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Retirement Lifestyle Advocates show

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Podcast by Retirement Lifestyle Advocates

By Retirement Lifestyle Advocates

Retro Rewind Podcast show

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The Retro Rewind Podcast is hosted by Francisco Ruiz, Paul Powers, and a rotating guest host. We take a fresh look at movies and video games from 15 or more years ago—discussing and reviewing them as Classics, Nostalgics, or Tragics. Prepare for an entertaining, clean show (except for the occasional potty humor) that dives into the nostalgia of adults that grew up in the 70s, 80s, and 90s, and whether or not the movies/games we enjoyed as kids are still worth revisiting today. If you enjoy looking back at media from childhood, and want to be a part of the conversation, listen to the Retro Rewind podcast and send us feedback at retrorewindpodcast.com/contact

By Francisco Ruiz and Paul Powers

极客情报站|科技行者·Solidot show

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科技行者·固定点,只为更快、更极客的科技情报而生。“固定点”由中国著名科技新闻社区Solidot.org亲手运营。Solidot创建于2005 年,是伴随全球Web 2.0潮流而创立的全新媒体,建站以来赢得无数骨灰级极客青睐,“固定点”名字即是来自用户的昵称:Solid=固定,Dot=点。众多企业家、创业家、业界先行者把Solidot作为每天必看的情报源。Solidot内容以前瞻性、国际性著称,订阅、收听“固定点”,意味着你将拿到众人还不知晓的竞争情报,快人一步,知晓天下重要科技事!。

By 科技行者

Trade Addicts Podcast show

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Welcome to the Trade Addicts Podcast where the first step is admitting you have a problem. Every week your hosts @DynastyOuthouse and @BrianHarrFF will go through news and action of the NFL and work it all into actionable dynasty trade advice. Also, every week we will review trades that were made in the Trade Addicts Leagues to show you how we value players and situations. Thank you for listening and see you next time on the Trade Addicts Podcast.

By Dynasty Outhouse & Brian Harr

No Huddle Podcast show

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The 49ers Webzone No Huddle podcast features Al Sacco and Zain Naqvi as they tackle all things related to the 49ers.

By 49ers Webzone

Positive Regression: A Motorsports Analytics Podcast show

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Positive Regression is a NASCAR podcast for the thinking fan, hosted by David Smith (MotorsportsAnalytics.com) and Alan Cavanna (FOX Sports).

By NASCAR, Auto Racing, David Smith, Alan Cavanna

GameChanger Baseball & Softball Podcast show

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The GameChanger podcast is about talking to people who have dedicated their lives to the games of baseball or softball, and learning about who they are, how they got to where they are today, and what they do to improve themselves and their teams. You can follow us on twitter @GCSports and be sure to check out the GameChanger Baseball & Softball scorekeeping app - it provides simple, powerful, and free scorekeeping tools with advanced statistics, live updates and team management solutions that work at any level. The GameChanger scorekeeping app is available in the app store for both apple and android. You can learn more about GameChanger at GC.com.

By GCPodcast

Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly show

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Sports Talk is the show of record for Arkansas Razorback fans. Listen in daily (Monday-Friday) as we tackle the latest in Hog sports and beyond. Featuring host Bo Mattingly, producer Bart Pohlman, director Sawyer Radler, Hawgs Illustrated's Clay Henry and Dudley Dawson, and Pig Trail Nation analyst Mike Irwin, we also bring the best interviews with national analysts and sports personalities.

By Sports Talk with Bo Mattingly

Talk Birdie To Me show

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The LPGA Women's Network launches it's very own Podcast, hosted by former LPGA Tour player, writer, and founder of Major League Girls, Anya Alvarez. This bi-weekly podcast features humorous and lively conversation with women making big impacts on the game. Get in touch with us! Do you have a question? Do you want to let us know where you're listening from? Is there a certain guest you want to hear on the podcast? Send us an email at talkbirdie@lpgawomensnetwork.com. Meet the Host Anya Alvarez is a former LPGA and Symetra Tour player turned journalist. She writes about gender inequality issues in sports and hopes to provide a spotlight on women in sports making waves. Anya has contributed to publications including ESPN, VICE Sports, the Guardian, and more.

By LPGA Women's Network

WeTalkDifferent show

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A podcast that explores the intersections of race, ethnicity, and gender in culture, politics, and theology.

By WeTalkDifferent