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Hypnotherapy Podcast show

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Curious about hypnosis? Want to experience a hypnotic trance? Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Rick Reynolds guides you on a different life enhancing inner journey each week. Plus he introduces you to a new hypnotic process called TranceBreakers which is designed to free your mind form limitting beliefs and the negative trances your family, your culture and society may have created.

By Rick Reynolds, CCHT

Inflexiones show

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Inflexiones son las líneas de las montañas en el horizonte. Inflexiones son los perfiles de las nubes indecisas en el cielo. Inflexiones son las intenciones una vía de tren que quiere ir a otro lugar Inflexiones significan cambios. Cambios en nuestros hábitos, en todo lo que nos queda por hacer, cambios en nuestro pensamiento. Quiero que una inflexión sea algo más que un cambio en el tono de la voz para decir algo. Quiero que sea algo más que una reflexión. Más que un sonido, quizá un pensamiento que deshace la maleta y se queda en ti. Inflexiones, son algo más que palabras. ¿me acompañas?

By Isaac Baltanas

Living on Purpose show

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The Corpus Hermeticum, one of the most ancient books on Consciousness states "The All is Mind," meaning that everything begins and ends in the mind. The way that we perceive reality and process information within our consciousness can mean the difference between barely living and living life on purpose. Listen in each week to discover principles you can apply from psychology and ancient wisdom that will help you make the switch from barely living to living a life on purpose. "Like" Jesse Herriott on Facebook and join the discussion. The ideas and opinions expressed on this program do not necessarily reflect the teachings of Unity. Unity respects a wide range of spiritual thoughts and beliefs, as reflected in the diverse range of subjects presented on Unity Online Radio.

By Unity.fm

Tao Song and Soul Journey show

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No need to go to the mountaintop or sit in meditation for fifty years. You have the power to heal yourself. You have the power to enlighten yourself. Step into Soul Healing and Enlightenment with Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, extraordinary healer, teacher and Soul Master. Learn simple and effective techniques to access the power of soul, where all true healing begins. Open your spiritual channels and receive direct divine blessings. Experience Master Sha’s Soul Song and Divine Downloads in these podcasts. Also visit the Free Services area of www.DrSha.com for profound gifts to heal, transform and enlighten your soul journey, including your health, relationships and finances. “It is my honor to serve you,” says Master Sha. “If you want to know if the pear is sweet, taste it.” If you want to know if these weekly podcasts can help transform your life, experience them.

By Master Zhi Gang Sha

Reiki Music show

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Reiki Music

By Sandeep Khurana

Creating a Healing Space show

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How to guide your patients to heal themselves. <br> <br> Best read from the start. Go to "Older posts" at the bottom of the page and go back to "Introduction" <br> Audio available free from iTunes @ http://itunes.apple.com/nz/podcast/creating-a-healing-space/id442111710 <br> Dr Chris Cresswell <br> Emergency Medicine Physician <br> Whanganui New Zealand <br> <br> Edited by Kath Edwards RN, Dr Qasim Alam and Gwen Rei RN

By Dr Chris Cresswell, Emergency Medicine Physician, New Zealand

Buddha at the Gas Pump show

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The implication of the title - Buddha at the Gas Pump - is that ordinary people are experiencing higher states of consciousness once thought to be rare and difficult to attain. People everywhere are undergoing a shift or awakening to their true nature. For some, this shift has been abrupt and dramatic. For others, it has been so gradual that they may not have realized it has occurred. Such shifts, or awakenings, are not new: Christ spoke of the Kingdom of Heaven within, Buddhists speak of Nirvana, Zen masters of Satori, Hindus of Moksha, but these traditions generally regard these states as rare and difficult to attain. Many people are therefore skeptical of claims of higher states of consciousness. They find it hard to believe that apparently ordinary friends and neighbors might be experiencing something extraordinary. Maybe they expect Enlightenment to look as remarkable on the outside as it is reputed to be on the inside. This show will attempt to dispel skepticism and misconceptions by week after week, allowing otherwise ordinary people to relate their experience of spiritual awakening. The terminology is tricky, because there are no universally agreed upon definitions to describe this experience. So please forgive us if we use some unfamiliar terms. We will try to clarify our definitions as we go along. Perhaps, after a while, those listening will become convinced that genuine and permanent spiritual awakenings are not just a pipe dream, but are real and are becoming relatively commonplace. These podcasts are the audio track of a weekly TV interview show which may be seen as videos on our YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/buddhaatthegaspump). There is also a very active chat group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/BuddhaAtTheGasPump) and a blog (http://batgap.com) where guests and interested listeners discuss topics brought up on the show.

By Rick Archer

Power of Moms Podcasts (Archive) show

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Our focus is on strengthening mothers as women and as people who have chosen to make motherhood a primary focus in their lives.

By Power of Moms

X-Oriente show

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X-Oriente (Ex Oriente) means "From the East." X-Oriente is a podcast (MP3) dedicated to those Freemasons who are young (and young at heart). In each episode we will explore the ideas, the practice and the future of the Craft

By Eric Diamond

Homebrewed Culture Cast show

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Portland-based writers Christian Piatt and Jordan Green discuss pop culture, news, and fatherhood through the lens of Christianity. Weekly guests like A.J. Jacobs and Cathleen Falsani tackle a wide range of issues. Oh, and Church Sign Epic Fails.

By Christian &amp; Jordan