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Trinity Inner South show

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The sermon podcast for Trinity Inner South, a Trinty Network Church located in Colonel Light Gardens, South Australia.

By Matt Lehmann

Liberate Radio show

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LIBERATE’s message is defined by Jesus’ mission: “I have come to set the captives free” (Luke 4:18). Through the demand of his law, God confronts and condemns people in their bondage and sin; through the declaration of his gospel, God comforts and forgives people with the liberating love of Jesus Christ. We want sufferers to hear these “two words” (law and gospel) so they can believe the promise that frees us from our past of guilt and shame; frees us from the present bondage of bitterness, insecurity, self-reliance, and fear; and frees us for the joy of worshiping God and serving our neighbor. Our mission is to announce (and then announce again and again) this liberating word to a wounded and worn out world, hoping that the burdened and burnt out, the Christian and the non-Christian, will hear and rest in the freedom that Jesus came, died, and lives to give.

By Tullian Tchividjian

Heaven's Gate Cast show

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A podcast all about the teachings of the UFO Two, The Two Witnesses, Ti & Do

By The Next Level

Christian Corner show

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The Christian Corner is sponsored by Edwards Chapel CME Church. Your host and speaker is Rev. Isaac Middleton. We will talk about everything Christianity. This includes but is not limited to sermons, Christian/Gospel music, Christian Youth Fellowship, Christian Leadership and more. Enjoy! Edwards Chapel CME Church is located 130 South 1st Street, El Centro, Ca 92243. Sunday Service: English Service 11am and Spanish Service 4pm.

By Isaac Middleton

Aura Mystica Feed show

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Recorded dialogues for the sharing of experiences and perspectives. By no means does a podcast reflect the current reality of host or guest.

By Rokazulu

Integrated Spirit show

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Integrated Spirit shares with entrepreneurs a different way to run their business - away from the hustle and instead connected to their own inner wisdom. Integrated Spirit shares how using intuition and intuitive practices such as tarot, oracle cards, yoga, meditation, and ritual can enhance and expand the way that women run their businesses.

By Elle North

Stonebridge UMC show

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This is a collection of sermons from Stonebridge United Methodist Church in McKinney, TX. Learn more at

By Stonebridge United Methodist Church

LeadingLDS Podcast show

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LeadingLDS is a nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance leadership ability and capacity of LDS (Mormon) lay religious leaders in order to accelerate the mission of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.<br> <br> Here are 4 ways LeadingLDS accomplishes the above mission statement:<br> <br> 1. Connect LDS leaders and help share best-practices related to leadership responsibilities.<br> <br> 2. Make available training and educational opportunities that enhance leadership ability at little or no cost to the leader.<br> <br> 3. Negotiate relationships with businesses and organizations that provide services/products related to a leadership calling in order to lighten the burden of lay leaders of the LDS Church (i.e. suits, dry cleaning, family activities, etc.).<br> <br> 4. Celebrate the importance of governing priesthood keys, spiritual inspiration, and living prophets that are sacred sources of divine leadership.<br> <br> LeadingLDS is not owned or sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and we seek to have a positive relationship and help progress the missions and goals of the LDS Church.<br> <br> Podcast Host:<br> <br> Kurt Francom currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with is his lovely wife Alanna. They are blessed to have a little girl and baby boy. Kurt works as the Director of Sales &amp; Marketing for Fiddler.Online. He enjoys drawing caricatures and editorial cartoons, basketball, reading, and college football. Kurt has served as a full-time missionary (California Sacramento), an elder quorum president, executive secretary, bishopric counselor, high priest group leader, bishop and currently serves as the 1st counselor in a stake presidency.<br> <br> Check out the podcast episode featuring Kurt Francom where he talks about how he leads and the future of LeadingLDS.

By LeadingLDS

Truth Daily Enlightenment show

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Renungan harian berisi intisari pengajaran aplikatif yang disampaikan oleh Pdt. Dr. Erastus Sabdono, dengan tujuan melengkapi bangunan berpikir kita mengenai Tuhan, kerajaan-Nya, kehendak-Nya dan tuntunan-Nya untuk hidup kita. A daily devotional containing a brief teaching along with the applications, read by Dr. Erastus Sabdono. The messages will equip you and bring you to better understand God, His kingdom, His will, and His guidance in our lives.

By Erastus Sabdono

Bible Teaching show

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Kupasan kebenaran Firman dari Injil yang murni, topik yang mendarat untuk kepentingan penggalian kebenaran Injil Kerajaan yang disajikan dengan penjelasan logis, jujur dan penuh pewahyuan dari Tuhan. Orang Kristen dalam pendewasaan sangat perlu materi ini (1 Korintus 14:20).<br> ==================================<br> At this service we will explore the Bible the way it should be explored. For too long a time messages in the Bible are not extracted the way they should be. Here we will offer truthful, logical and full of Divine Wisdom that will transform our understanding and turn us into man and no longer children in our understanding (1 Corinthians 14:20).

By Erastus Sabdono