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Foods are NOT Drugs - Fight Bill C51 and say NO to Codex show

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The Federal Government has introduced proposed legislation which will radically change the natural health products industry in Canada. The Bill reads like a police state manual and the end result will be 70% or more of the products currently available will be illegal. The draconian search and seizure powers granted to the Health Canada inspectors violate the implied bill of rights and the increased penalties are clearly aimed at putting companies in the industry out of business. This is only the beginning. Listen to the podcast to learn more and find out what you can do to help Fight Bill C51 and preserve Health Freedom in Canada.

By Andrew McGivern

Life Challenge  show

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Life Challenge's mission is to challenge people to live better lives through improving their relationships. There are interviews with the top relationship and marriage experts in the world and tips and advice about how to live and love at your fullest potential!

By Cory Honickman

Natural - Health - Freedom Radio | Alternative Medicine | Nutrition | Orthomolecular | Healthy Diet show

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Health Empowerment with Croft Woodruff and Peter Schaad. Learn about your natural health options, meet the industry experts, and uncover the politics of health. Every Sunday morning live on CFUN and also available on this podcast. Croft Woodruff is literally a walking enclycopedia of natural health. Croft is former president of the Canadian Health Food Association, past president of the BC Chelation Therapy Association and Cofounder of the Health Action Network. Researcher, lecturer, broadcaster with over 15 years on the radio with his own health show. Croft has an honorary Master Herbalists designation and holds an honorary membership in the Naturopathic College of Quebec. He was awarded a PHD in Philosphy for lifetime achievement. With 40 years in the Natural Health industry Croft has seen it all. Health Empowerment is brought to you every week by Omira Health Centers. At Omira Health Centers we deal with critical and chronic conditions using nutrition, nutraceuticals and innovative technology such as Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). Through diagnostic pre-screening tools such as the Cardio DM06 which is a non invasive ECG device which uses medical imaging software to generate a digital image of your heart. Bioenergetic scans can determine weak points in your body which we target with specific therapies and nutraceuticals. In addition we offer nutritional analysis and effect of drug induced nutrient depletion. We take all this data and formulate a Total Longevity plan to help you maintain the quality of your health.

By Andrew McGivern

Blind Bargains Logo show

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Blind Bargains features interviews from the biggest names, the latest news, and leading insights from the assistive technology scene. Specializing in as-it-happens coverage from the biggest technology conferences, we\\\\\\\'ll bring you news and views concerning the absolute latest in assistive technology.

By A T Guys

Dr. Joan Kenley's Conversations on Wellness, Love, Relationships, Politics, Health and Green Living, and Transformation show

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The Joan Kenley Show is a unique offering in today’s talk radio marketplace. The intention is to delve more deeply into what really matters – offering meaningful conversations, timely topics, and action ideas on subjects ranging from the personal to the global. Using her talents and experience as Host and Executive Producer, Joan and her team craft each episode of The Joan Kenley Show to explore a specific theme from various angles, ranging from what has been previously envisioned with her guests to the spontaneity of the moment in the studio. Joan not only engages with her guests and asks thoughtful questions, she also contributes to the conversation by adding her own extensive professional and personal insights.

By (Joan Kenley)

The Running Shoe show

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An interactive show about Running, Fitness, Nutrition and Road Racing. The Running Shoe is a weekly 1 hour call in show with Host Bruce Murray, marathon runner and road running coach. Whether you want to run your first mile or a marathon, Bruce's weekly topics will give you the information to help keep you running happy, healthy, and injury free. Come by and ask a question. - - Bruce Murray Host of The Running Shoe

By Bruce Murray


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The last Friday 28 th March, the Spanish Confederation of Physically and Organically Disabled People (COCEMFE) published the first COCEMFE Podcast, with this initiative COCEMFE pretends keep promoting and defending disabled people’s interests. COCEMFE Podcast, will be published weekly, including different news and next events that could be interesting for disabled people and for the rest of the society.````La Confederación Española de Personas con Discapacidad Física y Orgánica (COCEMFE) ha publicado el primer COCEMFE Podcast, con el que pretende continuar promoviendo y defendiendo los intereses de las personas con discapacidad.``Con periodicidad semanal, el COCEMFE Podcast incluye diversas noticias y eventos próximos que pueden resultar de interés, tanto para nuestro colectivo como para la sociedad en general.``

AIDS in 2008 - Is it still an Issue? show

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Breathe Again Magazine interviews women and men on issues relating to AIDS, Self Esteem,Adultery,Relationships,Marriage,Money, Parenting, Church, Ministry and so much more.Everyday issues that women face.

By Breathe Again Magazine

The Medscape Medical Minute show

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In The Medscape Medical Minute, Dr. George Lundberg, Editor-in-Chief of The Medscape Journal of Medicine and, offers clinicians a brief synopsis and commentary of key evidence-based clinical studies from the medical literature.

By George D. Lundberg, MD, Editor-in-Chief, The Medscape Journal of Medicine; Adjunct Professor of Heal

SELF HYPNOSIS: Weight Loss, Quit Smoking Self Hypnosis! - Podcasts powered by Odiogo show

SELF HYPNOSIS: Weight Loss, Quit Smoking Self Hypnosis! - Podcasts powered by OdiogoJoin Now to Follow

Self hypnosis. Discover all you need to learn and master self hypnosis. Weight Loss Hypnosis, Stop smoking hypnosis, achieve results with hypnosis today!

By admin