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ParaTrinity Radio's Podcast show

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This podcast is of ParaTrinity Radio, a paranormal talk radio show. Hosts, Mike and LE, discuss and debate how paranormal and religion correlate and collide. This show can be heard live every Saturday night at 11pm EST.

By ParaTrinity Radio

The Retro League show

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A weekly podcast dedicated to discussing our favorite video games of yesteryear - Nintendo, Sega, Atari, arcade, and all the rest. In each episode we delve into the latest retro gaming news, share our classic gaming memories, and review games from the past.

By The Retro League

Guerilla Astronomy show

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all things pop-subculture. this is rogue podcasting.

By DreadJohn

Under The Radar (Games) show

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Under The Radar (Games) is a weekly podcast that covers new and old games that slip through the cracks of other games media outlets. Our three step process is designed to emulate the typical player's experience. First we discuss our expectations for the game based on how much or little we know before playing it. Second, after a ten minute play through, we discuss immediate first impressions. Finally, if we think the title is worth a deeper look, we go in for the long haul and play long enough to provide a broader description of what the game has to offer. Hosted by Blake Leftwich of Salute Games and formerly of Gamebot Online, Matthew Taylor of The Robot Gamer and Stephen Smith of Kombo.com and Video Game Collector. New episodes released every Thursday. Contact us at mailtheradar[at]gmail.com or follow us at twitter.com/tweettheradar.

By mailtheradar@gmail.com

EVP Spirit Talk show

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Wanting to bring an intelligent informational format to the public, with guest from the community discussing their experiences. Taking each interview to a personal level and getting to know what feeds their pursuit of the truth in the paranormal, With Co-Host Patrick, Midwest Paratalk Radio was hatched. This show will attempt to dig deep into exploring the full gambit of paranormal. UFO’s to lost Cities. Paranormal conventions to promoting different ghost teams. He would like to see MPR take off, be fun, and try to answer questions that boggle the mind.

By EVP Spirit Talk

Super Number One Cycling show

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Weekly conversations about all things made of geek. Games, Science, Books, Music, Beer and on and on... Hello potential listener, come...have a sit, and savor a slice of auditory geekdom. Super Number One is a weekly podcast with a different focus each week. Video games? Check. Surviving a zombie invasion? Check. The best wine to drink at your dogs funeral? Zinfandel! Come listen to our show to find out why!

By FourTea Studios

Plane Crazy Down Under show

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An aviation based podcast with a focus on the Asia/Pacific area

By Southern Skies Online Media

NW7US Space Weather and Radio Propagation Podcast show

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The weekly NW7US Space Weather and Radio Propagation Podcast, exploring space weather science, current space weather and forecasts of expected space weather, and how space weather affects the propagation of radio signals. Produced by amateur radio operators Tomas and Leigh Hood, NW7US and KD7TZR. This Ham Radio podcast is educational and informative.

By Tomas David Hood, NW7US

Everybody Else Is Too Loud show

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"Everybody Else Is Too Loud" is my new podcast. The goal is to update on weekends to discuss the prior week's events - the subject will be anything I feel like talking about: social media, film, art, games, music, family, webcomics, graphics tips and discoveries, gadgets, news, web design and development and likely some highlights of my current work(s)-in-progress.

By Timothy Dempsey

Reading And Writing Podcast show

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Reading And Writing Podcast — Interviews with authors and writers about their books, their writing habits, their favorite novels, and how they got started writing

By Jeff Rutherford