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Roll For Combat: Pathfinder & Starfinder Actual Play Podcasts show

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Roll For Combat is an Actual Play Podcast &amp; Interview show where we play roleplaying games and interview industry leaders on a regular basis. Currently, we are playing through Pathfinder: The Fall of Plaguestone and Starfinder: Dead Suns adventure path.<br> Our Pathfinder show consists of several industry professionals and features character voices, deep roleplaying, and fantasy music that will completely immerse you into the fantasy experience. <br> Our Starfinder show consists of five friends who have been playing together for over twenty years and hundreds of gaming sessions, so we know exactly how to get the best out of each other… and the worst!

By Roll For Combat

This Week In The Garden with Peter Seabrook show

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<p>Gardening great Peter Seabrook will be sharing all his experience and advice with you on a weekly basis. Brought to you by Sun Gardening.</p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

By The Sun

Aquarium Myths and Secrets Revealed show

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This show is about both fresh and salt water aquarium keeping. On this Podcast we will be busting some long held false and sometimes dangerous beliefs in the hobby as well as discussing hidden causes of common problems such as cloudy water, specific types of algae, and unexpected mass livestock deaths. We also will discuss advanced methods in simple language and in both technical as well as natural approaches. We will be sharing years of aquarium experiment findings, much of which includes hard numbers and info not common elsewhere in the hobby and also Introduce useful but often ignored sources of information such as Environmental Science, Water Treatment, Marine Biology, and Microbiology.

By The Masked Aquarist

Last Stitch Effort show

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Mia and Kate are talking about their fiber adventures with humor and sass. Join us as we gab about all things knitting, crochet, and various other needlework!

By Kate and Mia

Farm Small Farm Smart show

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Weekly insights for vegetable farmers and market gardeners who earn, or want to earn, a living growing vegetables profitably. The show is hosted by Diego Footer of Permaculture Voices. Each week I talk with a beginning, or experienced farmer diving deep into their story to find out what makes their market farm successful. I focus on farming challenges and struggles, sales and marketing, soil preparation, weed management, post harvest processing, appropriate technology, farm startup, market selection, and work-life balance.

By Diego Footer

Way Too Broad show

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A place for friends to talk about stuff that they're really really ridiculously excited about! Listen to three friends talk and laugh about whatever it is that the rest of their friends are sick of hearing about this week!

By Way Too Broad

Detentions and Dragons show

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Welcome to Detentions and Dragons, a podcast dedicated to introducing Dungeons and Dragons into the classroom experience! Updated every Monday. The hosts, Josh and Matt, are highly educated, experienced, and enthusiastic American public school teachers who aim to provide tips and techniques to effectively run Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition with students. They are also confidant that new players, new Dungeon Masters, and fans of Dungeons and Dragons will find this enjoyable and informative as well! Detentions and Dragons is a proud member of the Block Party Podcast Network!!

By Block Party Podcast Network

Wonderful! show

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Welcome to Wonderful! It’s an enthusiast podcast by Griffin and Rachel McElroy in which they discuss Very Good Things, and the Things that Make Them Good. Got a Good Thing you’re excited about that you want them to talk about on the show? Shoot ‘em an email at wonderfulpodcast@gmail.com.

By Rachel and Griffin McElroy

Love to Sew Podcast show

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Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. They talk about their passion for sewing a handmade wardrobe and their daily lives as creative entrepreneurs. Listen to interviews with indie business owners and inspiring sewists who totally understand your obsession with sewing.

By Caroline Somos &amp; Helen Wilkinson : Sewing Enthusiasts and Indie Sewing Entr

#BeardyCast: гаджеты и медиакультура show

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BeardyCast — еженедельный подкаст о технологиях, гаджетах и медиакультуре. Выпуски с названием «Спешл» отличаются от обычных: они сопровождаются своим сценарием и освещают какую-то одну тему. Ведущие подкаста: Андрей Барышников, Сергей Епихин, Антон Поздняков. Регулярные участники подкаста: Владимир Плотников, Георгий Джеджея.

By BeardyCast.com