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Colossae Church show

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Colossae Church is a church plant in Portland Oregon.

By Chuck Bomar

Sofa King Podcast show

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The Sofa King podcast is a weekly show dedicated to popular culture, recent events, and whatever topics the hosts find interesting. From conspiracy theories and technology to the mass media and the future, this show explores two major issues per week in way that is simultaneously informative, critical, and humorous. The hosts have big ideas, big opinions, big mouths, and give their take on weekly topics in a way that is both cynical and educational. By the end of each episode, this show will make you stand up, open a window, and scream to the world with lungs full of vigorous air: Sofa King…Awesome! Adult content, themes, and language.

By Sofa King Podcast

Five Minutes With Jay Forrest show

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A weekly conversation exploring the convergence of science and spirituality for the spiritual but not religious by philosopher Jay N. Forrest. Discover a nonreligious spiritual life based on science. Hosted by Jay N. Forrest, a philosopher exploring the mysteries of life and the universe in the light of science. Jay was an ordained minister for over two decades before leaving Christianity. Jay did his undergraduate work at Central Bible College and Berean University. He holds a Doctorate of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Christian University and is a Certified Meditation Teacher with Aura Wellness Center. He is a member of the International Society for Philosophers, the Western Positive Psychology Association, The Philosophy Foundation, the World Pantheist Movement, the American Humanist Association, the Council for Secular Humanism, and the International Association of Internet Broadcasters.

By Jay N. Forrest

the paradise paradox show

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We're two Australians living in Guadalajara, Mexico - a beautiful country with a bad reputation. That's the Paradise Paradox. We're knowledge soldiers, educating the masses, or at least asking uncommon questions.

By Aaron Battle & Kurt Robinson

The Mental Overload Show show

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Your hosts Jay and Ace discuss random topics and put our ridiculous views and opinions out there for you to enjoy. Our goal is to bring fresh random topics, that you will never hear on any other show, and run your brain into Mental Overload. We are the crude branch of the family.


Lakeview Sesh show

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Two Pakistani young adults exploring life from an assimilated American Muslim's perspective.

By BandU

Dr. Joan Kenley's Conversations on Wellness, Love, Relationships, Politics, Health and Green Living, and Transformation show

Dr. Joan Kenley's Conversations on Wellness, Love, Relationships, Politics, Health and Green Living, and TransformationJoin Now to Follow

The Joan Kenley Show - branded as Conversation Radio - is dedicated to conversations that matter: healthy living, green relationships, progressive politics, and sustainability at every level. We inspire listeners with new thinking and action ideas, ranging from the personal to the global.

By (Joan Kenley)

Restless Device show

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Technology can be strange, wonderful and amazing. On Restless Device, Dave Unger explores extraordinary technologies, past and present, and looks at what they can tell us about larger questions. Technology is an imaginative and expressive project and, like literature or art, can tell us a lot about the world we live in and what it means to be human.

By Dave Unger

HomoMicro - Podcast Gay Francophone show

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Homomicro, l'emission qui se prend au mot. Emission de radio Lesbienne Gay Bi Trans sur Paris. French gay radio show in Paris Toutes les news sur

By Studio6 - RFPP

Zencast show

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Zencast is a weekly podcast of inspiring Buddhist Dharma talks for all people. Keywords: Zen, Buddhism, Buddhist, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Mindfulness, Meditation, Wisdom, Love, Peace, Stillness,Compassion.