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Kresser Institute Health Coach Success Series show

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The Health Coach Success Series covers a wide range of topics related to the role of health coaches in the future of medicine. This show is brought to you by Chris Kresser, founder of the Kresser Institute and author of Unconventional Medicine.

By Chris Kresser

Relational Rounds show

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Relational Rounds features conversations with leading minds and powerful disruptors - from current clinicians to internationally renowned leaders, authors, and activists - on some of the most pressing issues facing primary care and healthcare transformation.

By Primary Care Progress

The Chinese Herb Health & Longevity Show show

The Chinese Herb Health & Longevity ShowJoin Now to Follow

Join Dr. George Lamoureux and John Bonds from to explore the history, healing, and empowerment of Classic Chinese Medicine, herbs, and thought. Dr. George Lamoureux, the founder of Jing Herbs, holds a Doctorate in classical Chinese medicine, is a licensed acupuncturist and a certified Medical Qigong practitioner. Dr. George also completed programs of study at both the Shanghai and Chengdu hospitals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China. Jing Herbs was founded as a company that would be true to the teachings and wisdom of the Daoist masters and sages. Jing Herbs practices and promotes the ancient cultivation known as “yang sheng” or the art of nourishing life through the alchemical use of tonic herbs.

By Dr. George Lamoureux

Pray Every Day show

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Pray through the Bible verse by verse with Mary DeMuth. When life overwhelms you, unburden yourself through prayer and experience God’s nearness. God is listening.

By Mary DeMuth

Manifest It Now a Law of Attraction Show show

Manifest It Now a Law of Attraction ShowJoin Now to Follow

BE INSPIRED TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAMS USING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION. Each week Cassie Parks and Ginny Gane discuss elements surrounding the process of deliberate creation and what it takes to manifest your desires. Create the life of your dreams with the guidance of LOA coaches, Cassie and Ginny.

By Cassie Parks & Ginny Gane

Beyond Burnout - Life Management for Working Moms show

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A podcast for busy working moms to help you have the mental and physical resources you need to effectively do all the things you need to do and stay sane. This show includes strategies to improve your physical and mental health as well as your relationships so you can work at maximum performance. You will also learn how to relax your mind with affirming meditations.

By Tracey Marks

The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali show

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Welcome to The Future Is Beautiful with Amisha Ghadiali. On this show we explore the weave between politics, spirituality, creativity and sustainability. The people, projects and ideas we meet here are challenging the dominant world story and creating a beautiful future. We share a new interview every Thursday. Every one of us has ideas and personal experiences to share that can lead us to a brighter future. Our global future is created by all of us, together. The Future Is Beautiful is the start of a new conversation for making that happen. How will you create beauty in the world? Discover more about our book and podcast at

By Amisha Ghadiali

Feel Better, Live More with Dr Rangan Chatterjee show

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<p><em>“Health has become overcomplicated. I aim to simplify it” </em></p><p><br></p><p>In this podcast, we hear stories from leading health experts and exciting personalities who offer easy health life-hacks, expert advice and debunk common health myths giving you the tools to revolutionise how you eat, sleep, move and relax. Hosted by Dr Chatterjee - one of the most influential GPs in the country with nearly 20 years experience, star of BBC 1’s Doctor In the House, and author of international best-selling book ‘<a href="" target="_blank">The 4 Pillar Plan</a>’ – Feel Better, Live More aims to inspire, empower and transform the way we feel. When we are healthier we are happier because when we feel better we live more.</p><p>Find out more on <a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p>Follow me on <a href="" target="_blank"></a>,</p><p><a href="" target="_blank"></a> and</p><p><a href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p>Find Dr Chatterjee’s 4 Pillars of Health in <a href="" target="_blank">The 4 Pillar Plan</a></p><p>Dr Chatterjee’s NEW book <a href="" target="_blank">The Stress Solution</a> is now available</p>

By Dr Rangan Chatterjee: GP &amp; Author

Timeless Landscape Design show

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Timeless landscape design for healthy &amp; vibrant living. Wellness garden design supports you w/ the 8 key components of lifelong landscape design. Plus: Essential Oils :Nancy DiMao &amp; Sprouting Nutrition: Linda Frees of Hippocrates Health Institute. Sprouting for Health : Sprout Guru Rita Hip &amp; Cool plants. Veggie Garden Magic. Holistix Treatment Center &amp; Tricky Places.

By Mary Palmer Dargan

Morning Mindset with Paul G. Markel show

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A daily dose of practical wit and wisdom from Paul Markel: Professional Educator and Trainer, Amazon Best-Selling Author, United States Marine, Television and Radio Host. Each episode will focus on positive and productive ways to strengthen your mindset to help you improve your relationships, career goals, and overall well-being. To get show notes, submit a topic request, and for more from your host, Paul G. Markel, visit Please leave a review for this podcast on your favorite podcast player, we appreciate your time and effort and we look forward to reading your honest feedback. This podcast is a Think On! Production

By Think On! Productions