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Bill Handel on Demand show

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Bill Handel is heard live Monday-Friday from 5-9 a.m. on KFI AM 640. His syndicated show, Handel on the Law, airs every Saturday from 6-11 a.m.

By KFI AM 640

Talented Young People Podcast show

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The Talented Young People Podcast features news, information and interviews with industry experts as well as music from up and coming acts

By Adam Sibley

Doctor Who: Podshock MP3 show

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The MP3 version of the longest running DOCTOR WHO podcast with both US and UK perspectives on the longest running science fiction television series of all time, DOCTOR WHO and its spin-offs including TORCHWOOD, SARAH JANE ADVENTURES, K9. Presented by the Gallifreyan Embassy (est. 1985), now celebrating its 25th anniversary and 47 years of Doctor Who. Official podcast for the Gallifrey One conventions. Doctor Who: Podshock, now in its 5th year, is hosted by Ken Deep, James Naughton, and Louis Trapani, with regular reports from our international correspondents. Doctor Who: Podshock features discussions, reviews, news, commentary, and interviews with the cast, crew, and others connected with the series. Whether your favourite Doctor is William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, or Matt Smith, we got it covered and interviewed most of them. This is the MP3 version feed. See our main feed to enjoy the Enhanced Podcast version of our Doctor Who: Podshock at A production of Art Trap Productions. See other podcasts at

By Gallifreyan Embassy

The Bill Handel Show  show

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One of the top Talk radio personalities in the U.S., Bill Handel is host of the nationally syndicated program Handel on the Law, as well as the top-rated Los Angeles morning show on KFI AM 640, The Bill Handel Show. Bill is joined by Super Producer Michelle Kube, Board Op Wizard Jon Ramirez, Wayne Resnick with sports, and Jennifer Jones Lee batting cleanup on the news.

By Bill Handel Show

Scott Allen Perry's Video Podcast From Hell - The 1st Wave show

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Join Scott Allen Perry [THESAP] as he journeys through the bowels of Hollywood and other sensory overloaded lands on his quest to clean up this dirty business known as SHOW....... business. Each SAPISODE features the finest selection of SAP blips and clips and the work of the hottest/coolest/badassestist selection of artists, musicians, and OTHER. This one of a kind podcast will include segment goodies like: "Beat to Death Poetry" with THESAP and Dirty Jenny "Quernzy's Corner" with red hot Quernzy and a wide variety of lingerie & fruit. "The Poncecast" with Josh "The Ponce" Perry, star of Flea of Fury, The Trouble With Syndromes, and Bro Back Mountain. You'll also get exclusive BLOG CLIPS and other filmed goodies sponsored by the good folk at All this... including the occasional high speed BEER-CHUG... and much, much... oh so much... more.

By Scott Allen Perry

Reel Horror Podcast show

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Two guys, a mic, and a lot to say about Horror.

By Michael Sean Becker and Mike Carbone

Magayzine show

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Magayzine es un canal de televisión online de vídeo bajo demanda (VOD) enfocado en ocio y cultura LGTB (lesbianas, gais, transexuales y bisexuales). Puedes ver nuestros programas desde la web, suscribiéndote a nuestros podcasts o desde nuestra App.

By Universo Gay

Reaching for Lucidity Podcast show

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RfL is all about exposing the best in podsafe and indie music along with humor, news, and an irreverent world view that can only come from a U.S. city guy stuck in small town, rural England. Come in, kick back, and enjoy!

By Eban Crawford

Illuminatus! Podcast show

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"Nausea, then microamnesia, then the laughing jag, then sex. Be patient. The clear light comes next. Then we can discuss Truth. As if we haven't been discussing it all along." - Hagbard Celine Culled from the 10 hour audiobook of Shea and Wilson's conspiratorial high-camp masterpiece, Illuminatus! Podcast presents THE GOLDEN APPLE in all its golden, frenzied splender.

By Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson