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Summary: Pacific Northwest aficionados, AJ Barse and Chris Powell are your hosts each week talking about their views and interests in technology, travel, gear and watches. Recorded in Bellingham or on location (typically in their favorite local coffee establishments) in City of Subdued Excitement. Bellingham Washington. This show is also available on-air on Bellingham's KMRE 102.3FM.

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 Ep. 159 "Quarantine Chronicles" Vol. 9" Buying and Selling in the Covid Era | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2634

Local-ishAJIn my travels was surprised to see people in the Wa. parks; did some looking and on24 June things updated in terms of use in our state: From Wa. Parks: list of who is open for day use or for camping * Parks with camping open at half capacity are denoted by *(50% capacity)*. (Hi Governor Jay Inslee)On the National level: ----Where to go to sell things and pair down during a pandemic-----* The “Friends and Family Discount in the Covid Era” * Amazon: the megalith * Ebay: Well known for good or for bad* Offer-Up; a mixed response * Facebook Marketplace- yup* Mercari - If Facebook MP and OfferUp had a love child* Craigslist - “porch pickup“ as a verb yo! * Poshmark * (* ( - clothing consignment * Photog * MPB * Adorama * B&H * KEH* ( for music folks Opportunity Cost of Selling * Time spent taking photos, listing item online, responding to inquiries* Packing the item* Standing in line to ship or drive to meet buyer* Online feesAlternative to selling* Observe who might find joy with your item* Give it to them or offer a friends & family discount* Pay it forwardAnother mindsetMoney comes and goes, money will be acquired as time goes on, money will be used to purchase specific itemsNew and while we were away in the PNW WFH*Chris*Turning down the volume on the news echo chamberTurning up the inner thoughts in my mind*AJ** Back from Mental Northing it NOT around people. * Mount Kit Carson (5286ft) fun fact second hiest peak next to Mount Spokane * Day Mountain (on the Saddle of Kit Carson) * Mount Erie 1900ish ft (Anacortes- fun fact highest point of Fidalgo) * Bowl and Pitcher (Spokane River) Bellingham BingoPicking a local restaurant to showcase to hopefully keep them in all your minds when you order takeout next.*AJ: *Jalepeños Restaurant ( - Two locations in Bellingham for your Mexican food needs. Barkley location in this case.*Chris: *Filling Station ( - Two locations in Bellingham for your burger needs*Food for Thought:* When ordering food online, why are you giving the online food website, not the restaurant, your personal email address, your personal phone number..... and your personal name?MySudo ( Voice ( Things? *Chris:*#DoSomething - Used $65 Google Pixel phone from 2016, learned how to install LineageOS ( on it, F-Droid App Store and De-Google your life. Travel phone option. Protest phone. Burner phone. Learning opportunity phone.*AJ: *Quality AssuranceVideo:AJ: James Hoffmann :

 Ep. 158 ""Quarantine Chronicles" Vol. 8" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1735

Fathers Day Ordering In Edition Bellingham BingoPicking a local restaurant to showcase to hopefully keep them in all your minds when you order takeout next.*AJ: *Wild Oat: *Chris: On Rice - Barkley: *AJ*Washington State Fishing License : recommendation for new- Dads: * Seiko 5 Sports SRPE61K1 NATO Grey $275 ; by 40and20 and The Watchclicker AssuranceAJ*Sounds of the PNW- Cinematic Travel Film* Street Food Vlogs - Mark Wiens (, Dancing Bacons (, Travel Thirsty (*Chris** Derek Sivers - Your Music and People - creative and considerate fame “a philosophy of getting your work to the world by being creative, considerate, resourceful, and connected.”

 Ep. 157 "Navigating the Dynamic" by guest contributor Deran Browne | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2212

On this episode, Chris and AJ take pause. They lend their mics and take a moment and give an episode to the racial, inequity, and injustices that have come to light in the recent weeks. Taking a moment to step to the mic and raise a voice within our community who can speak to these topics as he and his family and dealing with it day in and day out. On the show for the first time, guest contributor Deran Browne talks to the racial issues that have been in the media and brings it home here to the PNW and Bellingham.More on Deran:Twitter: LinkedIN:

 Ep. 156 "Quarantine Chronicles" Vol.7 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1922

Local-ishMount Baker wilderness open for business? How do I know if a site is closed or open?National forests and grasslands are posting updated information on their web pages. Find your national forest and grassland by clicking on our Interactive Visitor Map (* *Emergancy closure map:* What risks are associated with the activity you have chosen to do? * Law enforcement, search and rescue, and hospitals have limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.* If the site you have chosen is full, have some backup options in mind that will allow you to maintain @CDC social distancing guidelines.* How will you help minimize pressure on smaller communities adjacent to the forest that have limited resources? Restaurants, rest stops, and trailhead bathrooms are likely to be closed. Do you have the food, water, and fuel you need for the day? Do you have the supplies you need to hygienically pack out your waste?* We know the outdoors are calling, but the decisions you make can affect everyone. If there was ever a time to recognize our #interdependence, this is it.Bellingham BingoPicking a local restaurant to showcase to hopefully keep them in all your minds when you order takeout next.*AJ: *Cafe Rumba ; *Phone: 360.746.8280 TAKE OUT OR DELIVERY ONLY. Order online SOON!!**NEW BUSINESS HOURS: Monday through Saturday 9am to 8pm. Sunday 9am to 7pm.*They also do vegetarian sandwiches *Chris: Pho - Bubble Tea ( - Just past Wal-Mart on Meridian headed north. When ya need ya pho fix.New Things? *Chris:** Anker Soundcore Flare+ Portable 360° Bluetooth Speaker ( - audio upgrade from the UE Boom sticks* AUKEY Rechargeable LED Table Lamp ( - Office mood lighting*AJ: ** Peninsula Kelp Co. * Baltic Aquascaphe Bronze (300 pieces) * * CuAL8 BRONZE CASE * Often used on old sailing ships due to its resistance to corrosion, Bronze has the property to evolve those in contact with those who handle it. The AQUASCAPHE Bronze uses a CuAL8 bronze, which is a resistant copper-aluminum alloy that develops a uniform and slow patina. The polished finishes of the case and the bezel ensure a stable aging depending on the wearer's habits, making each watch a unique model. * CASE SIZE : 39MM (diameter) X 47MM (lug to lug) THICKNESS : 12MM * MIYOTA 9039 * Quality AssuranceVideo:Chris* The Last Dance documentary (

 Ep. 154 "Quarantine Chronicles" Vol.6 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2073

AJ and Chris are back on the mic together and continue their 6th volume of their Quarantine Chronicles.Local-ishHeard our show on the air the other weekend, we are pretty much on the same episode as the feed which is cool.Recap on last weeks HOSA ep. - Andy & Jacob*Masks from Tom Bihn ( - Buy a mask, give a mask - reusable cloth face masks*Via KGMI: “Local state game warden confirms cougar sightings in Bellingham” May 13: Whatcom Face coverings directive: Bellingham BingoPicking a local restaurant to showcase to hopefully keep them in all your minds when you order takeout next.*AJ*-Iron Rooster: PICKUP SERVICE -Menu for May 23 & 24 on Social Media Open 10a-2p*Chris** Latitude Kitchen & Bar (,+Bellingham,+WA+98226/@48.7720113,-122.4648397,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x5485a37fc1553481:0x1342dd3eb5c88b7!8m2!3d48.7720113!4d-122.462651) - Sunset Square drive-thru * “Monday Kids Eat FREE (?) - For every $12 in food purchased, receive any (1) kids meal for free. * http site, not secure. But Viking Food ( has an online menu. (CP - American Kobe Burger)New in the (at home) office*AJ** Mouse hunt * Logitech (M720 Triathalon ( ProNew Things? *Chris** Please Print (A Journaling Rant) ( - from “THAT APP WILL NOT EXIST NOR WILL ANYTHING YOU TYPE INTO IT. The history of computing has copious evidence to back me up on that bold statement. The evidence shows that [a journaling app] will likely be long gone in 20 years...Maybe when the company dies they’ll give you an exit plan to save your work or maybe they won’t. Even if you still have the files twenty years from now you won’t have a working app to open them with. Like those ZIP Disks in [the writer’s] basement, your best hope will be to have some old computers with the right app to be able to open them up and print them out.* New discipline/daily habit - transferring information from data hoarding to good-quality paper, one page at a time.* Midori MD Grid notebook, A5 size (* Staedtler Pigment Liner ( pens*AJ** Trellis + Co....

 Ep. 155 "HOSA Hot Sauce" : Community Connection Conversation Series (Covid Edition) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1947

On this episode AJ digitally sits down with the founders of HOSA hot sauce, a Bellingham based fermented hot sauce company with an artistic, and at times alchemical, flare. And in AJ's eyes, some of the best ding-dong hot sauce ever (and in some cases allergy friendly). Meet the founders:-Andy Beer: the fermentation alchemists and secret sauce maker -IG: Covey: artist the alchemy of art behind each bottle. -web: Co.Web: https://hosasauce.comIG: your podcast hosts on the WebAJ: ( @ajbarseChris: ( @mnmltekAnd over the air right here in Bellingham: Community-Powered KMRE, 102.3 FM airing our show Saturday at 3pm and streaming worldwide at (

 Ep. 153 "Quarantine Chronicles" Vol.5 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1921

Local-ish*Courtesy of friend of the show- Kevin (@adaptedeye ( *Seattle bag business Tom Bihn opens Pre-order opens on Tuesday 05/12 at 12:30pm Pacific Time. “We donate one mask for every mask you buy.”“Our Reusable Cloth Face Mask is designed to be simple so we can manufacture as many as possible. It also has a few thoughtful features, such as comfortable, non-elastic yet stretchy and conforming ear loops and a bendable nose bridge. It’s made out of two layers of 65% polyester / 35% cotton blend fabric and is meant to be machine washed (hot) and machine dried (hot). It's made right here in our Seattle, Washington, USA factory.”*DIY’ing it* “We want you to buy our Reusable Cloth Face Mask because you want to, _not_ because you think you need this particular mask. It’s our ethical duty to share various sources for making your own DIY mask at home” . Straight up posts how to make their mask: Bellingham BingoPicking a local restaurant to showcase to hopefully keep them in all your minds when you order takeout next.*AJ*-Magdalena’s Creperie social to find out the “Take Out Menu”*Chris*-Hana Teriyaki - 701 W Holly St in BellinghamFull Menu from Yelp - in the (at home) office*Chris** Motorized Standing Desk, no chair on purpose.* Logitech MX Keys keyboard. Heavy beast. *AJ** Keyboard hunt * Had an ( ( * If I were to do it again I’d look at something like Ajazz Zero mechanical ( * LoFree Four Seasons ( * Logitech k380 ( (had the old k811 at the office) * Mouse hunt * Cheap Omotion mouse * Logitech (M720 Triathalon (

 Ep. 152 "Quarantine Chronicles" Vol.4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1867

*For the outdoors enthusiast family* who are stuck at homeThe Great Washington Camp-in ( Follow up from last weekAJ’s “OPT IN” comment and apparently Apple and Google must listen to our show. Apple and Google partner on COVID-19 contact tracing technology“Apple and Google will work to enable a broader Bluetooth-based contact tracing platform .... allow more individuals to participate, if they choose to opt in, as well as enable interaction with a broader ecosystem of apps and government health authorities. Privacy, transparency... will openly publish information about our work for others to analyze. ”New efforts in Social-Distance mode life*Chris** Masks are socially acceptable, not a sign of someone holding up your store.* Dipping my toe in the signal-less pool with SilentPocket, my mobile phone, and an iPod Touch.*AJ** Gov. Jay Inslee reopens state parks and DNR lands (day use)* Converted a playroom to a studio (again) * Upgrade with a laptop riser, save your neck from strain Things? The Evolutions of @Home-Setups Chris* In Pursuit of Silence ( documentary - #1 (with a silencer bullet) on my favorite documentaries list* Based on the 2011 book “In Pursuit of Silence: Listening for Meaning in a World of Noise” by George Prochnik* Dedicated Analog Writing tools for the office desk ( and when out and about ( It doesn’t have to be snooty-snoot quality and price!AJ* Clarification on journal comment- hard coverQuality Assurance (recommendations to check out)Video:A Very Hygge Weekend ( Part of the Silent Vlog movement. Chris’ question to you: What is the soundtrack to YOUR hygge weekend?Podcast:Art of Manliness Podcast “Podcast #604: The Boring Decadence of Modern Society ” in the age of noise: Erling Kagge- the Adventure of Silence

 Ep. 151 "Quarantine Chronicles" Vol.3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2048

Welcome back everyone, it has been a fortnight since AJ and Chris have chatted on the mic, and on this episode the recap what they are doing and hearing in the community with the stay-at-home orders within Whatcom and Washington state. Even for technologists, technical issues can arise, so forgive some of the spotty audio and bandwidth issues they had in recording this episode. Zulu Time Podcasts ( - “...a watch podcast focusing on military watches, both modern and vintage which have been and are currently in use around the world in a military environment. ” Shout to Dan & DarrenCanvas Insider - Episode 13 ( and work in the Covid-Era*Chris** And so it begins: “According to information released Tuesday, April 21, by online data company (, 41.2% of Whatcom County residents did not leave their homes on Saturday, April 18. Before coronavirus spread to the region, SafeGraph reported an average of 26.5% of people in the county stayed home on a daily basis, meaning Whatcom has seen a 14.7 percentage point improvement. Those numbers rank Whatcom 16th among Washington state’s 39 counties for the percentage of people staying home and 14th in the state for improvement, according to the data. - From the Bellingham Herald (* Hello LineageOS and Tails! Salutations Protectli and PFsense!* Tech Deserts for K12 kiddos. How to help provide access to technology for all? Including families with only one phone. *AJ** Zulu Time Podcast- Episode 10* A ton of YouTube content around edTech. Yes its for the technologist day job- but as an opensource geek its is freely available to anyone if it helps. * Harvard, Leica, tons of folks are doing the same to provide educational content freely available New Things?Chris* Revisiting Enhancer for Youtube ( For Chrome and Firefox. Block ads, annotations, and auto-widescreen.* Don’t forget about (* Or ( For Win10, macOS, or Linux.* Or Newpipe` ( for Android.AJ* Running out of space in the Moleskine ( the search for the next notebook has begun. Looking at Rhodia (France) * Any listeners with recommendations? Looking for Medium (11.5x17.5 cm / 4.5x6.9 in)* Amateur Radio waves have been piping back up. Heard a lot more hams on the air now that everyone is more at home base stations. * Making tortillas and flat breads from scratch (for allergy families out there) * Unleaven breads- no need for yeast *...

 Ep. 150 "The Quarantine Chronicles" Vol.2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2069

Milestone episode brought to you by YOU and the numbers 1-5-0. Big thank you to all our listeners. Life and work in the Covid-Era* An introvert in isolation during the work week is not the best scenario. Wife has heard all my joke material.* Full immersion in screens is starting to make me detest them. See also: working in an ice Cream shop.* If you are not in a dedicated office in your home, remove as much distractions as possible from your desk view.New Things?Chris* Seattle Symphony weekend performances ( - Easter weekend is Schumann Symphony No. 2* Vice TV - Dark Side of the Ring ( mini-documentaries* ( - Live streaming audio from A Strangely Isolated PlaceAJ* Great episode with Deran of Zulu Alpha Straps* Discovered Bandcamp ( help out an artist you know or respect in these times * dryhope * ChillhopArtists to check out on Bandcamp:Chris:* Archives Dub Music - New ambient soundscapes* Kwajbasket - “ exploration into ambient minimal guitar music.”Headphone RoundupChris* Apple AirPods I* SoundCore Life P2AJ* Rowkin Ascent Micro* SoundCore Life P2* Soundcore Liberty Air 2Points of Reference (recommendations to check out)VIDEO GAME (PS4)- Kings Quest* Calls to your inner 10 year old and days of Choose Your Own Adventure books:

 AE. 06 (special edition) with @ZuluAlphaStraps | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2380

This episode is a special edition of The Analog Explorer x The Bellingham Podcast for our #watchfam listeners. The guest on this episode just how 'air tight' a good idea and design can be. His name is Darren, owner and creator of the Zulu Alpha Strap and a very good friend of ours in the watchfam. Read about my use of Zulu Alpha Straps on my blog: "From the Office to the Trailhead" Hopefully you all wherever you are in the world are in good form and good health.Zulu Alpha Straps Instagram: @zulualphastraps: zulualphastraps.comThe Analog Explorer:www.theanalogexplorer.comThe Bellingham

 Ep. 149 "The Quarantine Chronicles" Vol.1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1946

Observations around Bellingham since Covid* “Nobody on the road, nobody on the beach...I feel it in the air, people are out of reach. Empty stores, empty streets, the sun goes down alone....”* More people are waving hi and smiling - from a safe distance* Less complaining while waiting in grocery store lines. More acceptance of the situation?* Home improvement stores are bustling * so many people out walking* So much more social media- if thats you- just use it for good yo!* Store shelves can look bleak at times- remember your neighbors as you shop yo! Some family's have allergies Things we are doing to get work done* Dressing for the workday like I’m still heading into the office.* Closing the door to my new office in the guest room to limit family distractions. I’m in work mode. DND.* Fighting my lizard brain: “I’m going to give eight hours of 100%” Not expecting to accomplish superhuman results. Taking a chunk of work and hitting it hard.* What Chris said. +forming a normal routine to this abnormal time (morning coffee and the commute just look a little different in the home) * Standing. Sitting. Moving. Not JUST sitting on a couch * Block out time for email- as opposed to dealing with the continuous trickle * Sharing content as much as possible Things we are doing to prevent going bonkers* Permission granted: 5-minute chat with my wife outside my guest room office, a 10-minute video break downstairs in the family room TV, lunchtime dog walks out of the house. *We don’t need to be chained to our desk for eight consecutive hours.** After work I watch a few 80s-era MTV music videos on YouTube to make me smile and think back to my days of youth. A simpler time.* Think of three things that I will do once we’re allowed to head back into society, e.g. Hana Teriyaki lunch at the Tom Glenn Common at the Bellwether, spending an hour at Caffe Adagio with my notebook and device, strolling around the B’ham Farmers Market* Check one national news site and one local news site once in the morning and once after work. So many directives, proclamations, and orders flying around, it’s important to know what’s going on. In moderation.* Even more creative with cooking; and discovery of Bham’s own Hosa hot sauce * Yard work* Cartoons with kiddoHistory of the word: Quarantine - We got this, America - AJ’s transparency pool of working from home

 Ep. 148 "Shannon Day" -Community Connection Conversation Series | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1805

On this episode, Chris may have met his match when it comes to quick wits and fast come backs. As we continue with our reoccurring mini-series of our Community Connection Conversation Series (or whatever alliteration Chris comes up with for it), we sit down with Fairhaven's own master of the mic, as well as with personal finance, Shannon Day. A 'Tall Red Head Girl' with "a mic" who's charisma is infectious, and her genuineness for helping her clients is infectious. Tune in. Alter egos for Shannon:

 Ep. 147 "Stress'n" part 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1753

On this episode, AJ and Chris continue with where they left off last episode, going little personal with talking about stress the stress they deal with in their life. Both of them are still fighting terrible chest colds so don't adjust your radio, AJ's vocal range is an octave lower, and Chris is the human manifestation of bass. *Listener shout-outs*@RisingSunSailor (Dan) TwoWheelTherapy : Deran (Trinidad and Tobego) culturally, the Carnaval. *Personal notes**Coronavirus here in Wa. State:*On behalf of the the BhamPodcast we hope everyone stays healthy and just practices good common sense with hygene. COVID-19If you really want to know beyond headlines: WHO:’s Newsroom DOH: What history tells us about stress: “The Centre for Studies on Human Stress (CSHS) is dedicated to improving the physical and mental health of Canadians by empowering individuals with scientifically grounded information on the effects of stress on the brain and body.” “Over the next 30 years researchers conducted experiments showing that although the type of stressors resulting in the release of stress hormones are different for everyone there are *common elements* to situations that elevate stress hormones in *everyone*.”In essence, they discovered the recipe for stress: *N.U.T.S. (*!*N*ovelty*U*npredictability*T*hreat to the ego*S*ense of Control*What STRESS do we feel personally? *Chris:* Unreasonable standards or expectations* Impostor symdrome (* Not being able to fix everythingAJ* Uncertainty * Disconnect from the constant buzz helps* SSDD* Sh*t just keeps on breaking *New- What we do*AJ:* via AJ’s wife: steam off: (Aston University Birminham UK) (Harvard) * Harrison Hot Springs* TwoWheelTherapy * Whidbey Island: Langley * Saltwater Fish House & Oyster BarChris:* Caffe Adagio* Taylor Dock walk from Chrysalis to Boulevard Park* Driving to work in the morning along Roeder Street along the water. Nice stretch of 35 mph cruising* Playing my bass*Quote:*In the darkest hours, the struggle is to keep on pushing, to keep on advancing ...Carrie Mae Weems American photographer, artist

 Ep. 146 "Stress'n" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1805

On this episode, AJ and Chris go a little personal and talk about stress. Both of them are fighting terrible chest colds so don't adjust your radio, AJ's vocal range is an octave lower, and Chris is the human manifestation of bass. Listener shutouts :* Shout out to newly launched Zulu Time Podcast


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