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Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout Podcast with Adam Rafferty show

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Want to become a better fingerstyle guitar player? The "Fingertsyle Guitar Hangout" with Adam Rafferty is for guitarists just like YOU who are looking for quick and easy ideas, inspiration and information. Enhance your musical understanding, get bite sized guitar lessons, tips and techniques, interviews with great players, and hear real life fingerstyle guitar Q & A from listeners & readers just like you. Join Adam Rafferty for the "Fingerstyle Guitar Hangout" and enrich your musical life and your guitar playing.

By Adam Rafferty: Fingerstyle Guitarist, Composer and Touring Musician

Success 101 Podcast with Jarrod Warren: Peak Performance | Maximum Productivity show

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The Success 101 Podcast--My goal each episode is to bring you new concepts or ideas, to help you maximize your full potential, through habits, goals, sleep, mindset, nutrition, energy, peak performance strategies, systems and more.

By Jarrod Warren

Podcast de gramática en español - Spanish Grammar Podcast show

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Este es el podcast semanal de gramática española. El podcast está dirigido a alumnos de español con niveles de B1 hasta C1. Publicamos un episodio nuevo cada semana donde hablamos de un tema gramatical como por ejemplo indefinido, imperfecto, por y para, presente de subjuntivo...

By Hoy Hablamos

Changeable Podcast show

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Change is natural and easy. Is that your experience? <br> <br> What about when it comes to breaking bad habits, or ending worry or anxiety? When it comes to bouncing back from disappointment or loss, or changing habitual patterns and reactions? <br> <br> Most of us experience change as difficult, with results that are shallow and short-lived. But that’s only because we’re stuck in an old paradigm, using strategies that don’t go deep enough. <br> <br> Join psychologist and author Dr. Amy Johnson for Changeable, a podcast about a new paradigm in psychology that reveals the ironic way change really works. It’s easier than you think. <br> <br> ______________<br> <br> Dr. Amy Johnson | Life Coach | Self-help | Self-improvement | Psychology | Philosophy | Psychologist<br>

By Dr. Amy Johnson

Built show

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If you’re starting a business, working on your current business or trying to become a better entrepreneur, then the BUILT Podcast is for you! Aaron Garza is an entrepreneur, fitness authority, and public speaker. He’s, helped people achieve their personal best in fitness, as well as built several million dollar businesses from scratch. On his podcast he covers the mindset, the path and the truths he’s lived by that can help you achieve self mastery. You’ll hear lessons on self improvement, as well as real experiences from people who are crushing it in their businesses and life. Join him as he coaches you on how to achieve your personal best and become the person you were meant to be.

By Aaron Garza

Teaching in Higher Ed show

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Thank you for checking out the Teaching in Higher Ed podcast. This is the space where we explore the art and science of being more effective at facilitating learning. We also share ways to increase our personal productivity, so we can have more peace in our lives and be even more present for our students.

By Bonni Stachowiak

OST LIVE - Blockchain, Branded Tokens, and Token Economies show

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OST LIVE is a weekly broadcast on token economics, scalability, branded tokens, and the latest blockchain technologies. The show features blockchain experts, software engineers, and case studies with real businesses using the OpenST Protocol. Open Simple Token (OST) is a public blockchain platform that allows businesses to launch their own branded tokens. Watch us live on YouTube, subscribe anywhere you listen to podcasts, or join our OST community on Telegram. For more information, please visit


It’s 3 O'clock Somewhere show

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Five teacher best friends share the good, the bad, and the ugly of our beloved profession. Join us for a "Happy Hour" style podcast as we recap our crazy days with lots of laughs and lots of wine.

By It’s 3 O’clock Somewhere

7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast with Clyde Lee Dennis show

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Start Each Day The Right Way With The 7 Good Minutes Daily Self-Improvement Podcast. The Podcast for Busy High Achievers, Hosted by Clyde Lee Dennis. Where you get self-improvement tips, life skills training, and the inspiration you need as you work toward achieving your goals. With a new 7 minute episode every day 7 days a week featuring the best teachers and speakers like Brendon Burchard, Joel Osteen, Mel Robbins, Simon Sinek, Eddie Pinero, Lisa Nichols, Robin Sharma, Jay Shetty, and many more. Subscribe now so you never miss a new episode!

By Clyde Lee Dennis, Self-Improvement Coach and Podcast Producer

My Ministry Breakthrough show

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From the Auxano Podcast Network, a long-form church leadership podcast featuring stories from real pastors and their moments of breakthrough clarity. There are more church leaders than ever who are, right now, praying for direction in seasons of doubt, or who looking for a church vision breakthrough in some way. We believe that every pastor has a story to share, especially with the clarity that comes from the other side of the tunnel of chaos.

By My Ministry Breakthrough