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Celestial Voice Angelic Message Podcast – FREE show

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Celestial Voice podcasts are live recordings of Angelic Message Transmissions received through Rev. Ana Jones . Each podcast includes a guided prayer, an invocation, meditation, and a profound angelic message containing timeless wisdom and Divine guidance which can greatly benefit all. Visit

By Ana Jones

Lex Hixon's "In The Spirit" Radio Broadcasts show

Lex Hixon's "In The Spirit" Radio BroadcastsJoin Now to Follow

From the early 1970's through the late 1980's, Lex Hixon hosted a radio program at WBAI in New York City that was unprecedented in its depth, scope, insight and creativity. Entitled "In The Spirit," it appeared as both "Body/Mind/Spirit" for a time and "Spirit/Mind/Body" as well. On this long running inspirational program that spanned two decades and which was sponsored in listener supported fashion on WBAI Radio, Lex interviewed educators, healers, clergy, authors, artists, psychics, spiritual leaders, teachers and a host of others. As a list, the fruit of this selfless work reads like a comprehensive Who's Who of the spiritual, artistic and intellectual heart and mind of both eastern and western cultures. With subtle tenderness and insight, though never lacking the penetrating edge which makes for excellent broadcasting, Lex welcomed the orthodox and the unorthodox, the conservative and the radical, the famous and the obscure, the popular and the controversial, the powerful and the humble, the aggressive and the retiring. He interviewed swamis, priests, rabbis, roshis, sheikhs, rinpoches, yogis, gurus, poets, musicians, psychics, occultists, authors, writers, teachers, politicians, businessmen and more-a collection which also includes such guests as the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, to name a few. Lex himself wrote: "During my ten years as a graduate student, I became a radio journalist, broadcasting a weekly, two hour interview show called "In the Spirit," over New York radio (WBAI), from 1971 to 1984. This endeavor involved a tremendous amount of fieldwork in newly emerging American spiritual consciousness, as well as an opportunity to meet the finest representatives of world-traditions who visited New York City. I met literally hundreds of teachers and students - both unknown and well-known, both authentic and not-so-authentic-observing the interesting dynamics of cultural interaction and spiritual growth"

By Lex Hixon, Puroshottama, Sheikh Nur al-Anwar al-Jerrahi

Activated L.I.F.E. Ministries' Global Impact Podcast show

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"When Intelligence And Spirituality Merge". This Podcast Channel draws it's content from the ministry's many global ventures both live and privately recorded. Prophet Elliott Richard Maxie, a beloved Clergyman and regarded Businessman, shares his insight and wisdom to encourage listeners to actualize their potential now. Activated L.I.F.E. Ministries serves both the global business and spiritual communities through innovative techniques. To assist Activated L.I.F.E. Ministries in making a global impact, consider donating monetarily. Your donations will be used to gather and maintain essential staff and equipment that facilitates all of the ministry's many global ventures. Donations can be made and tracked securely through The ministry's email address is: Connect With Us On Your Favorite Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, WordPress, Soundcloud, and many others. Also, you can listen to Prophet Maxie share his messages live on the ministry's weekly "L.I.F.E. Line" Telephone Conference Call every Saturday Morning at 11am(ct). Simply dial (712) 432-1500 and use access code 639847 and then press #. Stay tuned to the end of the message for an opportunity to shares your thoughts, comments, prayer request, and to speak with Prophet Elliott Richard Maxie.

By Prophet Elliott Richard Maxie

The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth show

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Metaphysical / Spiritual Radio Show Features Interviews With Individuals That Are Analyzed By Psychics, Past Life Readers & Astrologers

By The Outer Limits Of Inner Truth

Wisdom Within Radio show

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Wisdom Within Radio ( can be found on Seattle's Alternative 1150 AM KKNW every Thursday at 1-2 pm PST The show features Psychic Medium, Healer and Owner of Quantum Sol LLC Lyndsey Paul ( & her Co-Host Abraham Deweese. Seattle Top Vet Dr Guidry. Lyndsey is Psychic Medium & Healer. She has bloodlines to Princess Diana, Paul Revere (US Patriot), Cowboy Jesse Woodson James, Alice Paul (Women's Right Suffragist/Activist), John Paul "Jones" (US Naval Fighter) and President William McKinley. As a Medium she is also able to reconnect her callers with those who have crossed over into spirit. With experience as a crystal child, she helps other indigo/crystal children/adults connect fully to their abilities and live a more satisfying life without fear. She assists the parents of these children in understanding their child's experience and abilities. She can connect with earthbound spirits and assist in clearing & blessing spaces. A firm believer in Quantum theory, her guides & angels, Lyndsey believes that "we exist in a state of unlimited possibilities." Photographer: Sarah Ellis

By Lyndsey Paul

Rich and Awake show

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World class interviews with world class entrepreneurs.<br> <br> Join the conversation as we go inside the minds of real entrepreneurs, building real companies, and overcoming real challenges to find out what it takes to create real freedom.

By Gabe Strom

Frequency.FM show

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FrequencyFM, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of excellence in Christian artistic endeavors. We accomplish this by encouraging artists, providing them a platform on which to share their work and engage with other artists, and by speaking truth in kindness and love in areas where we can do better.<br> <br> Join us at for insightful artist interviews, objective and honest music and book reviews, and thoughtful commentary on art across all mediums from a distinctly Christian perspective.

By Frequency.FM

      IntuiTalks Network Broadcasts

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Listen to member-made spiritual, psychic, and cosmically led radio shows. is a unique social network for light-workers and warriors like you. Host your own show, interact with like-minded people, and more!


Activate Your Hustle &amp; Faith with Kachelle Kelly show

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Welcome to the weekly podcast with Kachelle Kelly, a Small Business &amp; Empowerment Coach from Houston, Texas. Enjoy life and business tips plus empowerment to increase your success and spirit. Encouraging you to go after your dreams by eliminating distractions and adopting healthy hustle and unwavering faith to be successful!

By Kachelle Kelly

Elevation Christian Church show

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Messages from Pastor Gabriel and Leoneida Padilla, lead pastors of Elevation Christian Church in Ocoee, FL — New episodes every Wednesday and Sunday! Our vision is to reach our city and beyond with the life transforming message of Jesus. We hope that you

By Elevation Christian Church