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Crash Landings with DJ ciN show

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Local Hawaii grown Nick "DJciN" Park has been passionate about dance music since the early age of 16. With 7 years of DJing under his belt, Crash Landings will take you on a musical journey through todays best progressive, trance, and electro. Each Crash Landings episode will feature newly released tracks every bi-weekly of the month, with a new episode released every other Sunday.

By DJciN

HorrorSexy Podcast show

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HorrorSexy is a collection of horror journalists, podcasters, artists, genre enthusiasts, and more. We aim to bring you a continuous flow of updates on upcoming movies, comics, TV shows, video games, as well as music and events. In addition to the exclusive content, HorrorSexy will also create a community of journalists, aggregating content from their individual sites as well. We have some great things planned, so enjoy watching our little experiment grow. This is the home of the official HorrorSexy podcast and SoundCloud page that will feature retrospectives, reviews, news updates and a variety of discussion topics for your audio pleasure. Turn yourself on to HORROR! Much thanks to Karissa for her SEXpert vocalization used in the HorrorSexy introduction and Videogram aka Magnus Sellergren for the use of the track "Regina dei Cannibali End Titles" off his first release entitled Videogram. You can purchase the full release of Videogram here: videogram.bandcamp.com/album/videogram

By HorrorSexy

Concealed Music Podcast show

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We talk about local and national artists and what is happening now in the music industry. Subscribe now!

By Concealed Music

The Best Radio You Have Never Heard Podcast - Music For People Who Are Serious About Music show

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80 minute long free music download compilations which feature intriguingly mixed rock and rock-based music from a variety of artists that in other contexts might be considered incompatible. Genres, rhythms, moods and artists are seamlessly blended together to produce listening experiences you can only dream about finding in traditional radio. BRYHNH includes favorites and new discoveries from both familiar artists and those you wish you'd heard before, downloaded twice monthly free to your computer or iPod. Ranked #7 in The Digital Podcast Top 100 Podcasts for 2005 and # 3 Classic Rock Podcast from About.com for 2007. http://www.bestradiopodcast.com

By Perry Bax

the serious news show

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Aspiring Comedian-Unpaid Podcast Host-Unscripted Comedy-Online HiJinx…Guy- Host of #TheSeriousNewsPodcast (psst, it's comedy)-Self Producer, Comedic Singer and Song Writer.

By comedy stuff podcast

Fantastically Amazing Incredible Tale of Heroes - FAITH Podcast show

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The Fantastically Amazing Incredible Tale of Heroes follows the roleplaying adventures of a small band of friends as they travel through the known and unknown verses seeking fame and fortune and glory.

By The Packy Company

Garden Guys Green Revolution Talk Radio  show

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Green Revolution Radio! The Garden Guys talk about the latest products, tools, methods and topics, for "green" living along with great music and lots of laughs.

By The Garden Guys

Your Fifteen Mikes show

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"Why would I ever need Fifteen Mikes?" To speak to everyone listening. This podcast was designed to get to know you, the listener, better. What do you love? What do you hate? What do we all need to know? Tell me and the rest of the world. You've got Fifteen Mikes, for goodness sake's! Express yourself here. Talk is not cheap, folks. It's free.

By Alan Sledge

Reva Gindi's posts show

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Reva Gindi's recent posts to audioboom.com

By Reva Gindi

vaporizer West Covina show

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