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iGodMind Subliminal Manifestation Videos show

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Watch, meditate, manifest. These subliminal videos program your subconscious to attract the life and things you want. They are not magic, but they will focus your intention so you can manifest.

By Ty /

15 Minutes of Metal- Heavy Metal Podcast show

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The heavy metal podcast that focuses on groups flying under the radar of coorporate radio.

By Heavy Metal

The Political Pubcast show

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A humorous, insightful and often explicit political podcast dealing with the top stories of the week. Brought to you by

By The Commentator

Recommended show

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Recommended is a podcast featuring interesting people talking about their favorite books.

By Book Riot

WNCW: Volume Control: Musician Interviews From WNCW show

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WNCW's Interviews with Leading Artists of Triple A and Americana Music


The Fixed Point Podcast show

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Follow columnist, author, and cultural commentator Larry Taunton down the trails of his mind into the world of ideas. Whatever the topic, it's always worth munching on. The official podcast of Fixed Point Foundation.

By Fixed Point Foundation

Great Myths of the Great Depression show

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no show description found

By Lawrence Reed

Eastern Native American Issues show

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A collection of programs that take an in-depth look into the various issues faced by the Native American tribes of the eastern half of North America.

By AIROS Native Network

Evil - A Horror Fiction Podcast show

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In the darkest parts of our psyches lies the potential for wickedness and cruelty. Most of us suppress this deep inner darkness. We choose the path of the civilized and the compassionate. The kind and the courteous. However, occasionally the darkness deep inside of us erupts to the surface. In my podcast I explore stories of darkness from History, Myth, and Legend.

By Dennis Serra

Veteran Empire with Timothy Lawson, USMC show

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The Veteran Empire podcast spotlights military veterans who are doing significant, creative, aspiring, and interesting things with their lives outside of the military. We interview veterans of the Marine Corps, Air Force, Army, Navy, and Coast Guard. Listen to the VE Podcast to learn about their decision to join the military and how they got into the trade they have now.

By Award-nominated podcast that has featured guests such as John Lee Dumas, Tim Kennedy, Terminal Lance, The Duffel Blog, and Rorke Denver.