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Summary: Join Ali and Charlie as they take a new look at true crime, mysteries, and forgotten history.

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 123: The Beaumont Children | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4497

On January 26 1966, Jane, Arnna and Grant Beaumont left their parents to spend the day at Glenelg Beach in Adelaide. When they failed to return home as promised, what would follow would be the longest and most intensive search operation in Australia’s history. And more than 50 years later, despite numerous persons of interest being identified, still no trace of the Beaumont children have ever been found. Thank you to today's sponsors - Brook Linen ($20 off and free shipping at, promo code SIGHT), Ziprecruiter (post your jobs for FREE at and Bombas (20% off your first order at and use code INSIGHT at checkout). Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 Preview: Death's Door Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4981

Preview of Death's Door Podcast. This weekly show takes an objective look at a new from America's Death Row, exploring how people end up on death row, investigating characters and evidence in each case, and exploring the legal intricacies of the death penalty in the United States

 122: Relisha Rudd | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4544

In 2014, a social worker attempted to make contact with a doctor in a homeless shelter where a little girl named Relisha lived with her family. The doctor claimed to be treating Relisha for an unspecified neurological condition that caused her to miss a lot of school. But when the social worked arrived at the homeless shelter, she learned this “doctor” was actually a janitor at the shelter and Relisha’s mother couldn’t remember the last time she saw her daughter.  In four years, Relisha’s mother, stepfather, grandmother, and teachers have come under fire, as has the Department of Child and Family Services and the shelter where Relisha lived. But none of this finger pointing has led to the whereabouts of Relisha.  Thank you to our sponsors for today's episode:  Bombas Socks. Get 20% off at Carbon38\. Get 20% off at promo code SIGHT Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 121: Amy Fitzpatrick | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4106

On New Years Day 2008, 15 year old Amy Fitzpatrick left her best friend, Ashley’s home in the coastal, tourist town in Southern Spain. The walk home should have only taken her ten minutes but she never arrived home. Or did she? Rumours of Amy’s neglect and mistreatment by her mother and step-father soon surfaces through the missing girl’s own diary. Ten years later, there is no evidence to Amy’s whereabouts and police have no suspects.  Today's sponsors are Murder Mile podcast - listen on iTunes or anywhere you listen to great podcasts. And Dead Strode - Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 120: Henry McCabe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3986

On September 7 2015, Kareen McCabe received a disturbing call from her husband at around 2.30am.  A voicemail is recorded and she was shocked to hear what sounded like pained and distressed groaning and growling followed by the words “stop it” before the message cut off. Her husband was 32-year-old Henry McCabe. The last images of him alive were captured on the CCTV cameras at a Holiday gas station. His body turned up 6 miles away from where he was last seen. Despite the suspicious voice mail that he left for both his wife and brother, investigators did not believe there was foul play involved in Henry McCabe’s death and the autopsy revealed that he had drowned. Thank you to today's sponsors - Brook Linen ($20 off and free shipping at, promo code SIGHT), Simple Contacts ($20 off and ThirdLove (15% off first purchase at Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 119: Betty Shanks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4336

In September 1952, Betty Shanks was attacked as she walked home from the tram stop. Brisbane was a city where young women regularly walked home after dark alone but that would change. In the immediate aftermath of Betty’s death, public transportation use went down and the use of private taxis went up. This was one of those cases that rocked the city and it seemed that no one would feel safe until the culprit was caught. But he never was. Thank you to today's sponsors: Carbon 35 (20% off your purchase at Promo Code: sight)  ZipRecruiter (post your job for free at Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 118: The Wolf Family | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3809

One of the worst crimes in North Dakota state history occurred on April 22 1920 on a farm just north of Turtle Lake when seven members of a family and their farm hand were found brutally murdered at their home. A massive search for the killers begin in the midst of an intense political campaign. Three weeks later, investigators manage to get a signed confession from the prime suspect in the case. But then he changes his story and he claims that the confession was obtained under duress, intimidation and fear. Was Henry Layer responsible for the murders of the Wolf Family?  Book recommendation: The Murdered Family by Vernon Keel - or visit Thank you to today's sponsors - Third Love (15% off first purchase at - AMC Shudder (free 30 day trial at, promo code INSIGHT) - Brooklinen ($20 off and free shipping at, promo code SIGHT). Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 117: The Death of Haden Clarke | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4106

Book recommendation and source: The Lost Pilots: The Spectacular Rise and Scandalous Fall of Aviation's Golden Couple The 1920s was the golden age of aviation but that golden age slowed when the great depression hit. As record breaking aviators and secret lovers Bill Lancaster and Jessie Miller learned, fortunes can turn quickly. When promising new opportunities arose that took Bill out of town and moved a new man, writer Haden Clarke, into Jessie’s life, things started down a path that would lead to one of the most sensational murder trials Miami, Florida had ever seen.  Thank you to today's sponsors: ThirdLove - Get 15% off at and Ziprecruiter - post your job for free at Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 116: Lauren Spierer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3587

Lauren Spierer was a 20-year-old college student at Indiana University. Her disappearance in June of 2011 would become one of the most well known disappearances in US history. There was been a lot of speculation and rumours about what happened that night. As well as reluctance by those with her that night to speak to the police. And refusal from the Bloomington State Police to release surveillance footage featuring Lauren. But what is the most haunting about this case is Lauren herself. She was bright, beautiful and well liked. She disappeared walking only a few blocks from her home after celebrating the end of semester with her friends. And now, more than seven years later, no trace of Lauren Spierer ever found.    Thank you to today's sponsors: Brooklinen - Get $20 and free shipping. Use promo code SIGHT. And Be Scared Podcast - Listen on Castbox, Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen to your podcasts. Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 115: Missy Bevers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3147

On April 18, 2016, stay at home mom turned fitness instructor Missy Bevers showed up at a Midlothian Texas church to set up for a Camp Gladiator class. Less than an hour later, the first two class members would enter the church and find Missy dead. Survellience footage was released to the public within 12 hours but the man, or woman, seen has never been identified. Who killed the energetic and outgoing Missy Bevers? And why? There is a $50,000 reward in this case. Anyone with information in the case is asked to call Midlothian police at 972-775-3333 or Ellis County Crime Stoppers at 972-937-7297

 114: The Dahlsjo Disappearance | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2418

In 1965, four men disappeared from their hometown in Sweden. This disappearance is the only long term mass disappearance in Swedish history. The same day, a bank heist was foiled when the three robbers were caught. Are the missing men and the robbery connected? If so, how? If not, where did the men go? And why?

 113: Joan Risch | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 4009

In 1961, a housewife and mother of two, 30-year-old Joan Risch was living with her family in Lincoln, Massachusetts. October 24th should have been just like any other day. Her husband was out of town on business and she had errands to run. But in strange and mysterious circumstances, she goes missing and to this day, almost 60 years later, she has never been found. But maybe that is exactly the way she wanted it.  Thank you to today's sponsors, Fabletics, Away and Purple. Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 112: Heather Teague | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2805

On the afternoon of Saturday August 26 1995, 23-year-old Heather Teague went to Newburgh Beach to do some sunbaking. It was an isolated area and she would be the only person on the beach that day. A man on the other side of the river was looking through his telescope at the same time and what he saw was a terrifying sight. Heather being abducted at gunpoint by a large, bearded man dressed in a wig and mosquito netting. Two suspects have been considered in this case but no substantial evidence and no body means no charges have been laid. And even now more than 20 years later, Heather’s mother refuses to give up until her killer is brought to justice. Special thank you to Jess from Murder Road Trip for her research assistance!  Thank you to today's sponsors, Fabletics and FabFitFun. Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod

 111: Bobby Greenlease w/Aaron from Generation Why | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3616

A little before 11am on Sept 28, 1958, a woman walked into a private school in Kansas City and, under a ruse, convinced the nun at the front desk to let her take 6 year old Bobby Greenlease out of school. A kidnap-for-ransom plot unfolds and eventually falls apart.  Thank you to Aaron from the Generation Why podcast for helping us cover this historic Kansas City case. Sponsors: promo code: sight

 110: Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 3692

On January 1 1963, the bodies of Dr Gilbert Bogle and Mrs Margaret Chandler were found on the banks of the Lane Cove River in Sydney, Australia. This case has continued to baffle investigators for more than 55 years because of the circumstances in which the bodies were found and because the cause of death could not be established. Theories ran rife ranging from Dr Bogle being targeted because of his knowledge of nuclear weapons to hydrogen sulphide poisoning. What really happened to Dr Bogle and Mrs Chandler? Thank you to today's sponsors, BetaBrand and Purple. Facebook/insightpod Twitter @insightfulpod Instagram @insightpod


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