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Nikkie's Thoughts show

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a. Nichole is the poster child for the word: Multipreneur. She is also a free spirited, opinionated, indigo child who is beautifully melanated. a.Nichole refuses to stay in society's boxes and she wants you to as well. She gives advice and life coaching on every facet of life...even the subjects you’re afraid to touch. She goes in deep and she does it unapologetically! Think of her as your best friend in your head that is always going to tell you the real and help you maximize your potential all while eliminating all kinds of unnecessary fawkery in your life. a.Nichole is a behavior scientist and a Forensic Psychology PhD Candidate who loves to marry her razor sharp tongue and cheek personality with her scholarly and philosophical knowledge. Check out her various social media outlets! IG: @nikkiesthoughts @aseatatmysisterstable @atribecalledsis @kingstonskitchen @blacksaucellc @blacksaucepodcast @blacksauceenrichmentcenter @ijustwantmypeopletoheal Twitter: @nikkiesthoughts Facebook: Currently on tour in a city near you! Tickets available at:

By A Nichole

Rise Above Podcast show

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Everyone wants Freedom, very few get the pleasure of experiencing it. Freedom holds different meanings to different people. This show will teach you how to RISE ABOVE your current situation or circumstance and achieve a higher level of success in your life. It’s time to break the mold and create the life you've secretly been dreaming about.

By Greg Smith

The Pam Sowder Podcast show

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Society has trained us to be somewhat complacent but in this digital age it is amazing to see how many opportunities we have and how easy it is to make supplemental income and career changing income from our phones. Network marketing queen, Pam Sowder is bringing a highly energetic and informative weekly podcast by blending the lines of entrepreneurship, network marketing and every day life in her weekly podcast. By listening, you will learn of Pam’s challenges, how she overcame them and even turned those challenges into opportunities for growth. You will learn relationship building, sales, work life balance and so much more through her personal anecdotes. These stories and lessons will come directly from her career and parental experience archives. The cherry on top of this already delicious cake is Pam will be including interviews with life coaches and leaders to get inspired to take action on your dreams.

By Pam Sowder

What We Said show

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Intended to inspire and entertain, best friends Jaci Marie & Chelsey Jade talk candidly about health, business, relationships, life, etc. You can expect the girls to be joined by occasional guests, reading friends' & fans' stories, & offering unsolicited but heartfelt advice. | Introduction music by Lowercase Committee | Cover art by Chloe Bruderer.

By Jaci Marie and Chelsey Jade

Power The Hustle: Fun-fresh conversations about fitness lifestyle, mind body connection, goal crushing, and growth that fuel confidence and powerful women. show

Power The Hustle: Fun-fresh conversations about fitness lifestyle, mind body connection, goal crushing, and growth that fuel confidence and powerful women.Join Now to Follow

Power The Hustle is the high-five to every woman who hustles to play bigger, be healthier, and live louder. In outrageously candid conversations and interviews with self-made powerful women, we tackle how to develop your fitness lifestyle, build the confidence you need to chase down your goals and create a mind-body connection that will lead you to a life you LOVE. Power The Hustle is a production of WANNABE, makers of adaptogenic protein powders and supplements for women who want more. It's hosted by Sara Grey, the founder and CEO of the company and a three-decade athlete.

By Sara Grey: Real Conversations about Confidence, Mind Body Connection, and The Fitness Lifestyle.

Overcoming Low Self-Esteem with Tempestt S. Smith show

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Overcoming Low Self-Esteem is the most beneficial podcast on self-esteem that has ever been produced, and is led by Tempestt S. Smith. This podcast is filled with tears, laughter, joy, and therapy. As a child, you didn’t come into this world with low self-esteem, you had to be taught it. Your thoughts are not completely your own; therefore, you are currently living a reality that was created by you, but not necessarily for you. The life where you’ve surrendered fully to an unhealthy self-esteem is literally killing you on purpose, without purpose. The time for greatness, YOUR greatness, is now.

By Antonio T. Smith Jr.

Jason Newland's FREE Hypnosis Service show

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My name is Jason Newland. I have been providing this free ONLINE hypnosis service since 2006. ONLY LISTEN WHEN YOU CAN SAFELY CLOSE YOUR EYES AS IT MAY CAUSE DROWSINESS.

By Jason Newland

Becoming The Lion Podcast show

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Welcome to Becoming The Lion Podcast hosted by entrepreneur, gym owner, strength sport athlete Joey Szatmary. This podcasts intent is to give you tons of tools to become your strongest version mentally and physically. We will dive into what it means to be a leader, the journey of being an entrepreneur, and much more.

By Joey Szatmary

وقت خواب | پادکست آرامش بخش فارسی زبان show

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وقت خواب ، پادکستی فارسی زبان است که برای مواقع بی‌خوابی طراحی شده و با بکارگیری صحبت های کسل کننده ، موسیقی آرامش بخش و داستان ، به رفع بیخوابی کمک میکند. همچنین از این پادکست میتوان برای کسب آرامش قبل از خواب نیز استفاده کرد. لازم به ذکر است که پادکست وقت خواب میتواند به رفع بیخوابی ناشی از رویاپردازی ناهنجار نیز کمک کند..

By تیم پادکست وقت خواب

Humans 2.0 - Evolve to the Next Level show

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Our 21st Century world is changing fast. Humans 2.0 is about embracing and truly understanding what you know is inside you deep down. This podcast is a one-stop shop for all of your technological self-development needs. If you are looking for an audio-companion to support you on your own Hero’s journey, then look no further. I believe the key to learning is to understand different perspectives and thought paradigms, from brilliant experts around the world. Subjects of discussion include embarking on the hero’s journey of purpose, inner life, mental toughness, practical skills, mindfulness, and many more topics that will shatter your perceptual apparatus. What you feed your mind every day will shape your future. Listening to this podcast will strengthen your mind, thoughts, and beliefs. Leave behind the everyday mundane trivialities of your average human version 1.0, and meta-learn your way into becoming a human version 2.0 with a newly upgraded guest in each episode.

By Mark Metry