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Take Back the Day show

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A show about being more productive with the the things you have to do and making time for the things you want.

By Simon Dingle and Sam Beckbessinger

Strategic Living Podcast with Brian Holmes show

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This podcast is dedicated to transforming minds, developing leaders, and assisting individuals realize their full potential. Brian Holmes brings you relevant content each week that will challenge you to become all you were created to be.

By Brian A. Holmes

The Inner Flame - A Souls Journey show

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This page is for loving guidance, healing, help & good ole caring conversation only. I will take you on a spiritual Journey designed to inspire you, motivate your body and educate your mind. Join me as I share simple and effective techniques that will forever change the way you look at life. Isn't it time for you to step into your true authentic self? Allow me to introduce you to some of the most amazing people in my own life that serve others in assisting in making change. I interview them one by one in a unique series of shows to provide you with the tools you need to make your life a Masterpiece.

By Andrew.C.Jones

Prabhuji Ramakrishnananda Podcast - A source for the Teachings of Vedanta, Yoga, Meditation and Hinduism show

Prabhuji Ramakrishnananda Podcast - A source for the Teachings of Vedanta, Yoga, Meditation and HinduismJoin Now to Follow

H.H. Avadhuta Sri Ramakrishnananda Babaji Maharaja is a Hindu spiritual master, and founder of the Vimuki Yoga Mission. He lives and teaches at the Vimukti Yoga Ashram located in the Catskill Mountains, NY. When Prabhuji Ramakrishnananda was a child, he had a divine and spontaneous experience that triggered his long spiritual quest for enlightenment. That search took him around the world as he sought guidance and answers from religious leaders and spiritual masters. Thirty years later, the blissful experience returned as a complete realization of the Self. Many years of both theoretical and practical study, together with a direct realization of the Self, have made Prabhuji a genuine authority on each of these various paths of yoga, including: purna yoga, nada yoga, raja yoga, hatha yoga, bhakti yoga, mantra yoga, kundalini yoga, karma yoga, jnana yoga, tantra yoga and kriya yoga.

By Prabhuji Ramakrishnananda

Virtue in the Wasteland Podcast show

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A podcast about religion, culture, and issues that truly matter. Hosted by Dr. Jeff Mallinson and Dr. Dan van Voorhis.

By Dr. Jeff Mallinson and Dr. Dan van Voorhis

mcparapodcast show

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Every other week or 'fortnightly' postcast about the paranormal, conspiracies and all things unexplained. Interviews with people in the paranormal world

By Jason Kupzyk

UFOGrid News Podcast show

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Your source for UFO News and conversation with leading UFO researchers, authors witnesses and investigators.

By Ted Bonnitt

Culture Shock with Torrey Clark show

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Culture Shock is a current events talk show that highlights news stories from a distinctly Christian point-of-view. The show is designed to equip Christians to engage with culture by addressing modern issues. By examining the “times” through the Christian worldview, this show also serves to edify and strengthen those who are following Christ in the 21st century.

By Torrey Clark

Midwest Real show

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A podcast & blog with an unquenchable lust for rabbit holes, novelty and open-minded inquiry. Join us as we dig beyond the staus quo! Hosted by Michael Phillip EST. 12/21/2012 in Milwaukee.

By Michael Phillip

Father Dave Preaches show

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Homilies preached by Father Dave Dwyer, CSP, Paulist priest, Director of Busted Halo Ministries and host of "The Busted Halo Show with Father Dave Dwyer" on Sirius XM Radio's The Catholic Channel, Sirius 159/XM 177.

By Fr. Dave Dwyer, CSP