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The Audible - Miami Dolphins show

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You know those newsy sports shows where you get sugar-coated information wrapped in statistics? This is NOT that kind of podcast. Hosted by Miami Dolphins Alumni Kim Bokamper and Jose Rose, and Analyst John Congemi...The Audible Podcast is uncensored, unhibited, and exclusive access to the Miami Dolphins. Each week hear interviews with Dolphins Alumni or current personnel featuring stories you've never heard anywhere else.

By Miami Dolphins

Pros and Joes with Frank Kaminsky show

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<p>Frank Kaminsky is a current NBA player, and his friends certainly are not. Dylan, Alex, and ‘Dor' were Frank's only friends in high school, and nothing has changed since then. This show will be providing you with both the Pro and Joe perspectives of the universe, while helping you escape from your boring ass job… because that's what they are all trying to do as well. </p>

By Barstool Sports

The Best Podcast You've Never Heard show

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A couple guys with too much free time and some cheap microphones will surely provide entertainment. Standard segments such as Best Bets, Food Facts, and of course the usual banter between friends will keep you coming back for more.

By Luke Mauer &amp; Adam Land

Then and Now with Brad Sham show

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The iconic voice of America's Team comes to VOKAL with a show that goes beyond the usual Xs and Os and gets to the heart of the people who make sports a passion for all of us. No one can bridge "Then And Now" like Brad Sham.

By VokalNow.com

The Refined Collective Podcast - Boss Ladies, Creative Entrepreneurs, Personal Development, Social Strategy, Marketing show

The Refined Collective Podcast - Boss Ladies, Creative Entrepreneurs, Personal Development, Social Strategy, MarketingJoin Now to Follow

Kat Harris hosts this lifestyle podcast for women designed to create a safe space for leaders and business owners to take off the super-man cape of having it all together, and share their stories authentically and honestly. People are dying for the permission to be vulnerable. But it takes someone being willing to go there first—removing that shiny mask of perfection, and courageously sharing the imperfect journey of life, business, love, and everything in-between.

By Kat Harris

Impact Statement show

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When a crime ends in a conviction, the victims or their families are often allowed to give a statement to the court about the impact of the crime on their lives. But when these life altering events go unsolved, do not end in a conviction, or aren’t crimes at all, the victims and their families do not have this opportunity. The stories on this podcast are their Impact Statements.

By Impact Statement

SLP Happy Hour show

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Welcome to the SLP Happy Hour podcast. These are real conversations on work, by speech-language pathologists. We are full-time SLPs, in the trenches. This is a podcast for reflecting on work, wellness, and finding your way up in a helping profession full of ups and downs.

By Sarah &amp; Sarie

The dachDreamer Podcast show

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Do you have a dream? Do you know what you want to be? If you do, then this podcast is for you. We motivate each dreamer to chase his or her dreams despite the present fear. We are here for the individuals who would like to chase their dream and not just talk about chasing their dreams. Every dreams needs action in order to complete it. We are here to provide motivation, encouragement, and that push you need to become the very best you.

By Michael Tucker

Intractable show

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Intractable is a podcast about a well-covered, but often misunderstood, topic: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Each episode takes on one subject—national identity, military culture, political extremism, historical memory, psychology, religion, and media coverage, among others—and investigates it through personal narratives and news stories. Through historical research and present-day interviews with people from myriad backgrounds, Intractable seeks to tell a complete and complicated story—one that gets closer to the truth than any one-sided narrative ever could; one that may, in its telling, evoke more questions than answers.

By Intractable Podcast

alabamarado show

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We discuss hiphop, comedy specials, movies, random popculture events, and tell random stories. Its literally the funniest thing ever!

By Grant Davis