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Ultimate Vocabulary: Essential GRE Words show

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Ultimate Vocabulary's Essential GRE Words is a podcast designed specifically to help you boost your GRE score. This is the fastest and easiest way to improve your GRE score - because you are learning the word that appears most frequently on the GRE Exam. Includes definitions, synonyms/antonyms, and examples all sourced from the Ultimate Vocabulary software.

By eReflect

Mafraj Radio show

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This podcast covers contemporary political, social, and cultural affairs in Yemen and the Yemeni diaspora from a range of sources and perspectives. Our aim is to make Yemen accessible to casual listeners who don’t necessarily have a background in Yemen or Middle East studies, while still providing a level of depth and context you can’t get from mainstream media coverage of Yemen. In Yemeni Arabic, the word “mafraj” refers to a characteristic feature of highland Yemeni architecture, which is renowned for its unique beauty. A mafraj is a room, preferably with windows on all sides, on the very top of multi-story house. The mafraj is where Yemenis gather in the afternoons and evenings with family and friends to discuss the events of the day and the gossip of the nation. Like a good mafraj, this podcast aims to be a site for discussion, debate, and edification, and a vantage point from which we look at events in Yemen from different angles.

By The Yemen Peace Project

Lifelong Podcast - Grow Happy show

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We believe that feeling great is a skill that everyone deserves to know. At Lifelong we work hard to help people think a little differently and grow happy. Our podcast is just another way we want to share simple, practical and effective tools to help grow your happiness.

By Lifelong Group

Smart Girls Podcast show

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Here at Smart Girls, we believe that the cultivation of the authentic self is very important. While listening to this podcast, you might learn about something you would like to experience. You might learn about a woman you’d like to emulate. You might learn a new perspective or an unfamiliar custom or a new way to talk to yourself about something. It is our hope that you will learn more about your truest self. Amy Poehler's Smart Girls celebrates girls (of all ages) who are changing the world by being themselves.

By Smart Girls at the Party

Sewanee Commencement Podcast show

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The Sewanee Commencement Podcast will cover information you NEED to know and you WANT to know. Ticketing and Viewing of the service is the main topic of the podcast. In addition, you will learn about announcements, gowns, tickets (to the service, baccaulareate, the brunch, lunch, and McClurg), rain plans, and much, much more.

By Susan Askew: The Sewanee Commencement Podcast

The Practice of the Practice Podcast: Small Business Growth | Marketing | Blogging | Small Business  show

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Joe Sanok from the blog covers everything it takes to make your service-based private practice more awesome. It’s what you wish you had learned in graduate school. Learn killer ways to grow your referrals, save tons of money, and have some fun along the way. <br> <br> Joe has been featured on the Huffington Post, Yahoo Health, ZynnyMe, PsychCentral, and Sirus Radio.<br> <br> Joe has an extensive background in several clinical settings including foster care, residential, home-based, college counseling, and private practice. As the owner of Mental Wellness Counseling in Traverse City, MI he has grown his practice and taught others to do the same. As an expert in the field of growing counseling private practices, Joe exposes all he knows to help you with marketing, branding, consulting, and a deeper level of awesomeness. <br> <br> Joe knows that we’ve all been there, we dream of our small business taking off and we know that it should...but it doesn’t. We want more referrals and the independence that comes from a small business. Through marketing, website developments, and other business-focused tips, Joe helps you to grow. There are simple changes that you can make that will ensure your grow as a professional, expert and as a small business owner. Joe engages and encourages listeners through real-life examples of failure and success. These discussions are for the 21st century counselor who wants to be on the edge of technology, marketing, and expanding their private practice or small business! Plus, there is super sweet music throughout the podcast. <br> <br>

By Joseph R. Sanok: Counselor, Private Practice Owner, Marketing Expert, and Consultant

Templeradio show

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Temple Radio is a podcast series covering the world of Freemasonry with a didactic role to instruct and (hopefully) entertain. We look forward to your interest and support.

By Templeradio

Fannie Mae's Podcast show

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Learn more about Fannie Mae's mission, goals, and how it's meeting the challenges of the current housing market.

By Fannie Mae

Oxford Brookes University | Publishing | Publishing Podcasts show

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Podcasts from the Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies at Oxford Brookes University. Speakers from the Publishing industry in front of an audience of students, lecturers and guests.

By Oxford International Centre for Publishing Studies

Astronomy.FM show

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AFM*Radio podcasts contain original AFM Programs, or programs made available to AFM*Radio by their creators.<br> <br> Our mission is to explore, enjoy, and promote astronomy and space science; to encourage and facilitate the growth of astronomy science to professionals, amateurs, and students, and to bring awareness to the public; to educate and inspire humanity to "look skyward" and learn.

By Astronomy.FM