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UNT Music Library - From the Archives show

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The University of North Texas Music Library presents segments on their extensive library collection.

By UNT Music Library

MCAT Test Day Analysis show

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Kaplan's MCAT analysts discuss the latest MCAT, from which section students found most difficult to what students say about their testing experience.

By Kaplan Test Prep and Admissions

The Gist of Freedom   Preserving American History through Black Literature . . . show

The Gist of Freedom Preserving American History through Black Literature . . .Join Now to Follow

Join us Sunday & Thursday @ 8 PM The Gist of Freedom weekly live online discussion is a celebration of the African American experience—honoring all the people, past and present, black and white—who have determined to preserve history in literature, craftsmanship and artifact.

By The Gist of Freedom

Peter Schiff on Crash Proof 2.0 show

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Peter Schiff's predictions for the economy in Crash Proof 2.0, the follow up to the bestselling book that predicted the market crash.

By Wiley Publishing

The Social Strategy Podcast: Online Business | Social Media Strategy | Networking | Vernon Ross show

The Social Strategy Podcast: Online Business | Social Media Strategy | Networking | Vernon RossJoin Now to Follow

Vernon Ross from The Social Strategy Podcast reveals the stories behind the most innovative and successful leaders in digital marketing, coaching and business on how you can create a social media strategy that takes your efforts to the next level.

By Vernon Ross: Entrepreneur, Author, Social Media Strategist and Relationship Building Expert

Business Transformation Tools: Business & Process & Project Management: Lean Six Sigma: Strategy: Innovation: Career Success: Blog: Podcast » Basic Podcast Feed show

Business Transformation Tools: Business & Process & Project Management: Lean Six Sigma: Strategy: Innovation: Career Success: Blog: Podcast » Basic Podcast FeedJoin Now to Follow

Business Transformation Tools is the only show dedicated to hands-on business management and process management tools to transform your business and career success. Learn the process management and project management tools developed in countless successes (and failures). Join Mike and Jay in making process improvement, strategy and innovation routine in your business. Business management and process management tools are the hardware to transform your company and career - starting today! Overcome daily firefighting and slice through the market's confusion about strategy, innovation, project management, and lean six sigma. You may already be familiar with Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, project management, and strategy deployment. Here, you'll learn how to make these process management and business management methods ROUTINE in your business - without massive investments of time and money executives, managers, and entrepreneurs cannot afford to make.

By Mike & Jay: Business Management Trainers | Business Strategy Experts

Law School Podcaster show

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Law School Podcaster is your online source for information, insight and advice on the law school admission process. We deliver relevant information and advice through biweekly audio segments for those planning to apply for a JD. Topics include everything from a behind-the-scenes view of the admission process to post-law school job opportunities and current market trends. Guests include deans of various law schools, alumni, LSAT test preparation companies, law school admissions authors, law school admissions consultants and more. On each segment, we will go in-depth on a particular topic of interest to a law school applicant and interview relevant experts to help make your application process more efficient and successful and to help you gain acceptance to the right law school for you.

By Your Guide to Law School

Full Contact Accounting - Audio Edition show

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This is the audio from Full Contact Accounting, a weekly video podcast to help you learn QuickBooks accounting software. You'll also learn accounting and bookkeeping along the way, as some of those skills are required to really get the most out of QuickBooks. Hosted by Mike Debyah, a CPA and Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor who has taught hundreds of people how to use QuickBooks in a variety of businesses. Viewers are encouraged to submit questions and participate in discussions on the website.

By Mike Debyah

Zazzpreneurs - Success Stories show

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Bi-weekly, Zazzpreneurs brings you the success stories from the worlds of business, sports, entertainment, music, style and other industries; and rare insights in the lives of the do-ers: their journey, their struggles, their inspiration, their hustle and the grind. They will help answer some of the questions that every one of us has. How do you chase your dreams? How do you start? How do you overcome failures? How do you attain success from scratch in the field of your choice? This podcast is the first step forward towards inspiring YOU, that YOU can do it too.

By Zazzpreneurs

The Startup Story show

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As we hear The Startup Story of some of the most successful companies in the world our focus is singular… To give you the belief and courage to Start Your Story. Every successful startup began with a single decision. It’s not about the dream, it’s not about the vision, it’s about having the courage to take that very first step -- to start. How did UBER grow to $50 billion? How did Spanx become massively successful without one dime of venture capital? The stories are out there. But The Startup Story goes even deeper. What exactly did they do to go from idea to launch? What was that first step and how did they decide to take it? Each week, hear from the courageous founders behind some of the most successful brands in the world as they share their Startup Story. We’ll unpack the early beginnings, and uncover those first steps that ultimately led them to where they are today. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who’s in the thick of it and not making much progress, or feeling stuck in the fear of failure, not sure if you have what it takes, this podcast was created for you.

By James McKinney