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Gameroom Junkies Arcade and Pinball Podcast show

Gameroom Junkies Arcade and Pinball PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Gameroom Junkies is a show about all things found in a home gameroom - classic arcade games, pinball machines, and more. Follow Patrick and Preston as they talk about collecting and restoring arcade games and pinball machines. Listen to interviews with game collectors just like you! Hear fun stories from the arcade and pinball glory days and hear how folks are bringing those memories into their home gameroom.

By Gameroom Junkies

Video Games - The Scotchcast show

Video Games - The ScotchcastJoin Now to Follow

The Giant Bomb Community podcast where we discuss the latest Guild Wars 2 news and updates, but usually with a decent amount of off-topic discussion mixed in. You'll also find purely off-topic shows on the stream, indicated by jazz music and the Scotchcast moniker. The show features Thurbleton along with regular co-hosts selfconfessedcynic, No0b0rAmA, Squiddel and Dourin. WARNING: We definitely earn our explicit tag and recommend you don't listen to the show around your kids.

By The Giant Bomb Community

The Fast Lane Car show

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The Fast Lane Car: Automotive News Views & Reviews. From the very first second we boot up the computer our goal is to bring you the latest automotive news, views and reviews with unflinching honestly, transparency, and credibility

By TFLcar.com

Gamer's Haven - Deadlands Reloaded - Enough Room to Die show

Gamer's Haven - Deadlands Reloaded - Enough Room to DieJoin Now to Follow

The Gamer's Haven and The Vorpal Network are proud to present, in association with Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Deadlands Reloaded: Enough Room to Die! A train trundles through the arid desert, its passengers unaware of its final destination - a town called Abaddon. Located somewhere between Heaven and Hell, Abaddon is a mystery. Its inhabitants are strange, its purpose is sinister ... and what does it have to do with a hijacked shipment of strange Confederate gold from Virginia? Somone ...or something ... is playing with reality, and the characters are caught in the middle of a twisted tale of lost time, warped space, and weird west.

By Thousand Monkeys Productions

twinneedle show

twinneedleJoin Now to Follow

Twin Needle a knitting, spinning and sewing podcast in English from Germany and Denmark

By Tini & Maria

Cheated Fates Radio show

Cheated Fates RadioJoin Now to Follow

Malifaux podcast focusing on all aspect of the game espcially the tournament and basements scenes.

By Rancor709 and The Other Spencer

#WeNerdHard™ show

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#TheNerdery comes to you live every Wednesday and Sunday talking games, tech, media and general awesome. Hosted by Elon James White and Featuring Tatiana King, Aaron Rand Freeman and Fahnon Bennett

By The Brooklyn Comedy Company

The Heroic 28s Network show

The Heroic 28s NetworkJoin Now to Follow

A 40k Podcast all about 40k... and little bit of nonsense

By Kenny Hill

Girlfriends Knitting show

Girlfriends KnittingJoin Now to Follow

All you need to learn to knit is a girlfriend to show you how! Let me share with you my love of knitting, and all things crafty really. I am also on a long over due fitness journey, and I am happy to share my highs and lows!

By Carolyn Warren

Speaking of Woodworking show

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This audio podcast is devoted to the craft of Woodworking. It's for the Apprentice as well as the Journeyman woodworker. -Visit our website at TheApprenticeandTheJourneyman.com

By TheApprenticeandTheJourneyman.com