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Zencast show

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Zencast is a weekly podcast of inspiring Buddhist Dharma talks for all people. Keywords: Zen, Buddhism, Buddhist, Buddha, Dharma, Sangha, Mindfulness, Meditation, Wisdom, Love, Peace, Stillness,Compassion.

By Zencast.org

The Spiritual Peak Center show

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The Couples Spot- Dr. Janelle Alex & Dr. Rob Alex share with you how you can combine the sacred and the sensual and experience more powerful, playful, passion in your lives.

By Rob and Janelle Alex

Insights with Laura Powers show

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Angel Communicator, Clairvoyant, and Medium Laura Powers shares information she has learned through her gifts and her work about angels, fairies, ghosts, spirits, the after-life, and more. Each episode discusses a specific topic for quick and easy learning and watching.

By Laura Powers

Bible Prophecy Revealed show

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Have you ever wondered what the book of Revelation was all about? This video series may give you some additional insights into understanding the book of Revelation. The book of revelation reveals that God will soon inflict on the world a series of 14 plagues. These events will not occur in random order nor will they be freak disasters caused by nature. The 7 first plagues are called seven trumpets" in Revelation because they serve the purpose of warning or awakening the people of Earth to the glorious arrival of Jesus Christ. The 7 last seven plagues are called the seven bowls because they represent seven full cups of God's vengeance that he will pour out upon his enemies. Although the Bible completely explains these events, they will come as an overwhelming surprise for most people. Our creator has carefully designed these coming events to achieve His goals, and He will carefully execute these judgments so that He can redeem the maximum number of people.

By AE Cambigue

Dr. Elmer Towns Weekly Lessons show

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Weekly Lessons from the Pastors Bible Class at Thomas Road Baptist Church

By Thomas Road Baptist Church

Curs-ed Net Breakthrough Radio show

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The UFO & ALIEN ABDUCTION PHENOMENON is THE FAÇADE used by "THE BEAST" (symbolized as a poisonous scorpion,) reflected in the holy writings of both St. Jude & Enoch. The "wandering stars" ARE the Fallen Angels angling for their prey - US! Curs-ed Net Breakthrough Radio will be your source for truth within the UFO phenomenon glorifying Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God the Father.

By Cursed Net Radio

Doors of Deception Radio show

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**THE VIEWS OF OUR GUESTS MAY NOT ALWAYS REFLECT THE VIEWS HELD BY DOORS OF DECEPTION RADIO** Doors Of Deception Radio is committed to exposing the truth about the occult, the demonic, alien encounters, UFOs, spirit guides and giving you knowledge and empowerment to fend off supernatural attacks. You’ll learn how to defend yourself by knowing how to spiritually discern the agents of deception, that have been dispatched into our world at this crucial time in history. We’ll show you what to watch for; signs, miracles, false prophets and all of their counterfeit signs and lying wonders.

By Doors of Deception

Finding Your Voice for Life Direction show

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We all want to be more, earn more, and contribute more; but somewhere along the way, we get hung up, asking ourselves questions like - what’s special about me, can I really make a difference, and what do I do next? Life coaches Joel and Dr. Pei bring inspiring stories, fresh ideas, and practical steps for your life’s journey. Get in touch with who you really are, what excites you, and what you stand for - learn to believe in yourself again, so you can live the life for which you are destined.

By Be more, earn more, and contribute more (By Joel Boggess and Dr. Pei)

The Pagan Homesteader show

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The world of homesteading from a Pagan perspective.

By Rianna Stone

Gita Wisdom Teachings by Joshua M. Greene (Yogesvara) show

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Teachings by Yogesvara (Joshua M. Greene). Here's an ideal course for enriching your yoga in the company of inspired teachers and students. Each session includes readings, analysis, audiovisuals, verse recitations and practical insights in India's essential wisdom text. Attendees will discover the message of the Gita, master basic vocabulary and concepts, and acquire skills for teaching and practicing Gita philosophy. Classes Held Live At The Bhakti Center 25 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003 http://bhakticenter.org/gita-wisdom/ Gita Wisdom Wednesdays 6:30 – 8:30PM, by donation Find us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/gitawisdomteachings

By Joshua M. Greene (Yogesvara das)