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Desert Oracle Radio hosted by Ken Layne show

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Desert Oracle Radio is a weekly road trip through the weird American desert from the publisher of Desert Oracle, the acclaimed field guide published in Joshua Tree, California. Hear tales of lost mines, mysterious lights, missing tourists, venomous creatures, weird history and weirder people. Hosted by editor Ken Layne and featuring a cast of intriguing mystics, oddballs, scientists and artists, Desert Oracle Radio is your evocative soundtrack for a desert night. The program is broadcast on Friday nights at 10 p.m. by KCDZ 107.7 FM in the Mojave high desert, with field reports from around and across the desert lands. Those who love these harsh dry lands know there's a weird magic to the place, and Desert Oracle Radio blends old folklore and curious history with the strange doings of today's denizens. For more information, visit or write to, and keep the desert in your heart!

By Ken Layne

Jacked Up show

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There are so many things (don't even get me started), and all of them are bad. One of the only cathartic things you can do is name and shame all the bad things and all the bad people, but you know what else is bad? Having to do stuff. So let me do it for you. Sure, listening to podcasts is bad, but it's better than listening to your coworker Greg tell you for the third time that it looks like it might rain later today, but he still thinks he can eat lunch outside if he ducks out a little early. Greg is worse. Try to name one good thing. Exactly. You can't. / / @OVLH

By Jack Knight

Daily Treasurer show

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Daily Treasurer is a podcast hosted by a thirty-something guy who treasures life while trying to make sense of it every day. Valuable life lessons and amazing experiences are shared, with the purpose of warming the soul and helping us to reflect on the beauty of life.

By Abraham Han

After death communication show

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There have been several after death events in my life. The first one I can recall was about age 7 in 1945 a few years after my uncle was killed in the US Army as described in another blog post. The other events happened much more closely to the actual date of the death of a friend or family member and were just brief encounters such as a smell or an unexpected encounter with a bird. The first event that clearly changed my life is described below. The editor described below is Charles T. Tart, Ph.D. This article first appeared on his website, T.A.S.T.E., The Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences. Anthony Chipoletti (real name) graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980 with a BS degree that included training in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology. He was employed for a time in Pittsburgh in 1968 as a medical research technician in hematology and hemophilia research with Jessica Lewis, who discovered Factor VIII. Financial and family needs kept him from further graduate education and he was employed as a researcher in the media industry. Beyond the Light, by Anthony Chipoletti. Early in 1995, about one year before my mother's death, December 14, 1995, I saw a copy of the book Beyond the Light, written by P. M. H. Atwater. I seemed to have many of the personal attributes of the people she described as near death survivors. I could not clearly recall any NDE event except for a brief childhood episode after tonsil surgery under ether; I wrote to her, and she sent seminar details; I also realized that the medical community and other folks around Pittsburgh PA were interested or involved in NDE research. For example, one of the local hospitals was cooling bodies of patients, and repairing their blood vessels near the brain stem. Patients who survived lost all awareness of who they were, and any other personal identity, including other skills such as reading and writing. Dr. Atwater's research seemed to me to include reputable sources in the scientific and medical communities. In May of 1996, six months after my mother's death on December 14, 1995, and very near my mother's birthday on May 9, I was preparing for a visit to the city of Pittsburgh by P. M. H. Atwater. Atwater had given me three names and phone numbers to call for background information on her near death research, which she was scheduled to speak about in June 1996 at my invitation. My first call was to a gentleman who hosted near death seminars in his home for many years. He was a dedicated skeptic and did not believe the experience was real. The second person was the mother of a young son. She and her son experienced an unusual event, and had been featured on a television show. However, she felt that people would inflate their experiences to get attention, as she did. The third call lasted about thirty minutes. I do not recall any of the conversation. The woman had experienced a profound near death event, however, she sought no publicity and received none. As soon as I hung up the phone after the third call, my room, which is about nine feet high and twelve feet square, lit up with a wonderful, pale light. I had risen from my chair, just after the call, and immediately sat back down. The light lasted about twenty minutes, then went away. About one year after my Light experience, I asked P. M. H. Atwater if she had informed her friend about it. She stated that the Light experience had happened to many others after speaking with her friend, so she had not mentioned mine! The website of the third person, Nancy Clark

By gravitonring

The Confident Marriage show

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The Confident Marriage’s mission is to making happiness your marriage story by offering advice, support, tips and tools to help you improve your marriage no matter what your current situation is! I am working from personal experience, education and proven methods that work. I have firsthand experience with relationships from communication problems, parenting disagreements, sex, infidelity, emotional cheating, pornography use/addiction, drug addiction, alcoholism, intimacy and the list goes on. About Jessica: I have been married twice, my first marriage was for 16 years and my second has been for 4 years, both marriages have had their share of major problems. I come from a long family history of addiction, abuse (sexual, physical and emotional), and dysfunction. I was defiant as a teenager and rebelled in ways that should have left me dead. It’s because of my journey and the hard work I have done on myself as a person, wife and mother that has given me tried and true knowledge and experience. Now, my heart is in teaching and helping others achieve success and transformation. I believe that husbands, wives and their marriage need love, guidance, support and tools to maneuver though the dips we face in all the different seasons we will encounter. Are you ready to turn your marriage around and experience something you never knew you and your spouse could have?

By Jessica Weeks

AJ Benza: Fame is a Bitch show

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AJ deconstructs some of the biggest scandals and tragedies of our lifetime. These stories are about the powerful seduction and fateful grip of fame. Our tragic figures are those that couldn't fight off the influences, pressures, and distractions that worked like grease upon their grip. Benza brings an insiders perspective and his tough-guy demeanor, bold narratives and aggressive pursuit of the truth, distinguish him as an authentic and original voice. AJ knows as well as anyone that fame can be a bitch.

By PodcastOne

Always Anxious show

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Always Anxious with Allie and Annie

By Allie Evans & Annie Fink

Mersey Beaucoup show

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Direct from Liverpool, hosted by Steph and Jake. Where no subject is off limits and both sexes get their say. Subscribe for weekly chats from the birds and the boys.

By Steph and Jake

Bleeding Purple show

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As the Fremantle Football Club embark on their 25th year in the AFL we'll be taking a stroll down memory lane and speaking to key stakeholders who were involved in the formation of the club. Hosted by Dr Jeffrey Boyle the club's Principle Physiotherapist. Boyle, a life member for the club, started at Fremantle in November 1994 and has been involved in all of the 543 games the club has played. Boyle is a passionate Fremantle man and just like all our glorious fans he…Bleeds Purple. The first episode of Bleeding Purple will be released on Thursday 21 March.

By Fremantle Football Club - Docker Media

Squires Sessions show

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When a Lifestyle Blogger/Writer marries a Sports Podcasting Mad Man... this is what you get. We don't have any special secrets to marriage - but we sure do have fun sharing each other's secrets and maybe, somewhere along the way... you can relate to our crazy. We are spilling way too many beans and sharing all of our rants, stories, and everything in between... we're here to discuss all things husband + wife + well... all things life.

By Jayme Squires