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Chronicles of a Psychonaut show

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Chronicles of a Psychonaut is about personal growth and the psychedelic experience. Human beings have been altering their consciousness since the beginning of recorded history, be it with caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco, or psychedelics such as marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, or recent chemicals like LSD. Come and listen to my real life tales of peering through the "doors of perception." We will delve into the insights and wisdom gleaned from the experience as well as the dangers and hard lessons.

By Finch Lessack

UC Classics Ancient World Podcasts show

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Join the experts from the Department of Classics at the University of Cincinnati as we explore facets of life in the ancient Mediterranean world.

By University of Cincinnati Classics Department

Magi Romance's Podcast show

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Magi Romance is a podcast discussing romance novels, romance authors, cover models, and other fun industry facts.

By Magi Romance

New Books in Intellectual History show

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Discussions with Historians of Ideas about their New Books

By New Books Network

Free Space Podcast فري سبيس show

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برنامج إذاعي متنوع. ومساحة حرة لكل ماهو مفيد ونافع. يطرح العديد من المواضيع العلمية والثقافية والاجتماعية. يستضيف العديد من الشخصيات الفاعلة والتي لها بصمة في المجتمع. البرنامج سيطرح حلقاته بشكل دوري إن شاء الله

By Ahmad Quraish

Engines Of Our Ingenuity show

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The story of technological progress is one of drama and intrigue, sudden insight and plain hard work. Let's explore technology's spectacular failures and many magnificent success stories.

By Dr. John Lienhard

The Social Strategy Podcast: Online Business | Social Media Strategy | Networking | Vernon Ross show

The Social Strategy Podcast: Online Business | Social Media Strategy | Networking | Vernon RossJoin Now to Follow

Vernon Ross from The Social Strategy Podcast reveals the stories behind the most innovative and successful leaders in digital marketing, coaching and business on how you can create a social media strategy that takes your efforts to the next level.

By Vernon Ross: Entrepreneur, Author, Social Media Strategist and Relationship Building Expert

Waki Talk show

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Waki talk is a radio active podcast where nothing is too hot to handle. Boomer babes push back against the middle aged blues with intelligent comedy and satire.

By Julia Poulos

Xtra Xtra Presented By VDG Sports show

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No filtered, very censored takes

By Vince Douglas Gregory

Social Critics show

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Social Critics is a weekly kickback amongst friends. Each week the group will explore a wide variety of topics, and share there unfiltered opinions. With the personalities of the host and the interesting topics and guest its sure to be an interesting discussion each week!

By Social Critics Productions