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It Takes Grit

Summary: Getting your workout in, eating the right foods and changing your mindset is no easy task - IT TAKES GRIT! ‘Failing to prepare is preparing to fail’. Rebecca is here to make sure you know what it takes, how to get through the tough times, keep you on track and get you results no matter what you are looking for. From fitness to nutrition, health to relationships and mindset to motivation. Rebecca gives you the real deal and grit on what it takes to be successful. You will leave each episode with tangible advise that if you choose to implement, will change your life and mindset forever.Join Rebecca Louise and her British humor as she takes you on a journey of self discovery, a broadened mindset and a life without limits. From a small town in England to running an international business and living in Southern California, Rebecca openly shares her experiences and struggles of how she got to where she is today. Coupled with a bunch of hilarious stories, untold events and her quick sarcastic wit, this podcast certainly makes for an easy listen, while providing you with an action plan to achieve your dreams and desires!

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