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Movement Fix Podcast show

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Movement Fix Podcast is about health, fitness, nutrition, and human movement to help you become a master of your body. Hosted by Ryan DeBell, M.S., D.C.

By Ryan DeBell

Birth Story Podcast show

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Hi! I'm Heidi, experienced Birth Doula and host of the Birth Story podcast. I support moms through their fertility and pregnancy journeys. When moms embrace their pregnant bellies and their pregnancy and await the arrival of their baby or babies they are going to feel many emotions and have many visions about what will happen during child birth. "Is this normal?" "What does a contraction feel like?" "What does the day of labor look like?" "What is a Doula?" I want every mom's birth story to be peaceful, happy and a memory that they will love to share. Birth Story podcast is my way to provide childbirth education through story telling in the comfort of your home and to prepare a mom for motherhood with any birth story that unfolds for their pregnancy, labor and delivery. If a pregnant mom uses an OBGYN, a midwife, a doula, a birth doula, or has a home birth, water birth, natural birth, C-section, cesarean birth, hospital birth, medicated birth, epidural birth, pitocin birth, an induction or induced labor, are having multiple babies or a single baby, a birth plan or no birth plan; I started this podcast to help moms learn and prepare for their labor and delivery and birth though birth story telling. BIRTH STORY PODCAST INSTAGRAM: BIRTH STORY PODCAST FACEBOOK: LOOKING FOR A DOULA IN CHARLOTTE, NC? HIRE MyDoulaHeidi: BIRTH STORY PODCAST SHOWNOTES:

By Heidi Snyderburn

 Very, Very, Quite Contrary Podcast show

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For those who question the status quo, or are just starting to, this podcast will explore a variety of topics; pursuing truth and justice, tempered grace and a little bit of cheek.

By janny organically

Happy, Healthy Days show

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Welcome to the Happy Healthy Days podcast, brought to you by the Aspen Clinic. The Aspen Clinic is a medical weight loss and wellness company based in South Louisiana with 9 locations and over 30 years of experience. Aspen Clinic's Nutritional Program Directors, Barbie Dupuis and Nikki Martens are your hosts! Barbie Dupuis is the owner and Vice President of the Aspen Clinic and is certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, Primal Expert, Weight Loss Specialist, and Fitness Nutrition Specialist and graduated from LSU with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology and Dietetics minor. Nikki Martens is a certified Whole30 coach and the manager of the Aspen Clinic in Metairie, LA and graduated from Southeastern with a Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Science with a concentration in Nutrition and Masters in Health Education. In our podcast, Barbie and Nikki's use their patient experience, work and personal passions to educate you and give tips on proper nutrition, fitness, weight loss, and overall wellness.

By The Aspen Clinic

Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA show

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Essential Oil Solutions with doTERRA, the award winning essential oil podcast that teaches you how to use essential oils and embrace them in your everyday life. Join us each week to hear experts share the best insights, advice, and tips on using doTERRA essential oils. You'll walk away with knowledge of exactly how to use essential oils. Subscribe today to learn how essential oils work and why you can feel confident using them in your home. You can customize your learning experience by downloading the worksheets that accompany these episodes at


Grace Under Pressure show

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Grace Under Pressure podcast is designed for the nurse anesthesia community for educational purposes both during and after school. Enjoy!

By Grace D

Simply Happy with SimplyOli show

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Simply Happy is your go to for conquering bipolar, anxiety, and depression. Learn about mental health, mindset, self love, emotional wellness, personal development, and taking control of your life. It's everything you need to know to embody freedom, confidence, ambition, and happiness. Medication & therapy are not your only options!

By Olivia Reiman

Toxin Free Mom To Be Podcast show

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Where new moms and moms to be come to learn healthy hacks for healthy pregnancies. We discuss everything from the toxins we are exposed to daily and how they are affecting us, to home births, cloth diapers, optimal nutrition for preconception, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and beyond!

By Karma Shleef

As a Woman show

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Welcome to As a Woman. The podcast hosted by fertility physician Natalie Crawford, MD to educate and empower women. Each week learn about your health, your fertility, and how they relate to your true self. Become a part of the community fostering collaboration over competition while learning how to authentically find your voice and amplify others as a woman.

By Natalie Crawford, MD

Your Unique Brilliance Podcast with Nicola Salter show

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Welcome to Your Unique Brilliance Podcast with a weekly fresh flow of guidance, inspirations, tips and conversations designed to help you empower your work and life effectively, create your vision, and reconnect to living your greatest diamond potential by discovering your unique brilliance for success. It is time to own your value and motivate your desire for daily excellence into a reality. Nicola Salter is British and lives in Los Angeles, she has been a life path Mentor for over 23 years and shares her personal experiences and the mentoring techniques she uses with many female entrepreneurs and women looking to create a new fulfilling career or business for themselves that balances their lifestyle with success and financial freedom. This podcast focuses on becoming your best self, discovering and expressing your voice, your truth and creating new choices.

By Nicola Salter