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Stories of Movers, Shakers, & Makers. Sounds Like A Movement is a production company that believes every person is a movement in the making. We are convinced, driven, and at times, even haunted by the idea that each of us are born with an active imagination, the ability to see a better future and then tangibly create it. Out of this belief, Sounds Like A Movement produces content and resources that inspire people to bravely step into this identity, partnering with movement makers to create stories that capture the imagination and provoke the will to action. The concept began in 2010 when CJ Casciotta began curating a series of small gatherings centered around a simple purpose: give people who are putting their imagination to good use a space to share their story and inspire others. What began under the flicker of strung up lights across pubs, coffee shops, backyards, and living rooms spread to the internet as CJ and his team of make-believers began to document these stories and share them with others. For over four years artists, social innovators, and cultural pioneers have shared their imagination through intimate discussions and performances curated and produced by Sounds Like A Movement. Additionally, CJ and team have helped movements big and small craft their message, sharpen their identity, and design creative solutions that inspire people to respond.

By Sounds Like A Movement

First CRC Oostburg » Sermons show

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Alive in Christ - Growning, Loving, Sharing

By First CRC Oostburg

Rich As A King show

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Find out how the critical thinking skills and strategic planning tools necessary for winning a game of chess can be applied to investing by listening to the Rich As A King podcast. Produced by Douglas Goldstein, CFP®, co-author of Rich As A King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing with world chess champion Grandmaster Susan Polgar, this podcast brings you a blend of chess moves and concepts, investing basics, tips on how to make money, and how to develop the analytical thinking skills, strategy, and tactics necessary for becoming a successful investor. You don’t need to be rich or know how to play chess to enjoy this podcast. Visit www.richasaking.com for more information.

By Douglas Goldstein CFP(R)

Ask Rita show

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Hello & welcome to the podcast show, where we ask Rita Harrison the foremost authority on the Willow System questions from listeners about health, healing and happiness.

By Rita Harrison HPpt

Battiti show

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Other music

By Rai Radio3

The Lawn Care Radio Network show

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Regular installments of the latest business information, management best practices and technical updates from market-leading manufacturers.

By Lawn & Landscape

DJ Mismatch's Podcast show

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By DJ Mismatch

SEO Conference's Podcast show

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no show description found

By SEO Conference

The Grace Gone Wild Podcast (The Grace Gone Wild Podcast) show

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Grace, everyone gets exposed! The Grace Gone Wild Podcast is dedicated to discussion without boundaries, with Methodist Pastors, Zeke Allen & Bill Sardin

By Zeke Allen and Bill Sardin

@LordAkuna show

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All things @LordAkuna. Featuring a bevy of things from beat boxes to freestyle sessions to discussions on poli-sci. Including special guests. Updated often.

By @LordAkuna