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Five Minutes With Jay Forrest show

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A weekly conversation exploring the convergence of science and spirituality for the spiritual but not religious by philosopher Jay N. Forrest. Discover a nonreligious spiritual life based on science. Hosted by Jay N. Forrest, a philosopher exploring the mysteries of life and the universe in the light of science. Jay was an ordained minister for over two decades before leaving Christianity. Jay did his undergraduate work at Central Bible College and Berean University. He holds a Doctorate of Ministry from Trinity Evangelical Christian University and is a Certified Meditation Teacher with Aura Wellness Center. He is a member of the International Society for Philosophers, the Western Positive Psychology Association, The Philosophy Foundation, the World Pantheist Movement, the American Humanist Association, the Council for Secular Humanism, and the International Association of Internet Broadcasters.

By Jay N. Forrest

Wisdom Within Radio show

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Wisdom Within Radio (www.WisdomWithinRadio.com) can be found on Seattle's Alternative 1150 AM KKNW every Thursday at 1-2 pm PST The show features Psychic Medium, Healer and Owner of Quantum Sol LLC Lyndsey Paul (www.LyndseyPaul.com) & her Co-Host Abraham Deweese. Seattle Top Vet Dr Guidry. Lyndsey is Psychic Medium & Healer. She has bloodlines to Princess Diana, Paul Revere (US Patriot), Cowboy Jesse Woodson James, Alice Paul (Women's Right Suffragist/Activist), John Paul "Jones" (US Naval Fighter) and President William McKinley. As a Medium she is also able to reconnect her callers with those who have crossed over into spirit. With experience as a crystal child, she helps other indigo/crystal children/adults connect fully to their abilities and live a more satisfying life without fear. She assists the parents of these children in understanding their child's experience and abilities. She can connect with earthbound spirits and assist in clearing & blessing spaces. A firm believer in Quantum theory, her guides & angels, Lyndsey believes that "we exist in a state of unlimited possibilities." Photographer: Sarah Ellis

By Lyndsey Paul

Finding the Occult show

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These are a series of Podcasts that question what the Occult is, it is Presented by Francis Docherty who knows nothing about the Occult whatsoever. So these Podcasts are what if or what are Podcasts

By Francis Docherty

Make Today Ridiculously Amazing Podcasts!  show

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These podcasts are designed to help you recognize how we create the limiting situations and circumstances in our lives. Learn how to experience more of what you want and less of what you don't want and take back your power to design the life of your dreams! Like me on facebook: www.facebook.com/health.wellness.success or visit my website: www.healthwellnessandsuccess.com. Thanks and have an AMAZING DAY!

By Wenda O'Neill

Snarky Faith Radio show

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Snarky Faith is a space where we irreverently wrestle through, life, culture and spirituality. It’s a lighthearted skewering of religion in culture today. Take that all that mix it in with a little music and you’ve got Snarky Faith. The questions or even answers are never the point – it’s all about the conversation. Snarky Faith is on WCOM LP 103.5 Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC Tuesdays 5-6pm EST www.snarkyfaith.com

By Stuart Delony

The Mind Power Workshop 30 Day Challenge Podcast - Michael Nardi, Teacher of Mantra show

The Mind Power Workshop 30 Day Challenge Podcast - Michael Nardi, Teacher of MantraJoin Now to Follow

This is the Mind Power Workshop 30 Challenge, a comprehensive mantra course. Mantra is a sanskrit word that literally means a vehicle to transform and free the mind. They are specifically formulated sounds to access dormant parts of yourself and powers within. It is a practice to guide you throughout each moment of your life. Instead of repeating the self limiting thoughts during the day, you will begin to cultivate inner awareness through each repitition of a given mantra. The more you practice the better the results. Visit NOLIMITS.CONSULTING for further resources for The Mind Power Workshop 30 Day Challenge. You will: Learn the 7 Sounds to change your life, Experience each of the 7 Energy Centers, Connect with forces within you & Practice choosing a sound to address a specific problem. Which will help you: Build Mind Power for every day challenges!, Embody an inner contentment and a feeling of calm within, Connect with your will power to accomplish your true desires & Utilize the appropriate sound for any given situation. The 7 Sounds you will be learning, Lam: Ignite the fire below-your root; Vam: Experience the water principle, the womb, sexual magnetism; Ram: Discover the source of your power- No Limits!; Yam: Find inner contentment & heartiness; Hoom: Unearth the power of your voice & integrity of your word; Om: Open to inner stillness and peace & Souh: Reveal the connection above-your source

By Michael Nardi

Path 11 Podcast show

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Best known for there films "The Path: Afterlife" & "The Path: Beyond the Physical", Filmmakers Michael Habernig & April Hannah sit down to talk with interesting guests about subjects of consciousness, paranormal activity, lucid dreaming, out of body experiences, energy healing, mediumship, astrology, channeling and all other subjects around new age and spirituality.

By Path11 Productions LLC

The Hundredth Monkey With Tom & Ramon show

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Tom & Ramon interview cutting edge researchers, authors, lecturers and experiencers in the fields of spirituality, consciousness, science, religion and the occult teachings

By The Hundredth Monkey Radio With Tom & Ramon

Live and Dare Podcast: Meditation, Consciousness & Nonduality Wisdom show

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The quality of your mind is the quality of your life. This free podcast covers the topics of Meditation, Mindfulness, Consciousness and Spirituality in Daily Life. Interviews with teachers from different paths, both traditional and modern, sharing insights on the practice of meditation and its integration in modern life and in society. There are also some episodes with guided meditation. Brought to you by LiveAndDare.com blog. Follow me on twitter @gio_self.

By Giovanni Dienstmann: Meditation Blogger, Consciousness Hacker, Spirituality Geek

Hypnotherapy Podcast show

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Curious about hypnosis? Want to experience a hypnotic trance? Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Rick Reynolds guides you on a different life enhancing inner journey each week. Plus he introduces you to a new hypnotic process called TranceBreakers which is designed to free your mind form limitting beliefs and the negative trances your family, your culture and society may have created.

By Rick Reynolds, CCHT