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The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson show

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Join bestselling author Jon Ronson as he traces a very strange butterfly effect. A teen in Brussels had an idea – to make porn free and easy to stream online. The consequences of that idea are mysterious, delightful, surprising, and sad. Jon Ronson’s Butterfly Effect - an Audible Original Series - coming in November to Apple Podcasts and wherever else you listen. For more information go to

By Audible

Curiosity Habit show

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Recording artist Matt Wertz shares beautiful, strange and fascinating stories with you through conversations with some of the most interesting people he knows. From the man who made a livelihood from a piece of fruit, to how award-winning coffee gets made, to the world's largest Beatles memorabilia collection, join Matt as he walks curiously through life.

By Matt Wertz

Uncommon Sense: the This is True Podcast show

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Uncommon Sense is the podcast for This is True, the oldest Entertainment newsletter on the Internet, starting in early 1994 and running weekly since. TRUE features 'weird news' stories with a purpose: it's Thought-Provoking Entertainment. TRUE is news commentary using rewritten summaries of real news stories as its vehicle. The newsletter is text, but the podcast is decidedly not an audio version of the newsletter, so you may want to try a free subscription to the newsletter, too. Subscribe at

By Randy Cassingham

GameChurch Podcast show

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A videogame podcast from a different perspective, with open and honest conversations about games, life, and belief.

By GameChurch

Eureka by Baron Fig show

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Joey and Adam, co-founders of Baron Fig, sit down with Thinkers to discuss how they're turning ideas into reality.

By Eureka by Baron Fig

Refugees' Stories Podcast show

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We all know about the war in Syria, and most of us have an opinion about it, but very few of us have had the opportunity to sit in a refugee’s tent and listen to their story. Refugees’ Stories aims to change that.

By Refugees' Stories

Desert Oracle Radio hosted by Ken Layne show

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Desert Oracle Radio is a weekly road trip through the weird American desert from the publisher of Desert Oracle, the acclaimed field guide published in Joshua Tree, California. Hear tales of lost mines, mysterious lights, missing tourists, venomous creatures, weird history and weirder people. Hosted by editor Ken Layne and featuring a cast of intriguing mystics, oddballs, scientists and artists, Desert Oracle Radio is your evocative soundtrack for a desert night. The program is broadcast on Friday nights at 10 p.m. by KCDZ 107.7 FM in the Mojave high desert, with field reports from around and across the desert lands. Those who love these harsh dry lands know there's a weird magic to the place, and Desert Oracle Radio blends old folklore and curious history with the strange doings of today's denizens. For more information, visit or write to, and keep the desert in your heart!

By Ken Layne

Sinica Podcast - Weekly Discussion of Current Affairs in China show

Sinica Podcast - Weekly Discussion of Current Affairs in ChinaJoin Now to Follow

A weekly discussion of current affairs on China with journalists, writers, academics, policy makers, business people and anyone with something compelling to say about the country that's reshaping the world. Sinica is hosted by Kaiser Kuo and Jeremy Goldkorn.

By SupChina

The Tiny House Listings Podcast show

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Welcome to the Tiny House Listings Podcast, hosted by the owner/operator of the popular Tiny House Listings website which a monthly reach of 15 million. On this podcast you’ll find a nice mix of different tiny house musings, rants, interviews, short insights, tiny house news and events, and things related to tiny houses that Steven feels will help you along your journey to live tiny and debt-free.

By Tiny House Listings

A New and Ancient Story: The Podcast show

A New and Ancient Story: The PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Podcast by Charles Eisenstein

By Charles Eisenstein