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Danger Room: The X-men Comics Commentary Podcast show

Danger Room: The X-men Comics Commentary PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Each week Adam and Jeremy, both X-Men and comic book fans, will provide a running commentary of an issue of X-Men. Starting with the legendary September 1963 X-Men #1, every issuesode will be chock-full of humor, nit-picky goodness, nerdy love, and adoration for the long-running comic book series. Everyone is welcome to listen and comment! Listeners do not need a copy of the issue, or even a passing knowledge of the X-Men to enjoy, as the Danger Room duo tell each story so that anyone can follow along! It’s like those record storybooks from your youth-without the beep!

By X-Men Comics Commentary with Adam and Jeremy

Hoth Factory show

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Música, cine, series y videojuegos en forma de podcast, eso es Hoth Factory, un programa con actual emisión en Radio Juan XXIII todos los martes a partir de las 19:00, donde nos dedicaremos a charlar un rato sobre los temas anteriormente citados. Trataremos cualquier aspecto referente a ellos, desde estrenos a clásicos, o desconocidos, ademas de contar con noticias, avances, entrevistas, colaboraciones y crónicas de eventos.

By Hoth Factory

I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere show

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The first podcast for Sherlock Holmes devotees. News, events, entertainment, books, people and places related to Sherlock Holmes

By Scott Monty & Burt Wolder

Halo Nerds - A Video Podcast show

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Each Week we look at a new level in the Game Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST or Halo Reach. We talk about the game(s) the level and tons of other things revolving around the Halo universe. All shows are recorded LIVE and have no editing done.. so if we get stuck you will see our frustration! Find shows and updates at www.wavnetradio.com Send your e-mails to halonerds@wavnetradio.com. Call the Halo Nerds Voicemail with Skype - WAVNET or call 1-303-800-6718.

By WAV Net Radio

Console Nerds - A Video Podcast show

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From the creators of Halo Nerds..Each Week we look at a new game on various game consoles, including the NES, Super Nintendo, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 64, Sony Playstation, Sony Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii, X-Box and X-Box 360. We talk about the games we are playing and gaming in general. Watch Marshal, Wayne and Chad play through everything from the retro classics to some of the hot new releases! All shows are recorded LIVE and have no post editing done. Voicemail with Skype - WAVNET or call 1-303-800-6718.

By WAV Net Radio (consolenerds@wavnetradio.com)

EMP - Electronic Music Production (VIDEO) show

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Ever wonder how Electronic Music is made? Each week on EMP see a live recorded studio session with Electronic Dance Music producer Marshal Arnold. Marshal will go from start to finish of an Electronic Dance Music track. Feel free to send in your questions or comments to marshal@marshalarnold.com.

By Marshal Arnold

jpeg2RAW Photography Podcast show

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A photography podcast for the amateur photographer. Where we discuss photography with everyone from the novice to the pro.````````Head over to our website at www.novstudios.com or send us an e-mail at podcast@novstudios.com

By Mike Howard

Podcast – Get Geek show

Podcast – Get GeekJoin Now to Follow

Listen as Tim and Devin talk about geek culture.They discuss TV, music, comics, and more. They also read and discuss a book together each week.They talk regularly about current topics that permeate media and pop culture. Join us every Thursday, and laugh along with Tim and Devin.

By Get Geek Authors

Think Stuff Podcast show

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Think Stuff is a podcast is hosted by Tim and CJ, live streamed and posted every Saturday at 4pm UK time. That's 4pm GMT outside of daylight savings (Autumn, Winter) and 4pm GMT+1 during daylight savings (Spring, Summer). When in doubt, use Google. On the podcast we cover the least interesting things that have happened in order to serve as your vital weekly round-up. Missed that economy crash somewhere down your street? You can catch the summary here, if you can wade through the rest of the topics including milk, the apocalypse, and domestic animals with strange features. ``

By Tim and CJ

RTFC Podcast show

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A Magic The Gathering podcast with card reviews, deck discussions, Limited strategies and not standards whatsoever.