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Roshan Shetty's Full Power Show feat. Kaam Janta show

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RJ Roshan Shetty is a believer in being Full Power all the time. And during the lockdown, he jotted down a bunch of Full Power news stories, for future reading. Roshan Shetty's Full Power Show is a podcast series dedicated to spreading positivity in these trying times. While most of us are locked up in our houses with enough stock to last a lifetime, there are some good samaritans out there who are striving every day to help the needy. Some are out there just to spread some cheer! In this podcast, Roshan reads some of those happy, positive, healing stories and puts the spotlight on all those selfless people who we call ‘Kaam Janta’.

By RJ Roshan Shetty

The Zero Brain Podcast show

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Conspiracy Theories, Ancient mysteries, Aliens, the paranormal. This show covers it all.

By Dave Grave

25 GHANTE™ The Podcast show

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Hello everyone, and welcome to "25 Ghante The Podcast" India's first 'HINDI' Productivity based Podcast! On this Podcast, we will talk about how to make achievable goals, How to channel your energy efficiently. How to capitalize this digital era to be at the top of our game. We will also interview some of the finest young and vintage minds who overcame their negative selves and achieved what they wanted too. Besides all this, we will have a lot of fun and will enjoy this journey together. So, make sure to subscribe to the Podcast. See you in the episode till next time Stay strong, Stay focused and be legendary.

By Amitabh Pandey

TheRusticMystic show

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I am Sidharth Mishra. I believe that goodness in the world can be achieved one heart at a time.I live to tell tales of my life along with 1000s of others. This podcast is also about spirituality, mysticism and love. Please hear me out and have fun. Please email me at if you have any queries.

By Sidharth Mishra

Soul Searcher show

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It is important to have balance in every area of our daily experience. To do that, one must work hard, have good relationships, have a healthy spiritual life, learn how to handle money and continue to grow personally as well as professionally. With the responsibilities and going through life experiences, we learn every day. Sharing those learning with everyone here.

By Krishna Dinesh Sagar

The #LooTalks Podcast show

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#LooTalks, brought to you by Volunteer4India and Macklan, is a platform for women where they can feel safe discussing any issue that's close to their heart. The insecurities, irritations with the norms, rage about the way we are treated (or mistreated) are all discussed here openly and fearlessly. Each week, we will bring you stories of women like you, me or the ones we see around, sharing their real-life experiences on some of the most common issues relating to Health, Career, Relationships and Safety.

By LooTalks

Thinksome show

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Every week Thinksome will try and prod your brain to wonder about things you know about but never really stopped to think about. We will talk about the mundane in an insane way, giving you your weekly dose of history, law, economics, policy, culture punctuated with some very poor humour! Drop in on the conversation every Sunday, we look forward to opening up our little friend circle to any curious listeners out there! You can also reach us on Bibliography:

By Daanish, Souparnika and Shibani

The Bibliobabu Show show

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Wassup Peeps. Welcome to "The Biblio-babu Show", a podcast where I speak about some key take away from every book that I read. New episodes come out every morning so you can start your day with some great insight into some amazing books. Share your feedback suggestions and if you have a book you wanna listen to, on You can also ping me on Instagram @amanssidhu, on Twitter @amandeep 412 and on Facebook @amandeep singh Stay happy, stay knowledge hungry and stay connected to "The Biblio-Babu Show".

By Amandeep Singh

Dillikidiva show

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An urban woman recording her learnings about culture, mythology, spirituality, social changes and ecology as she travels through India and other countries.

By Ritika Kochhar

Hubhopper story corner show

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In every 'Podcast Social' event, we encourage creators to let their hair loose and share some of their exciting stories and experiences with us. With every 'Podcast Social', we will be bringing an entirely new season to you. So there's one more reason to attend! ;)

By Hubhopper