! | Exploring Fashion with the People Who Shape It show

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Designers, creative directors, actors, athletes: Blamo! explores the world of fashion with the people who shape it. Each week, founder Jeremy Kirkland speaks with a different guest about their journey through their career and outlook on the future.

By Blamo!

Likeville show

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Philosopher and professor John Faithful Hamer interviews a wide range of subjects. Nothing is off limits.

By John Faithful Hamer

True Stories of Good People show

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True Stories of Good People is a podcast about people who are making a difference in other people's lives, or have had their lives changed by someone kind.

By GoFundMe

Euphomet show

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A show about the unknown and our relationship to it. Host Jim Perry, along with a group of curious radio producers are in search of the other side…the thing under your bed…that signal of unknown origin…and the true stories behind the strange phenomena that are outside the sphere of popular consciousness. Featuring radio diaries that recount astonishing firsthand experiences Euphomet attempts to decipher the signal…and to decode what it all really could mean.

By Skylark

Convicted Legacy show

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This podcast is no longer producing new episodes on this channel. We strongly recommend subscribing to the Convicted podcast feed for more stories of injustice. Click here to listen on iTunes or visit our website for a link to the new feed in your favorite podcast app.


The Legendary Marriage Podcast show

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No one should ever feel alone in their marriage. (If only it were that easy), but the trials and challenges of life take their toll on even the best couples. So where do brave couples go to breathe new life into their relationship? They tune into the Legendary Marriage podcast, where hosts, Danielle and Justin Williams share from their 15+ years of marriage, compelling interviews, research & expertise to inspire and challenge couples to create a vibrant marriage full of intimacy and connection. In a no holds barred, fun, and witty give and take, Danielle and Justin speak candidly about the importance of communication, sex, money, romance, faith, and community, among other things. Episodes are jam packed full of authentic stories, engaging interviews, insight, and laughs that will leave you smiling tomorrow. Don’t settle for an ordinary marriage, make yours LEGENDARY.

By Danielle and Justin Williams: Marriage Mentors | Professional Coaches | Speakers | Retreat Leaders



Leonard Lopate at Large … lively hour-long, in-depth discussions that will provide overview and context to topics usually covered in partial measures. His guests will include leading thinkers, scientists, artists, economists, farmers, historians, authors, and politicians. Mr. Lopate is a Peabody Award winner whose numerous honors include three Associated Press Awards and three James Beard Awards


Progress Daily Show show

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Practical tips on finding your direction and solving the world's biggest issues

By John Hill

Jesus and Jollof show

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Jesus and Jollof is a podcast featuring Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji, two proudly Nigerian women (who have no behavior) talking about the things they love, their stories, and life in general. Why “Jesus and Jollof?” Those are the two things they cannot do without. Besides, the other option was “2 Goat Queens.”

By Luvvie Ajayi and Yvonne Orji