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A quick daily message of humor, encouragement and motivation, with news, prophecy, and current events. Much of the focus is on Israel and the Middle East. Preparation for the future. Help for you!

By Prince Handley

PODCAST SATELLITE  /  with Prince Handley show

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Big Brother, the New World Order, and the One World Religion have prepared to track you NOW ... and your every important move, personal and business. RFID chips will contain a unique number, known as the EPC (Electronic Product Code) and will soon replace the present bar code UPC numbering system. A great seaport city will be destroyed that will be a center of Muslim economy and Islamic ideology! Exact details by Prince Handley. What to look for and how to prepare for the end.

By Prince Handley

HEALING AND MIRACLES / with Prince Handley show

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You must know that healing belongs to you. There is no need for you to depart from health. You can be healed and walk in health ... and then help others to do the same. This podcast will define the parameters in which you can be healed scripturally, and live in health. The podcast will always be less than 5 minutes for fast download to iPhone. If you have friends who need healing or a miracle, email them this teaching.


APOSTLE TALK  -  Future News Now! show

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What's happening today and what will happen tomorrow. How to know the news in advance. The final days of Planet Earth. Israel and Middle east prophecy that is relavant for today. How to know God personally and WIN!

By Prince Handley

Black Bear Concrete Podcast show

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Black Bear Coatings & Concrete is a partner you can trust. Our team has over 25 years experience designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining concrete floors – we’ve done it all. With innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, we’ve become the preferred partner of industry leaders.

By Black Bear Coatings & Concrete

The Marketing Unleashed Podcast show

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The team at YellowDog Productions discuss all things marketing and business growth in the Marketing Unleashed Podcast. You'll learn on topics ranging from website development, SEO, video production, digital marketing, experiential marketing, traditional advertising, and much more that will set you apart from the competition and create growth. If you need help, we host free Office Hours group strategy sessions every Friday at 11 am CST. To sign up, visit www.YellowDogLLC.com/OfficeHours.

By YellowDog Productions, LLC

Wander, Forage, & Wildcraft show

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Hey there! I'm the founder of the WANDER School (The Wild Artemisia Nature Discovery, Empowerment, and Reconnection School) and a Botanist, Herbalist, and Professional Forager. Our mission at the school is to offer nature and herbal education that creates healing through connection with the natural world and each other to create local and global health and prosperity. I teach all over these Appalachian Mountains and the country. Let's talk about foraging, wild plant & mushroom awesomeness, herbal goodness and more. I want to help you reconnect with nature to empower yourself with free food and medicine. Let me know what you think, what you wanna know and if you hear something you like, please share far and wide.

By Abby Artemisia

Humans of Hospitality show

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Humans of Hospitality is a weekly podcast, showcasing stories and insights from the world of independent hospitality – the human beings rather than the big brands. You’ll hear from the producers of ingredients and the people who combine those ingredients to bring you new dishes and drinks… and the owners of the bars, cafés and restaurants who create memorable settings, so you recall your mouth-watering meals years later. They are the people who bring vibrancy to their corner of hospitality and, who, as a group, make all our lives richer and more interesting. If you want a world of formulaic and dull corporate sameness this is not the podcast for you. If you’d like to learn about amazing human beings who dedicate their lives to making the world more diverse for our daily enjoyment, please listen. Each week brings a new inspiring story. Through it you’ll learn about the challenges facing independent businesses in this sector, from excruciatingly tight profit margins to tackling competitors such as Deliveroo and UberEats. We are exploring hospitality in its broadest sense. Farming, politics, culture, cooking, nutrition, welfare, family, business, love and more. Wether you’re a famous figure or total unknown, if you love hospitality and have something important to say, chances are we’ll end up having a conversation. We want to explore the fair production of food, protecting the planet and humanity, whilst ideally tasting awesome. It’s going to be quite the adventurous conversation. In showcasing these stories, founder and presenter Mark Cribb, wants to tip the balance back in favour of independent businesses: “Where we spend our money genuinely makes a difference to the kind of world we live in. So let’s at least make our world interesting.”

By Mark Cribb

The Fantasy 15 with John Halpin show

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FOX Sports fantasy analysts John Halpin, Ryan Fowler and Adam Meyer provide fantasy the latest in fantasy news including player previews, team match-ups, injury reports and strategy. Don’t make any moves until you listen to what the experts have to say.

By FOX Sports

Business Marketing Finance show

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Brand new podcast series, #bmfSessions where we have conversations with unique guests from various walks of life to discuss all things business, marketing & finance. This show has it all. Strategies, tips, testimonials, struggles, heartache and successes in the wonderful world of Business, Marketing & Finance. Subscribe to understand the mindset, passions and obsessions for success - real people, real results.

By Darryl James