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60 minutes of Relaxation Music show

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60 minutes of Relaxation Music composed by Sandeep Khurana

By Sandeep Khurana

RadioMD (All Shows) show

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RadioMD’s “talking” Health A-Z Interviews with experts in the world of health, including world-renowned physicians, authors and celebrities in every area of health, wellness, fitness and medicine. Learn the best ways to stay fit, stay healthy and stay well.

By RadioMD - Health, Wellness and Fitness

Sleep Yogi show

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Sleep yogi is for people who want to have restorative restful nights sleep, waking up energized and ready for their day. As a teenager I had sleepless nights, laying in bed worrying about what other people thought about me, and regreting what I had done with my day. Now I have restorative sleep almost every night, as a result of yoga, better night time habits and meditation. Other people find their solution with herbs, melatonin, or even habit forming sleeping pills. This rarely works in the long term, as you are taking pills as a quick fix to a problem that has a deeper root cause. I encourage and guide you to look within to find the obstacles to your good nights sleep. Using guided meditation, movement therapy, and other techniques we can release the stress that keeps us awake and enjoy every night with peace. With this restorative sleep, you wake up refreshed, ready to live your life with passion and vitality.

By Travis at show

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Finally a show for weight loss surgery patient created by patients. Each weeks show is loaded with information, tips, recipes and fun. Come join the community at


Steve Chandler show

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Join Steve Chandler as he explores new ways of thinking that lead to success in business and in life. This podcast begins with an inspiring interview called Ten Commitments to Your Success, and continues with unique strategies for self-reinvention from Steve's books, workshops and coaching sessions. Steve teaches us how to overcome self-destructive habits, and unresolved childhood fears and conflicts, and create the person we really want to be. Visit for Steve's blog, eBooks, and MP3 audio downloads.

By Maurice Bassett

Paleo Magazine Radio show

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Paleo Magazine Radio brings you Paleo nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle perspectives from both the experts and the everyday. PMR is brought to you by Paleo Magazine, the first and only print magazine dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle, and is hosted by Tony Federico.

By Paleo Magazine

Midwest Vegan Radio show

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midwest vegan radio

By Midwest Vegan Radio

The Longevity Now Podcast show

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Sponsored by the, the world's leading provider for superfoods, superherbs, and everything you need to have the best health ever!

By Longevity Now

Eat Move Live 52 - The  #EatMoveLive52 Podcast show

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Galina Ivanova and Roland Denzel are international health coaches and the authors of Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well - 52 Ways to Feel Better in a Week. The EatMoveLive52 podcast features news, discussions, health related rants, and interviews with top health, wellness, fitness, and nutrition professionals. Galina and Roland, together and with expert guests, discuss your health, movement, cooking, exercise, weight loss, and nutrition questions.

By Roland & Galina Denzel

Conversations with Extraordinary People - show

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Join Dr. Miller for conversations with thought leaders, health and wellness experts, and global activist from a variety of fields. You will find valuable tools for healing at every level, from the personal to the planetary. With experts from fields ranging from science and medicine to philosophy and spirituality, Dr. Miller explores ancient wisdom, recent advances in transformational technology, practical tips for self-healing, and guidance for awakening your personal and collective wisdom. At the personal level, you will find fascinating and practical ideas for managing stress, dealing with anxiety and depression, and living a healthy and successful life. Whether you are interested in sleeping better, losing weight, changing your behaviors, improving your relationships or simply becoming a better you – you’ll find what you need here. And if you are interested in exploring the big picture, you will find some of the concepts and visions Dr. Miller and his guest reveal quite provocative – and motivating.

By Emmett Miller, MD