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New All Age Comic Books  show

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iTunes Program Summary: Daddy Mojo is about parenting and all of the things that enter our cone of fun. One area that we’ll discuss weekly are new all age comic books. Every week dozens of new all age comics are released and we’ll mention all of them in addition to highlighting the ones we like the best. <br> Books! Children’s books can be like tribbles on the Enterprise. In a separate podcast we’ll highlight the books that we’ve gotten recently and which ones really shine. Because life it too short to not spend it with a good book, especially when your audience has the attention span of a gnat.

By Daddy Mojo

NStarPost Uploads  show

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Independent investigative newspaper based in Minneapolis - covering the globe. Civil liberties and justice for all.

By Sam Richards, Jerod MacDonald-Evoy

Certain POV show

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A multi-podcast feed in the nerd world. Ben and Addy discuss nerd pop culture while Case breaks down movies. And the whole gang sits down for a regular D-20 game with hijinks.

By Ben Milton and Addy Thomas

The Rules of Acquisition: A Star Trek Deep Space Nine Podcast show

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A Podcast about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. IT'S GOLD PRESSED LATINUM FOR YOUR EARS. Every Monday Wade, James, and Hugh dissect another episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a 90s precursor to tv's current golden age. What works? What doesn't work? How does this compare to modern television? Just what are our opinions on the morality of various resistance movements? The Rules of Acquisition attempts to approach DS9 from a less than Trekker perspective -though from time to time an "Angry Nerd Corner" segment will slip in. Have opinions? Give us a call and you may even appear on the show! 917 408 3898

By Bogmad Media Susurrations

The Mythology Podcast show

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The Mythology Podcast explores myth, folklore, and legend from throughout history and from all over the world.

By Beau-Caprice Vetch

FutureHero Podcast  show

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The Future Hero Podcast combines music and spoken word to create meaningful podcasts for movement or for chilling. Baxter has been teaching movement across the US and Canada for over ten years, and shares with you through his meditations and podcasts his art and experience. This podcast wants your music! If you dig what we do and would like to submit music, hit me up here or at baxter@futureheropodcast.

By Jonathan Livingston Baxter

Flick Picks with Phil and Tom show

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Phil and Tom take their love of movies to a new level, discussing the latest movie news, trailers, rumors and reviews! NEW EPISODES EVERY FRIDAY!

By Phil and Tom

History by Fire show

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We're going to make history cool again with edge, personality, passion conviction and no holds barred facts. We want people to know that they can't go forward without looking at the past, and that they can't fix the issues of today without thoroughly examining the past. So, for those of you who hated your history teacher in school, or could "never grasp" history, this show is for you!

Paranormal Talk Radio show

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An educational Paranormal Talk Show that discusses Paranormal Investigations, ghosts, mysteries, science, history, cryptozoology, folklore, ufo's and more!

By Paranormal Talk Radio

Legend Has It show

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Legend Has It is a free bi-weekly podcast about mythology, folklore, stories, and legends from all over the world and throughout time.

By Sawyer G. Sheldon