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Meditation Break with Mary Phelan show

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Many people do not meditate daily because they feel they do not have the time to, so in answer to this, I have created Meditation Break! Each meditation takes less time then having a cup of coffee, so if you have time for a coffee break, you have time for a meditation break! Mary Phelan is the co-host of the popular metaphysical television show, Telepathic TV (airs in the Washington D.C. area and online). She is well known as an Intuitive Reader, Spiritual Empowerment Coach, EFT Practioner, Seichim Master Teacher and author of the Chakra Affirmation Cards, Inner Wisdom Cards, Spirit Animal Cards, Mary's Magical Message Cards and the Relationship Guidance Cards. She holds regular workshops on Psychic Development, Dream Interpretation, Tarot, EFT and Mayan Astrology. To learn more about her, visit or For those that are looking for a more in depth study of meditation techniques, check out the Meditation Techniques online class at and on

By Mary Phelan

Meditation Directories Podcast show

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Meditation is a great tool for people to find a place within, for many years though people have associated meditation as a spiritual practice that is performed in a temple somewhere or ashram. In recent years we have seen meditation take on a more modern and practical approach as a tool for personal growth and development and even a place of stillness within.

By Sharlene Licciardello

'Love Begins With Me' Film show

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We welcome you to the ‘Love Begins With Me’ project, a series of interviews which we intend will help to reveal the heart of humanity for all to see.<br> <br> This will fulfill part of The Love Foundation's mission to inspire people to love unconditionally.<br> <br> The Love Foundation is a Florida, U.S.-based non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 2000.<br> <br> Through our 'Love Begins With Me' project we want to reveal that love is alive and well and is being shared amongst people throughout the world, and how much better the world is when people are sharing their love.<br> <br> These audio podcasts consist of several interviews of up to 6 parts each.

By 'Love Begins With Me' Film

Wild Mystic Woman Podcast show

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In each episode, we hold powerful conversations about the intersecting themes of spirituality, social justice, creativity, business and leadership.

By Layla Saad

Not Terrible Podcast show

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The Not Terrible Podcast is two friends who have been through the wringer, learned some tough lessons, and kept going. Jess Hooker and Mary Graham share stories, advice, lessons, and hope each week as they try to find humor in the hard, learn from their mistakes, and create a better life for themselves and those they love.

By Not Terrible Podcast

The Mythology Podcast show

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From mermaids to death rituals, we discuss a wide variety of beautiful and entertaining stories from mythology, folklore, and legend throughout history and from all over the world.

By Beau-Caprice Vetch

Philosophy Everyday » Podcast show

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This podcast is about philosophy for everyone, not just the people with Masters Degrees. I focus mainly on Stocism and Bushido, but any type of philosophy that helps you improve your life is fair game. I present ideas that you can try out in your own life, and see if they work for you.

By Ben Schoeffler

Church of the Nazarene show

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Centralia Church of the Nazarene - Sermon Archive

By Dave Bach, Trent Friberg, Ken Douglas

The Baub Show show

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Focusing on the people and the news stories of those who “behave” instead of the traditional media that pays primary attention to those who “misbehave”, host Bob Merrick welcomes human interest stories and varying artists and personalities from pop culture. The show likes to look back on career highs, accomplishments as well as career inspirations, motivation, self-betterment, empowerment and of course the future. With an informal and conversational format, the show has often been described as,

By UBN Radio

PVWC Podcast show

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Welcome to the Pleasant View Wesleyan Church Podcast! Check us out on the web at