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Summary: Welcome to the Beer Report! If you are looking for another NPR style beer tasting show... You are probably going to be disappointed. Who are we kidding? There are about 20 podcasts that sniff, swallow, twaddle and judge beer like fine wine. We are not one of those! We do drink a lot of good beer. We even talk about it... Sometimes we even know what we are talking about! On a real good show, we drink some shit beer! The Beer Report is about "confrontation" as co-host CHUD would say... The beer is the catalyst to everything else that is created for the show. Comedy, vulgarity, offensive points of view abound ahead! Listen at your own risk!

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 TBR – Peoria Brewing Company Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

So, when you go shooting your mouth off about some guys creating a brewery in Peoria…  And you do that for a few months in a row… You better be ready to step up to the challenge if they call you out on your opinions! That’s what Todd from Peoria Brewing Company did a few weeks ago when he notified Groucho that he was wrong about any deal they might have with a local distributing company.  Groucho and Todd agreed that a fair compromise, using the “dollars to donuts” premise would be a box of Spudnuts.  Unfortunately, Groucho had to welch!  Spudnuts ran out early on the weekend we decided to get together and do a show.  But, Todd and Christian were still kind enough to let us stop by the soon-to-be brewery. Now, here is the rub and scary part about this show for us…  As professional amateurs…  What if their beer sucks?  Do we play is off and be kind?  Do we suffer through the show and give them average marks?  Will we lose any indie cred by kissing the ass of a bad brewer? THANK GOD WE DIDN’T HAVE TO FIND OUT! Todd and Christian have created some great beers to start the brewery.  It was truly a joy to drink them all!  The Milk Stout and Rye IPA were standouts.  We think everyone will enjoy what these guys are doing right off the bat! So, here is the first show we did with the guys.  I say first, because immediately following this show, we will have a traditional show with Todd and Christian as guest.  This show is VERY focused on Peoria Brewing Company and what it means to Peoria and the Brewers.  If you are expecting Groucho and CHUD acting like idiots or dialing daleks… Move on to the next show!  If you want to know about the guys are who are bringing fresh beer to Peoria…  Listen up! Thanks again Peoria Brewing Company for being awesome hosts!  We are glad your beers rocked! On the show: Christian is stuck with the task of telling us how this project took off. Great Milk Stout Todd talks about getting the spouses approval How do you get your own reporter from Dry Hopping Macro Lagers??? Kegging?  When are we bottling? Staying local with the name!  Will it play in Peoria? Why did this take so long??? Love to Crescent Sun in Pekin, Todd has to grow out the goat if he is going to be head brewer! Beer so bad the dog wont drink it!?!?  Experimental beers! Crazy Jane. What do you expect?  Nervous Podcasters at start of show. Peoria guys! The German Purity Law???  What the Hell was that all about??? Todd is on a short leash! Would you do it again? The Grease trap! Fox Pub shout out. 42…  Cool! Where’s the SWAG? The Peoria Brewing Company Logo. Do another show? Recorded on Location at the Peoria Brewing Company! Check out their Facebook page, and be ready for beer soon! Intro and Outro music performed by Too Much Joy.  The song is Drunk and In Love…  And smokes the living hell out of whatever Beyonce Drunk Love song is out there right now!!! Check out Too Much Joy at

 TBR 63 – One decent beer in Florida | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:00

Groucho just got back from the deep south!  And what should he have in his suitcase???  Beer of course!  Only one beer was deemed good enough to bring back as the representative  of Florida’s brewing scene.   But we did find a few other unique brews while we were at it. Beers on the show:  Cigar City Jai Alai India Pale Ale, Sweetwater Brewing Red Hot Mama – Dank Tank – Imperial Red Ale, Mission Brewing Dark Seas Russian Imperial Stout. On the show: We are frontrunners for Tazewell County Podcasters of the Year! Groucho avoids the polar vortex!  Never did find Disneyworld! Fort Myers talk. Miami in August… Hells *sshole??? Show ideas solicited. Canadian suck?  Who knew? Trout…  Salmon…  The same fish?  Beer Report Fact! Java Stout!  Groucho is getting old! Twitter rant?  Follow the Iron sheik! Satanic sculpture at the Oklahoma State House. Sam Adams vs. Lagunitas!  Then we get distracted, and come back around to it after the Dark Seas read. Skunked beer from Sweetwater!!!!  Boo! Groucho’s Hangover story about San Diego. Reverb read of Dark Seas! Need to hang with Brain Gravy crowd on chat!!! Jim Koch, craft brewer? Florida, wasteland of beer…  Big shocker! Long talk about craft brewer vs. craft brewer from our Sam Adams talk. Peoria Brewing Company.  Groucho got some insider information.  Todd Hayes, thank you! Show at Peoria Brewing? SPUDNUTS! CHUD is dating again…  Lets hear about it! The “Old Tupperware Date” Mazzy Star make-out dream… Duck Dynasty? Beers on the show picked up at Publix and Total Wine & More in Fort Myers Florida.  The skunked beer was probably sitting in the Total Wine store for a year!  Shame on them for keeping that on the shelf!  The folks at Sweetwater deserve decent representation of their product!  

 TBR 62 1/2 – Superbowl Special 2014 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

  TBR Superbowl 2014 Groucho and CHUD lay down the facts and subtle nuances that might make or break your Superbowl wagers.  Also, this commentary will help you non-football fans sound knowledgeable when you show up and uber-NFL fans house for the big game. We are here to help! Beer on the show: 2010 Envious by New Holland Brewing. On the show: The Greatest little podcast in Central Illinois? Russel Wilson love. Match-ups! Weather factor? PJ…  Apologies! Bi-Polar Vortex! Olympics in Chicago???  Glad we missed it! Predictions. CHUD:  Denver 32 – 26 Groucho:  Denver  31 – 27 The Tom Brady beat-down! Check the You Tube video of his High Five fails! Seattle has a rock sculpture of a rock at the Seahawk stadium???  For real? Duck tours???  CHUD really? Stratford on Avon bus tour.   Drinking fresh Spitfire. Hoperation Overload from Destihl will be out soon!  Canned Destihl beer!!! CHUD says try the Goat Cheese stuffed Meatballs! Groucho, not a Doctor Who fan! VERY SPECIAL INTERVIEW WITH Payton Manning.  (Or was that a Dalek?) Cigar Store Indian equates to Dalek when making sports to geek comparisons!  Neither has legs to move around out of the pocket…  Now do you get the reference??? Podcast awards! CHUD looks like a complete dumb-ass speaking of home-team advantage. Carlin and Hicks Sword-fighting in heaven! Go to the Exchange in Delavan or Destihl in Normal to watch the game!!! Beer on the show almost certainly purchased at Friar Tuck in Bloomington IL…  A long time ago! Direct link: 

 Belated Christmas 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:48:58

Groucho and CHUD sit down on Christmas night 2013 to hammer out one last show of the year.  But, being your typical brothers who hang out in the basement, we didnt get this Christmas card out till after the new year.  Its the thought that counts right? The show is a little long, but we were not dragging bottom anywhere.  Lots of topics and some interesting beer. Merry Christmas!  (Or whatever pagan ritual based religious event you celebrate at the solstice!) Beers on the show: Winter Yule Smith, Robinsons Brewery The Trooper!, Jester King’s Blackmetal Farmhouse Imperial Stout. On the show: Rocktober! New Maureen Ogle book…  About MEAT! CHUD’s whiskey mojo. Cred back to Hog Dawg for this gifted mixer that is still going strong. The Pekin Beer Tasting.  Success! Shout outs to Rob and Chauncey! CHUDs X’s…  Getting heaped up. Business cards!  I’m rolling like Rick from Local shows bring our numbers down??? A TBR Sumble???  Is that spelled right CHUD? CHUD’s thumbnail sketch of British Military prowess. Iron Maiden talk…  Groucho plays along…  And takes it to One Direction talk! PJ!  He’s the one making bank on that ticket! Uncle CHUD is going to abandon Grouho’s kids. Is there a tap handle for this beer? Hand Crafted?  A devalued phrase. What are the best Eddie posters? DJ Ashba talk:  @DjASHBA B-Dubs sucks per CHUD.  Groucho says get the Buffalitos. Bent River Beer dinner at Harvest Cafe.  Groucho saw this brewer was making beer for Goods Furniture in Kewanee…  And declined purchasing the beer based on that brewery. Congrats to Peoria Brewing company.  Funding is secured.  What is the Miller Distribution angle? Whats a good night for a beer tasting? Matilda…  Still good. Brewery bubbles!  Oh My! Mikey Mason…  Wheres my Kickstarter shit? OK…  Who is up for a The Beer Report beer tour of Chicago?  We need to get a heads count! TEXAS ORGANIC! Jesterking brewing…  We love what you have done with this beer bottle. Forgot the drinking horn! Black metal should sound like this tastes! Twitter?  Why bother? Secret Beer Handshakes?  Groucho is sick of businesses having secret ways to get decent beers.  UFS failed me! The beer passion? THIS SHOW IS NOT ABOUT BEER!!!! CHUD’s new blog on Facebook: Year End Thank You’s!   Links to great people who helped bring the Pekin Beer Tasting to fruition: @DESTIHLbrewery @HarvestDelavan @RADincorporated @PekinMainSt Beers on the show purchased at Broadway Liquors in Pekin Illinois and Bine and Wine in San Diego.  

 TBR Special Edition – Animal Story | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Call this our little tribute to Ole Uncle Lare…  With the passing of Larry Lujack, a big slice of Chicago radio history has come to an end. We had recorded this segment back in 2005…  I think we may have shared it on the old “Confrontation Board”.  It was a one off segment that Groucho thought would be fun to record.  Surely it was fueled with lots of beer.  The audio is crappy, so, don’t get your hopes up!  

 Repeal Day 2013 – Archived interview with Maureen Ogle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:24:05

Thanks to Pacific Brew News Rick for reminding me of Maureen’s awesome tome of beer knowledge called “Ambitious Brew”.  Today being the anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, makes a fine day to dig this back up! Maureen was cool enough to let us do a phone interview and even sent an autographed copy of the book for a giveaway. Here is a re-post of that show. Enjoy!

 TBR 62 – Pekin Main Street Beer Tasting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:13:44

We did it!  We got people in the door (Lots of TBR People!) and had a blast on a weeknight in Pekin with craftbeer!  Snow is now being shoveled in Hell! Here is the audio that Groucho took while wandering the crowd and chatting with some Pekin Main Street folks. Listen as I shill DeStihl to some folks who want more!!!

 TBR 61 – Tazewell County Beer Events | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

CHUD free show???  Groucho has to wing it as he hits Delavan to do a show about all the current beer doings that are coming up here in November.  Beer “Doings” in Tazewell county!!!  Lets make this be the start of a trend!!!! Beers on the show: Goose Island Illinois, Will Wheaten Stone Brewing collaboration beer Woot Stout, Uinta Punk’n. On the show: Groucho and Kevin man the show from Hometown Wine and Spirits. Bent River Beer dinner at Harvest Cafe…  November 14th!  309 244 7000 Josh is working up a menu! Hop infused butter! Craft Beer Tasting in Pekin! The Beer Report and Crescent Sun Brewing with Pekin Main Street  association at the Speakeasy in Pekin on November 21st. Boulevard Brewing gets purchased by Duval…  Greg Koch starts the name calling? Goose Island… Honest opinions of what they have done since being bought by Anheuser Busch. Oh…  Mitch Steele is still head brewer at Stone… He hasn’t left! Will Wheaten Beer. Hop butter tasting… Live and in person. 3 Floyds?  Where are you in Illinois??? Beard talk?  World series sets Groucho off. Ashley from Hometown Wine and Spirits says that beards add to a mans overall appearence!?!? Groucho’s San Diego trip. Incredi-beard. Low Rise Jeans… Groucho has a problem with them apparently! Old man clothes. Beers on the show provided by The Harvest Cafe.  Thank you for all you guys do.  Special thanks to Ashley for letting us invade her store to do the show at Hometown Wine and Spirits. Listen here:  

 TBR Special Edition – Midwest Beer News | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:57:23

Groucho and CHUD break in Studio C with a show about Midwest Beer info!!!  Say its not so!  We talk about beer and locals who are doing it here in the Central Illinois area. Beers on the show:  2 Brothers Resistance IPA Growler, Perennial Artisan Ales Hommel Beer. On the show: This episode brought to you by THE EXCHANGE in Delavan IL! Beer news!!!  Whats up with that?? Destihl builds a production brewery.  Watch out america…  Sour beers are coming from the Midwest! Cantillon is now hard for us to get???  Beer geeks suck! The Marijuana report?  Groucho is sure its a conspiracy!  CHUD brings him down and then freaks him out with his version of the “docile American”. CHUD at school.  Sociology.  He hates his classmates. The Peoria Brewing Company. Cool old building or industrial park…  Whats the better choice for a startup? Crescent Sun Brewing Company from PEKIN ILLINOIS!!!! How do you name a brewery these days? Granite guys look like brewers?!?!  Tats and beards for everyone! Ear stretching?  Whats the logic?  Lip plates please? Neck rings!  PLEASE! 4″ in waist drawbacks! CHUD’s blind date dilemma!  Burning churches??? CHUD knows the market price on human schools… Good time or bad time to start a brewery?  Thank god these local start-ups are here in the beer wasteland that IS Central Illinois! Groucho totally starts making up some marketing and distribution mumbo-jumbo. CHUD compares beer start-ups to death metal saturation. Hey Applebee’s…  GET SOME DECENT BEER!!!! Syria and Vlad. CHUD’s motorcycle lust?  Ewan McGregor??? Harley weenies! George Carlin takes us out.  Wait for it. TBR Theme is “Drunk and in Love” from Too Much Joy.  Check them out at We love them… You should too!   Beers on the show picked up at the 2 Brothers Roundhouse and Friar Tuck in Peoria IL.

 TBR 60 – Old Belgians | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:41:26

60!  Finally!  Ha Ha!  Right! Beers on the show:  Bornem Dubbel, Bornem Trippel, On the show: Boston… Too soon? The Bird is the word… New TRHH = North Korean Missile Threats “Bad Dates”…  Indy reference. Blonde Nazi’s…  Pekin’s finest. CHUD makes a dated reference to his newest “ex”. 60???  Why now. Rex Dart… Where are you now? More Sam Adams commercial ideas.  (Still screwed up the name) Does Jim Koch buy his furniture at Pottery Barn or Crate and Barrel? Back to basics shopping. Lot of Third Sunday Market to Knives to Green Bay Packers to Jay Cutler talk…??? Guns! Guns? CHUD Rant! Speaking in Tongues…  And we aren’t talking Talking Heads! Pro Union talk from the CHUD? Top 1% speak. What would you have to do to earn $300,000 an hour? Aeropostle…? Beers on the show purchased at Broadway Liquors in lovely Pekin IL! Full Episode Here:      

 TBR – The Exchange | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

  The ultimate six pack show! Groucho and CHUD make the short drive to Delavan IL to share some amazing beers with The Exchange GM, Kevin.  As usual, Kevin’s enthusiasm for all things beer grabs us all and we take in some amazing beers. Is this the first of many shows at the Exchange?  Not if we drink this heavy every time! Beers on the show: 5 Rabbit Five Lizard Ale, Southern Tier Live, 8 Wired Brewing company Hotwired IPA, Cambridge Brewing Company Sargent Pepper,  Revolution Brewing Eugene Porter, On the show: Kevin gives us the low down on The Exchange!  Its his baby! Monsters U has brought a second coming to Kevin’s  mispronounced youth. CHUD comments on NSA snooping.  No more Al Quada searches! Kevin gives a shout out to 30 30 Coffee company about their Maple Hop Latte. Rhodell collaboration ale with 30 30 is given a bit of a plug as well. shows that todays youth care nothing about personal information! Paula Deen controversy. CHUD is officially cancer free!!!!! 8 Bit tat’s. Farm to Table bar menu???  Kevin Explains! Gin, Strawberry, Rhubarb and Lemon Martini? Kevin’s cherry was burst on June 27th. Thomas Mather’s Distillery will be the destination to see in Delavan soon! Late love for Seth and the rest of the Delavan crew that takes brilliant care of you at Harvest, Hometown and the Exchange. Beers on the show graciously shared by The Exchange.  Revolution Brewing and Darklord brought in by Groucho. Be sure to visit the Exchange!  They are open 7 days a week and will never disappoint! Intro and outro music:  Summertime Clothes by Animal Collective Oh, and for you purists…  That bottle in the bar is not a 2009 Darklord… I know this.  Give me a better image of a 2009 to steal from on google and I will make it perfect next time! Direct link to the show: 

 TBR Special Edition – Grandpa Jim | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:38:45

Don’t Call it a Comeback, part 3. Feeling disjointed with our sequencing???  So are we.  We were fortunate to have some material that was literately time-stamped over the last 2 shows.  That left a few shows in the hopper.  We are glad to finally get this final show from our comeback series. THIS SHOW IS TERRIBLY SERIOUS!  SORRY!  WE WILL GET BACK TO THE MAD-CAP ANARCHY SOON!  If you turn it off 10 minutes in…  We will not be offended.  Sometimes you have to keep a show like this for our own reference. Beer on the show:  3 Floyds Baltic Porter and 3 Floyds Arctic Panzer Wolf On the show: CHUD is a growing boy! Serious 3 Floyds love!  Big shocker huh? Nipples and Nuts…  A classic show that should be re-released? Emotional chumming. Actually serious conversation about whats been going on with TBR and CHUD over the past 6 months. Brothers* Ratburn family history. Life satisfaction. “Sometimes a body is more trouble than its worth” JAS Edwards from Oklahoma. American values now suck! More Floyds Beer! Nazi beer All About Beer book head to head with the AP.  The AP rocks! Mosher – Sauce Bowzas and Arrzows…  Huh? 90 minute show…  God Help Us!?!?!? Beers on the show gifted by Groucho’s favorite sales rep who tries to buy his business at Riverbottom Motors.  It might be working! Download here:      

 Craft Beer Week 2013 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:51:36

Edit free show…  Added some them music and closing can pop… But we rushed this one for Craft Beer Week 2013.  Who says we can’t bust out a show on short notice? Enjoy… Unless your Jim Koch…  Head of Sam Adams.  Then you will probably think we are A-Holes for not knowing your name and making fun of your commercials! Beers on the show donated by Superfan Radd and Kevin M ( Direct Link:    

 Hometown Wine & Spirits in Delavan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:25:15

Kevin Myszkowski (Yeah, I had to copy and paste that) from The Harvest Cafe in Delavan rolled out the red carpet after asking us to do a show from the adjoining Wine shop, Hometown Wine & Spirits. Ashley “Bird” Burdette (Hometown Manager) joins us to give us a brief education on Wine during the show as well. Surprisingly good sound from the Groucho’s travel set-up. Sorry Groucho is over-modulated initially… Dont worry… I over-modulated Kevin and CHUD later in the show. We do ring this show up to 85 Minutes… Sorry! We were having too much fun and there is not a lot of waste here. Kevin is like a top… Wind him up, and let him go! Beers on the show: Wild Onion Hopslayer (In a Pint!), Finches Fascist Pig, Lagunitas Lil Sump’n, Darkhorse Brewing Plead the 5th, Darkhorse Brewing Scotte Karate On the show: An introduction to Hometown Wine & Spirits. Hop Heads will love Delavan! Awesome beers in Delavan! The Exchange will be opening soon! 12 craft taps! Nitro tap as well! Farm to table at Harvest Cafe. Cameron Urban rocked the PARC/EPIC competition. Craft beer can love. Kevin might take CHUD’s place! The Dela-Van. Thomas Mathers Distillery. Groucho starts the negotiations… How much Rhubarb…??? 3 Wine Swines. Kevin loves Delavan! Revolution Brewing conversation. Inkling Ap… Is whipped out for a few seconds. Metal Voice CHUD! Limited amount of F-Bombs… Sorry! Wine Bar… Defined! Ashley sits in and gives us some tips for wine. Get your Zinfandel at Casey’s down the street! New Menu’s daily… Kevin shares some of the secrets of what goes on behind the scenes with the staff. More negotiations… What will one walleye bring? TBR takeover??? Twist our arm! Kevin is an AM radio dude as well. Lagunitas loves to party? Kev says so! Ryan Sandburg = Yoda of Beer. Darklord Day talk. Marketplace Selections, RJ and Specialty all supply the variety of beers on tap. Boris the Crusher in Delavan??? Lots of laughs… As we have consumed plenty of great beer! Delavan Love. Again! Groucho finally negotiates a pint! Final Beer… Lets kill this thing! CHUD does a completely racist interpretation of the Scotte Karate label. Wrap up. THANK YOU TO KEVIN, ASHLEY AND LIBBY FOR LETTING US SPEND TIME IN YOUR STORE TO DO THIS SHOW! DirectLink:

 TBR Special Edition – The Death of Rusty | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:59:54

Don’t call it a comeback, part 2!  The Death of Rusty. Beers on the show:  Victory Storm King, Ale Smith Speedway Stout, BBB Brewings Eurithius Extreme Imperial Stout. On the show: Longest running beer podcast? Stormking would make a killer band name!  CHUD reads it with Metal Tones. Rope A Dope! TBR Studio B coming to a close. Groucho blames his “Ap” for finding a new house. CBR gets a lot of lip service on this ep. Studio B is rich in history. The life and times of CHUD’s cat, Rusty. Rusty’s demise. Margaret has patience! Drone Strike on Studio B? Inking Ap vs Book Tasting Beer by Randy Mosher. Head to head battle of Analog vs Digital media. Round one to the book. Round two to the Ap. Casual beer drinkers are getting more beer smarts. Bonus Beer Bob’s Christmas Beer!!!  Its our annual tribute to The Good Beer Show.  Podfaded…  Sadly! 18%???? Bob’s wax job is superior! F-Bombs start rolling…  Sorry! TBR invites themselves over to Bob’s to homebrew. CHUD tastes chocolate…  Groucho gets the wine…  Our taste buds were blasted!!!  Still an outstanding beer! CHUD has a problem with the TBR equipment. Twitter advice from CHUD.  @tbrchud and @thebeerreport. One last bit of BBB love. Beers on the show were gifts from the fine folks at Marketplace Selections.  THANK YOU!  Bonus Beer Bob’s Christmas beer was the most amazing Christmas present we received this year!  Thanks Bob! Intro and outro music shamelessly pulled from an old Julian Cope album.  Spotify recently added some Julian Cope, and we love them for that…   But they did not add the “St. Julian” album.  His masterwork in our opinion!  Enjoy a little “Pulsar”. Download here:  h


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