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My Ministry Breakthrough show

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From the Auxano Podcast Network, a long-form church leadership podcast featuring stories from real pastors and their moments of breakthrough clarity. There are more church leaders than ever who are, right now, praying for direction in seasons of doubt, or who looking for a church vision breakthrough in some way. We believe that every pastor has a story to share, especially with the clarity that comes from the other side of the tunnel of chaos.

By My Ministry Breakthrough

How I Work show

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Have you ever wondered if the worlds’s leading entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and business people construct their day differently to you? How I Work delves into the working days of some of the world’s most successful innovators. We discuss tactics, rituals and tricks they use to achieve so much more than the average person, despite having the same number of hours in the day.

By Amantha Imber

Progress Daily Show show

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Practical tips on finding your direction and solving the world's biggest issues

By John Hill

DeaconLive show

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Listen to Deacon and Teacher - man as they discuss the difference between their generations live on the air . Deacon: a native Floridian living currently in North Carolina Teacher - man: a true native New Yorker now living within minutes of Deacon's new

By Deacon

A NEW NORMAL: Audio Diaries from Syrians in Europe show

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A series of five documentaries featuring audio diaries kept by five Syrians as they try to lay down roots in their new countries of asylum. With diarists in the UK, Germany, Sweden and Turkey the series is intended to give an intimate insight into the day-to-day experience of trying to start life from scratch in an alien country, having left everything you know behind.

By Jodie Taylor

Tch Talks show

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Tch Talks brings together educators from the Teaching Channel community engaged in the daily practice of helping young people learn. Tune in to these conversations to discover ways to improve your practice, gain insights into the profession, or simply spark your own imagination.

By Tch Talks

The Biblioz show

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A podcast for teacher librarians

By Jamie Osborne

Intermediate Spanish with Spanish Obsessed show

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Intermediate Spanish from Rob and liz of Spanish Obsessed. Couple Liz and Rob (Colombian and English) have a range of natural, engaging conversations in slow Spanish. We talk slow enough so that you can understand everything, but that doesn’t stop our conversations from being 100% authentic! We cover a variety of topics, equipping you in the process with super cool Spanish phrases which are actually used, as well as nuggets of grammar, pronunciation, and culture. Listen to Liz's crystalline Colombian Spanish, but we also talk with speakers with a variety of different accents. We update weekly, so be sure to subscribe using the button on the left to stay up to date. Also, check out our world of Spanish material, articles, culture and general Spanish love at!

By Spanish Obsessed

Undefeated Podcast show

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Learn, discover and create the mindset needed to overcome obstacles in your life with Undefeated. Hear Devon Still's personal selection of his interviews with celebrities, thought-leaders, best-selling authors, as well as individuals who have overcome life's toughest obstacles. All designed to help inspire you to knock down those walls and jump over those hurdles standing in between where you are now and where you want to be.

By Devon Still

The Preparedness Experience Podcast show

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Listen to top prepping experts, learn about survival skills, and become better prepared for disasters with Ryan, Brian and Dale from The Preparedness Experience Website.

By The Preparedness Experience Podcast