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Eleanor Gillies' Podcast show

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how to cure tinnitus tinnitus diet buzzing in ears causes of ringing in the ears help stop the buzzing in my ears

By Eleanor Gillies

12 Steps for ADD show

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The Twelve Step program is an effective non-medical way to face and grow beyond the problems related to ADD. The symptoms and struggles are medical not moral. Period. Still the survival skills and coping mechanisms common in the lives of many ADDers are our attempts to control life and the world around us. These self-defeating attitudes and behaviors create most of our stress, struggles, and pain. The 12 steps give us the tools to see and grow beyond these harmful problems that are beyond our ability to understand or even see. But the rigorous honesty and support of the 12 step program gives us eyes to see our shadows—hidden from us but obvious to others. Once we’re in proper relationship to the truth, we can accept ourselves for who we are—ADD and all. Then we learn to be honest about the past misunderstandings, harmful actions toward others, and separation from our loving Creator. With our Higher Power's help we get honest about our limitations and our gifts. We learn to give ourselves grace for our ADD symptoms like missed social cues, distraction, brain-fog-n-freeze, impulsiveness, disorganization, hyper-activity, daydreaming, etc.

By Jerry S

Belief Busting Breakthroughs show

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"With over 12 years combined experience in helping people bust through their limitations and live happier, unlimited lives, Tanya Hahn and Jason Hundley have teamed up to bring their unique style of personal development to BlogTalkRadio."

By Jason_Hundley

Creative Living with Jamie show

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Creative self-development coach Jamie Ridler brings you tips, strategies, stories and interviews to help you bring your creativity to life!

By Jamie Ridler

GBG Opportunity Overview and Team Calls show

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GBG Opportunity Podcast showcasing the GBG Liquid Vitamin and the business opportunity that accompanies ones purchase of this amazing product. Listen as Chris Curtis and CJ along with other members of the Prosperity Wellness Team talk about GBG and the future of this awesome business.

By Chris Curtis

Panic Away » Podcast show

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Immediate Anxiety Relief With a Natural and Powerful Technique To Stop Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast!

Autism Treatments - Is There Something To Light Therapy? show

Autism Treatments - Is There Something To Light Therapy?Join Now to Follow Autism Treatment - Light Therapy. So Why Not Schedule A Little Sun Time? The Answer Could Surprise You. It\'s Not What You May Think!

By Jean Genet

Healing Meditations And Hypnosis Podcast show

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This podcast contains self hypnosis recordings. These are all part of a website called Healing Meditations Downloads.

By Rachael Towne

Innovations Radio show

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Dr. Verret talks with national and international experts in health, fitness, weight loss, naturopathic medicine, cosmetic surgery, and plastic surgery to help people look and feel their best.

By D.J. Verret, MD

Super Number One Cycling show

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Weekly conversations about all things made of geek. Games, Science, Books, Music, Beer and on and on... Hello potential listener, come...have a sit, and savor a slice of auditory geekdom. Super Number One is a weekly podcast with a different focus each week. Video games? Check. Surviving a zombie invasion? Check. The best wine to drink at your dogs funeral? Zinfandel! Come listen to our show to find out why!

By FourTea Studios