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Good Vibrations: A Beach Boys' Music Program show

Good Vibrations: A Beach Boys' Music ProgramJoin Now to Follow

Vintage radio style music program about The Beach Boys with intimate interviews with the members of the band and integral figures in the band's history.

By David Beard

A Year With The Beatles show

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A limited series of podcasts exploring virtually every studio album by the Beatles, month by month featuring Graeme Burk and Rob Jones.

By Graeme Burk and Rob Jones

WNC Original Music show

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Original music from Western North Carolina musicians, including live performances, studio and remote recordings with interviews, buskers, and anything else I can think of. But the best part is you can listen to it wherever you are.

By WNC Original Music

The Great Song Adventure show

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The Great Song Adventure is a podcast hosted by Louise Goffin and Paul Zollo featuring in-depth conversations about songs and the songwriters who write them.

By Louise Goffin & Paul Zollo

Future Obsession show

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This is a music discovery and review podcast. We have on artists that you have heard of, some you haven't, and talk all things music. Guests introduce us to bands and artist that should be on all of our radars.

By Dan Deitrich and Michael Yoder

DJ Craig Gaibler show

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no show description found

By DJ Craig Gaibler

Other Side Of The Tracks show

Other Side Of The TracksJoin Now to Follow

<p>What started as an audio version of CD liner notes, 'Other Side Of The Tracks' has evolved into an intimate look inside the making of an album. Each episode sees an artist take us through the themes of each song on the album, the stories behind the lyrics, the experimentation in the studio, the samples and the major players behind the tracks.</p>

By UMusic Media House

Balance the Universe - a Global Dance Podcast show

Balance the Universe - a Global Dance PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Balance the Universe is a twice-a-month Global Dance Podcast focusing on the sounds of House, Trance and Progressive mixed by Chakra in Seattle, Washington. Global Dance, Love &amp; light, Guest Mixes and a cutting edge sound. Namaste!

By Chakra

Mark Breeze on Rough Tempo show

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From Futureworld Records (, Mark Breeze is bringing the best in Hardcore, Dubcore, D&amp;B and Dubstep to Rough Tempo.

By Mark Breeze on Rough Tempo

After Jazz Production Podcast show

After Jazz Production PodcastJoin Now to Follow

AFTER JAZZ PRODUCTIONが企画しているイベント「WORLD STANDARD」「BOSSANOVA underground」で活躍中のDJ陣によるミックスショー!! ラテン、ジャズ、ソウル、ハウス等の音楽を新旧問わずお届け致します。

By After Jazz Production