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ناوکست show

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برای درک هویت انسان، در هر قسمت پادکست به موضوعی میپردازیم که شناخت ما رو از خودمون و اتفاقات اطرافمون رو گسترش بده. انسان شناسی (مردم شناسی)، انسان شناسی اجتماعی، انسان شناسی فرهنگی، انسان شناسی زبانی

By Roshan Abady

24Today show

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24 Today: Sometimes we just exist and don’t LIVE life. Join Pastor Tom as he shares ways to look at life differently... to see each day as a gift and to make the most out of the 24 hours we have Today.

By Pastor Tom: 24 Today

JFK35 show

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John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States, inspired a generation that transformed America. But not everyone knows the stories behind the man - his experiences as a young servicemember in World War II, how he wrote some of his most memorable speeches, what sparked him to set the country on a path to the moon. Join Matt Porter and Jamie Richardson of the JFK Library Foundation as they dig into the archives at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum in Boston and interview their colleagues to get a behind-the-scenes look at JFK’s life and legacy.

By JFK Library Foundation

ZappaCast - The Official Frank Zappa Podcast show

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The official podcast devoted to chronicling the life and work of American Composer Frank Zappa.

By moi1969@snet.net (Scott Parker)

PowerPassionProsperity Podcast w/Dr. Jay show

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PowerPassionProsperity : The TriplePLife Audio Blog is a one time per week show where Dr Jay and guests shares exactly what they know about proven health habits to help you maximize your energy and well being while adopting a success mindset to create financial freedom. Their tips, lesson and advice will help YOU create ACTIONABLE steps to achieve all your goals and dreams. Ready to finally EmPower Your dreams, Ignite Your Passion, Accelerate Your Prosperity? Then join this TriplePLife community and experience these life changing benefits.

By Join Dr Jay and guests as they share their secrets to living a life full of health, wealth and happiness

The Fearless Women's Podcast show

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The Fearless Women's Podcast is a podcast for women who are stuck in their lives and are looking to reconnect with themselves. We all have experienced times that have knocked us down, but how can we educate and empower ourselves to get back up, to reclaim our power, and pursue the life we truly want? Dr. Madalyn Turner will be covering weekly topics to motivate and inspire women to shift their mindset and support them through their journey.

By Inspiring messages for women. Dr. Madalyn is a Chiropractor, BirthFit Professional, and a Cross Fit Level 1 Trainer. She credits and is inspired by other powerful women such as Rachel Hollis and Karen Osburn.

Unbreaking Science with Dr. Jack show

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Your journey to rationality. Catch up on your intensive experience going deep into issues on what's wrong with Science, the differences between Science and "science-like activities"! Fantastic guests! New to UBS? Catch up on past episodes - We discuss anything and everything under Science - with a capital S!

By James Lyons-Weiler, PhD

Workers Beat show

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Podcast by Gene Lantz

By Gene Lantz

In The Grids show

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A podcast for those in and around the Social Security Disabilty industry. In The Grids is hosted by Nick Feden, Co-Chair of the Administrative and Federal Appeals Department for Disability Justice, a leader in SSD and SSI claimant representation. The show features news, interviews and analysis of notable cases from the Federal Courts.

By Nick Feden

The Business Generals Podcast | Helping You Maximize Your Entrepreneurial Dreams - Every Single Week show

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Welcome to another super Episode of The Business Generals Podcast where I help you maximize your business dreams as an entrepreneur in your startup business. every single week I feature amazing guests and I ask in depth questions about their entrepreneurial journey. Join the Business Generals family at businessgenerals.com for all the show notes, show highlight reels and amazing training. Whatever your situation today, know that you can get your hopes up that you are good enough to chase your dreams. A whole bunch of our guests have been inspired by people like Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, Michael Hyatt, Andrew Warner, John Lee Dumas, Lewis Howes, Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, the list goes on and it’s just amazing to see how our contribution gets amplified from one generation to another so I am excited for you to join me as I interview our next guest!

By Davis Mutabwa