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Uncensored Money show

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Join me, Melissa Browne, financial advisor, best-selling author, entrepreneur, accountant (and shoe addict) as I talk to 12 women about their money story. Why a podcast about money? That's because as women we're choosing not to talk about it and when it comes to dealing with money - we’re kind of sucking at it. There is a wage gap that exists not simply in the corporate world but in the world of small and medium business owners where women should be on par with men. There is a gap between men and women that we’ve tossed in the too hard basket for the moment in our superannuation funds. And there’s a widening gap between those who own property and those who do not. And let’s not even talk about the role money and power holds in our society. That’s why ladies I believe finance is a feminist issue. It’s time we started to uncensor money. Here you'll find chats about money where we throw off the notion that money is crass or uncomfortable. It's all about becoming comfortable bringing money into our everyday conversations and through it, figuring out what our own money story is and whether we might want to change it.

By Melissa Browne: Author, Advisor and Author of Unf*ck your Finances

Cat’s Pyjamas with The Chaser show

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The world is full of important questions, none of which are actually posed in a new podcast from The Chaser. We chat about all the weirdest and most awful tales from history, and then ask whether they’re cat’s pyjamas (good) or cat’s piss (bad)?

By PodcastOne Australia

Australian Tactical Medical Association show

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Podcast by Australian Tactical Medical Association

By Australian Tactical Medical Association

Halliday Wine Companion show

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A brand new podcast about wine hosted by Amelia Ball, editor of Halliday Wine Companion. Listen to conversations with the Halliday Wine Companion team, reviewers and wine people in the know. Everything from the basics of cellaring to finding the elusive ‘right time’ to open that bottle of wine.

By Halliday Wine Companion

On The Line with Estée Lalonde show

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<p>Estee’s new podcast On The Line with Estée Lalonde, will focus on the shared experiences of women and cover every sleepover discussion topic you’ve ever been curious about. From the light-hearted and humorous moments, to the more serious subjects like the effect the pill has on our bodies and how to embrace our sexuality, nothing is off limits. Bringing Estée’s online community into the fold, fans of the show submit the questions they’ve always wanted to ask but have been too shy to via a retro voicemail system. Modern ‘agony aunt’ Estée will answer the questions with the help of the expert guest joining her each week, these special guests will include beauty and fashion industry experts, health specialists and even Estée's own Mom. Estée's ambition is to create a space where women can talk about anything that’s on their mind and put everything on the line. </p>

By Estée Lalonde

Relationship Unconscious show

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The "Relationship Unconscious" podcast site focuses on how the mind’s unconscious influences the way we think, feel, and behave in our relationships. Featuring the work of licensed psychologist and psychotherapist James Tobin, Ph.D., the site offers (1) audio presentations on the psychology of relationship dynamics among couples, between parents and children, and in the workplace; (2) webinar events; and (3) recordings of interactive group seminars.

By James Tobin Ph.D.

Sell Yourself Online Podcast with Jane Copeland show

Sell Yourself Online Podcast with Jane CopelandJoin Now to Follow

Jane Copeland, author of Boardroom to Baby and founder of, Fairy Blogmother and Online business strategist helping women establish their businesses online and become famous to their audience, chats to thought leaders and business leaders and tried to deconstruct how some of the most successful emerging business have created, positioned and packaged their businesses online and share their success tips with you.

By Jane Copeland

Outback Recordings Podcast: Punk Rock Interviews, Insights &amp; Inspiriation show

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(See English description below) Die Show für die Punk Rock und Hardcore Community. Audio Engineer, Mixer und Musikproduzent Benedikt Hain spricht mit inspirierenden Menschen aus allen Bereichen der Szene. Immer auf der Suche nach wertvollen Einblicken und spannenden Stories. The show for the punk rock and hardcore community. Audio engineer, mixer and producer Benedikt Hain gets to pick the brains of inspiring people from all over the scene. Always on the lookout for valuable insights and exciting stories.

By Benedikt Hain

The Hudsons show

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The Hudsons is a British audio drama series, created by Jamie Dyer. It follows the lives of early 30s married couple Helen and Harry, as they embark on the adventure that is everyday life. The series stars Jamie Dyer and Jane Grandle, with Pete Lutz in the announcer role. This is a SouthWaves Audio production.

By SouthWaves Audio

Hunter Hustle show

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I'm your host Adam Spencer and this is Hunter Hustle. The podcast that goes back to day one to hear the story of the people and places we love from the very beginning.

By Adam Spencer