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Omega Man Radio with Shannon Ray Davis show

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Omega Man Radio is involved in the Full Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Preaching Jesus Christ - the Son of GOD and the Only name written under heaven by which men might be saved Doing Mark 16:17 ministry casting out demons in Jesus Christ name and praying for the sick that they be healed in Jesus Christ name I believe in the Gifts of the Holy Ghost including Speak in Tongues and that Prophecy is for Today

By Shannon Ray Davis

B2B From A2Z Podcast show

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Welcome to the B2B From A2Z Podcast. Here, you will find real tips, real data, real facts, and real training. This podcast is not meant to be the #1 Podcast in the world, it is meant to give your #1 Resource for putting money into your pocket and prestige into your company. Let’s start adding value to your life in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

By Antonio T Smith Jr

Barrel Racer Land show

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Welcome to Barrel Racer Land, where dreams and s**t shows come true! A podcast for barrel racers, by barrel racers! Come chase the proverbial unicorn with Sarai and Stacy as they surf the highs and lows of one of the craziest sports on earth.

By Sarai Angelle, Stacy Miller

The Deconstruction Workers show

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A bi-weekly adventure into popular culture. Join Dr. Christopher Bell and his guest workers as they deconstruct everything from toys to Hamilton.

By Dr. Christopher Bell

Millionaire Millennial Podcast show

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Join pro Amazon sellers Jacob Hatfield and Jordan Kilburn as they talk about business strategies, building your Amazon business, and the many pitfalls to avoid along the way.

By Jordan Kilburn

Mostly Nitpicking show

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A weekly podcast where Nando and DJ analyze a pop culture thing by looking exclusively at the details.

By Mostly Nitpicking

Talking Monkeys: The Official 12 Monkeys Podcast show

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<p>Talking Monkeys is the official podcast for SYFY's original series, 12 Monkeys. Featuring co-creator and showrunner Terry Matalas as well as various cast members, each installment of Talking Monkeys dives deep into a specific episode with discussion, revelations, backstage secrets, things you didn't know, funny stories, questions answered and more. Warning: Spoilers abound! </p>


Comics In Motion Podcast show

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Weekly Podcast Reviewing Comic Book Based Media; TV, Movies and Games. Both hosts are passionate about the Media, with one coming from the Media side and one from the Comics. Filled with Spoilers, unless otherwise stated, we'll step through the reviews and give our thoughts, and of course have a few laughs along the way. Hosted by Dave Horrocks and Chris Phelps Enquiries: ComicsInMotionPodcast@gmail.com

By Whatever Entertainment

The History of Korea show

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History enthusiast passionate about all things Korean. Rely overwhelmingly on English-language sources but also try to pull from Korean-language sources.

By Allen Lee

Musk Listen show

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<p>ONE37pm is filling you in every day on the latest happenings on Elon Musk. From electric cars rocketing into outer space to the internet buying Musk a pullout couch for his office, this show will make sure to update you daily on what The Musk is up to.</p>

By Gallery Media Group