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Changing Culture show

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Exploring and changing the DNA of culture. Looking at what is happening in culture and society and its impact on the domains of business, culture and faith. By Dr. W. David Phillips

By W David Phillips

Аудиокниги от show

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Аудиокниги разных жанров: классика, фантастика, детские книги, юмор и др.


mediamode presents show

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Enhanced ReCasts - Listen to the history you were never told. "Cultivated ignorance is the political chain that binds people to tyranny." - W. Michael Gear

By mediamode

Convicts Convention Podcast's Podcast show

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Convicts Convention Podcast is a show about pop culture conventions such as San Diego Comic Con and DragonCon. We attend the shows and give our impressions of how the show was ran and highlights or lowlights of the show. We will also feature convention groups and celebrity interviews. Costuming and cosplaying are our passions and many of the shows will discuss getting the most out of your cosplay experience at a con. Join us for tips and advice about attending and navigating the world of conventions.

By Convicts

American Countryside show

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The American Countryside is truly a slice of Americana. It might be a well-known music or TV star or just someone with an interesting story that lives down the street. From Iditarod sled dog mushers, to NASA scientists... from the Rooster Crowing Championships to NFL greats...The American Countryside is sure to be of interest. Click the button above to listen to the latest show, or visit the American Countryside archives.

By Andrew McCrea

Hoppe Radio (Ryan Hoppe) show

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The award winning Hoppe Hour is hosted by the outspoken Ryan Hoppe. The program is for the hard working folks who wake up tired as hell, but go to work & grind their ass off.

By Hoppe Radio (Ryan Hoppe)

Samurai Archives Japanese History Podcast show

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Follow your hosts on a trek into Japanese history, from ancient Japan to the end of the Samurai and all points in between - culture, warfare, literature, and interviews. The Official Podcast of the Samurai Archives Japanese History page.

By The Samurai Archives Japanese History Page

Chicago Unbelievable: The Podcast 2.0 show

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Author Adam Selzer and comedians Hector Reyes and Erin Pieshke investigate history and folklore in Chicago.

By Adam Selzer

Next Wave show

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Next Wave’s BREAKFAST CLUB is your early morning shot of artistic and intellectual insight and for the first time ever it’s available as a Podcast series! We’ll be tackling big issues from new perspectives. Feminism, family, the shifting media landscape and imaginary worlds – explored through a series of provocations from Australian artists, writers and creative thinkers.

By Next Wave

The Moot Report show

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Welcome to The Moot Report, where nobody is an expert and we often have very little idea what we’re talking about. We usually end up with more questions than answers and none of us take ourselves too seriously. So that’s worth something, right?

By Dudestro