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Power Purls Podcast - Knitting, Crochet and Yarn Podcast show

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Power Purls Podcast -- EMPOWER your knits and purls every Friday with editor, designer and business coach Kara Gott Warner. Get the tools and advice to finally start and ROCK your fiber-loving crafty-preneur business and lifestyle!

By Kara Gott Warner

Gardens, weeds and words show

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A blend of slow radio, gardening advice and conversation, and readings from the best garden and wildlife writing. With Andrew O'Brien.

By Andrew O'Brien: gardener, blogger, podcaster

Rivals of Waterdeep show

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A D&D actual play stream from the official DND twitch channel ... turned into a PODCAST! Watch live every Sunday @ Noon CST. www.twitch.tv/dnd

By Rivals of Waterdeep

Target Obscured, a 40k Kill Team Podcast show

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A Warhammer 40k Kill Team Podcast discussing the goings-on of the hobby. Join Jonathan Palermo as he talks about news, new releases and game tech for this fast paced skirmish tabletop game.

By Jonathan Palermo

RPG Showcase show

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This is a bi-weekly program where I will be spotlighting different role-playing games, from the latest OGL product to classic games from 20 years ago! Each episode will spotlight one game. You can also expect interviews from up-and-coming game designers and publishers as well as answers to common problems for both GMs and players. Be sure to tune in for each episode so that you may be enlightened, entertained, and inspired. Your next campaign may be hidden right beneath your nose.

By Mike Conway

Good Enough Gardening ™ show

Good Enough Gardening ™Join Now to Follow

Amanda and Jean Ann are here to dish the real "dirt" about gardening...'cause the truth is, if you aren't having fun, you aren't doing it right. Between intermittent hilarity, the girls actually offer relevant and helpful information, and invite listeners to get interactive via one of their many social media profiles. Embrace the perfection of imperfection and know that your gardening truly is good enough!

By Amanda Thomsen, Jean Ann Van Krevelen

Needles Knots & Wool show

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A podcast about nalbinding and other ancient crafts with a modern twist.

By Amy Vander Vorste

Imperial Propaganda Radio show

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An Australian podcast for tactical discussion of the Xwing miniatures game.

By ImperialPropagandaRadio

DorkLair show

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The DorkLair is a Star Wars collecting podcast with emphasis on SH Figuarts and other import Star Wars action figures. Host Bill Drewnowski has been collecting and following Star Wars SH Figuarts since 2015 when the line first began, and it is the primary focus of his Star Wars collection. In each episode, Bill features one figure from his hobby room, the DorkLair, for discussion, review, and recommendation. Guests include members of the Star Wars collecting community who share varying levels of interest in SH Figuarts and imports in general. Bill and guests sit down each week with figure in hand with the mission to appreciate the simple style and heroic action of the Star Wars SH Figuarts line in its entirety, one figure per episode. The DorkLair takes a look at all the hits and misses in the line, including honest criticism and which figures to skip completely. Often there is opportunity for comparison between other lines in similar scale including Hasbro’s The Black Series and Medicom’s MAFEX lines. In addition to the feature figure, Bill and guests cover announcements, pre-orders, exclusives, new releases, collecting tips, and hunting strategies. From casual Black Series collectors looking to learn about imports for the first time, to SH Figuarts completionists seeking in-depth talk about their favorite releases, the DorkLair is a perfect place to enjoy import collecting.

By DorkLair Collecting Podcast (Star Wars, Marvel, DC and More!)

Plot Points show

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Plot Points is a monthly podcast in which a rascally crew of geeks, nerds, and other scoundrels gets together to discuss role-playing games, their supplements, and adventures as written. Meet Our Crew Ben Riggs is a writer, gamer, and educational professional. He has lived in four countries on three continents, and reads more than is good for him.

By Ben Riggs