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Summary: Welcome to the Beer Report! If you are looking for another NPR style beer tasting show... You are probably going to be disappointed. Who are we kidding? There are about 20 podcasts that sniff, swallow, twaddle and judge beer like fine wine. We are not one of those! We do drink a lot of good beer. We even talk about it... Sometimes we even know what we are talking about! On a real good show, we drink some shit beer! The Beer Report is about "confrontation" as co-host CHUD would say... The beer is the catalyst to everything else that is created for the show. Comedy, vulgarity, offensive points of view abound ahead! Listen at your own risk!

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 Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 3 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:11:56

Day 3!  More news on beers being poured in Peoria and the surrounding area this week! Kemps Upper Tap.  Get there!  Coolest place you have never been too! Kellehers is serving something new everyday for American Craft Beer Week! Fieldhouse has Sump and some other killer beers this week! George Jacob Gutbuster 5K at UFS.  Run, walk or crawl your way through beer, Hores De Vores and a mini beerfest on Saturday! Spirit of Peoria Beer Cruise Friday night.… Who are these guys?  The Brewers Association. Take it all in…  This is an epic week of drinking in Central Illinois. Interview:  Luke Heminover at the Peoria Beerfest.

 Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Craftbeer Week 2015 rolls on! Groucho runs down the events that he could sort out from the social media pages for all the local places that serve, sell and make craft beer! The Fieldhouse in Peoria is giving teachers a break on Tuesdays! Peoria Home-brew Club is meeting at the Fox Pub at 6PM on Tuesday. The Railhouse in Pekin has Sculpin on draft! Destihl homebrew event with the Hop Shoppe. Old Chicago!!!???!!! Coming up… Gutbuster 5K and North Peoria Brewfest. Josh Lanning is making dinner at Haynes on Main in Mackinaw Illinois on the 20th. Interview: Jennifer Ritter with the Peoria Jaycees.

 Craftbeer Week 2015 – Beer A Day podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Groucho is making it his goal to let you know what’s going on in Peoria this week! This brief show, the first of 5 gives you info on the Fox Pub event with Peoria Brewing Company. Next up?  Who knows!  We need some info from the other Bars and Distributors in the area!

 TBR Interview – Neil Witte | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:23:56

Groucho gets to chat with Neil for 15 minutes about how his as Master Cicerone at Boulevard and where it has taken him. Neil travels the country doing events for Duval, if you find yourself near anything he is working on… I cannot emphasize enough what a great time you will have.  Seek him out. Thanks to Boulevard and Duval for bringing him to Central Illinois and sponsoring a great beer event at the Fox Pub in Peoria! Oh, Matt at Fox Pub says “Hi”. Bumper music on the show is the Rainmakers “Drinking on the job”.  We have used that song on ancient shows, but Neil coming up from KC Mizzou (The hometown of Bob Walkenhorst and the Rainmakers) it seems more appropriate.  Plus, he gets to drink for his job!  How great is that? Audio recorded on the front stoop of the Fox Pub because they were slammed with customers inside.  The ZOOM audio recorder did a pretty good job of picking up the soft-spoken Mr. Witte!

 TBR 76 – Bianca Delivers | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:51:07

Bianca’s back, but she seems to have dialed down her annoyance meter…  Longer show and less piercing shrieks make this show a nice mix of TBR lunacy and beer news. Beers on the show:  Destihl Here Gose Nothing and Destihl Flanders Red in cans! On the show: Bianca…  Nuff said. Bianca brings us beers that she refers to as vinegar. Ideas from Facebook: Canadians Growler materials Cheap Beers Beer pairings with Girl Scout Cookies Beer tasting at The Fox Pub Rob Rothgar The Jaycee’s Peoria International Beer Fest VIP Tent is April 18th! Craftbeer Fest at the Speakeasy Art Center for 2015!!!! Peoria Brewing Company show! Podcast Rap Battle! and Groucho have a twitter, Fiverr rap battle going on!  Here are the clips. Fiverr theme songs! Destihl light and fluffy advertising on the cans…  Does it work? Groucho is critical of the Flanders can. Larry Bell outrage!  Innovation Brewing in Ashville NC. Beer Report ahead of the game when it comes to predicting that craftbrewers would start fighting each other. PR fail for Bell’s. Did Groucho get that right? Brewers are like drummers or guitar players? Newspaper websites suck.  pop-ups and subscription tabs are choking out local sites.  Who wants to do research if you have to go through that? Winter Fling?  Uber Fling? SXSW meercatting???  CHUD explains his loathing of this! Online media lives forever. Dueschery?  Word or not? Beers on the show purchased in real life at Broadway Liquors in Pekin IL.  Go there and buy craft beer!  

 TBR 75 – The Beer News | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:00

Missed 74?  Dont worry, your not alone.  CHUD, Groucho and PJ recorded an episode at the Speakeasy Art Center that will show up here eventually… But it needs an epic edit in the meantime! We did find time to steal away from Bianca and pull off a full 1 hour broadcast!  We rearranged some wires as well, and you might notices a little better sound on this show as well. Beers on the show:  Bell’s Hop Slam 2015, Destihl Hoperation Overload, Schafly TIPA On the show: New announcer Dude New TBR Rap! The TBR Farm Report. Adopt A Podcast. CHUD and the Bianca are canoodling. Budweiser Superbowl Ad.  Groucho and CHUD discuss.  #thisbudsforyou The social network of craft-beer. Hopslam Release parties. Buffalo Wild Wings.  What happened to you?  Groucho recommends the Curry Spiced Buffalitos. Sam Adams and Jim Koch complaining you don’t love his beer. Just the Tip. Serial Podcast on NPR. Congrats to Should I Drink that for keeping the dream alive. 10 Years on the air!?!?! Too Much Joy.  Good Kill (Not Thanksgiving in Reno) Destihl sours.  Seek them out! Topics taken from Facebook post. Rothgar Brickstone Brewing. ISIS. TBR Beer Tasting at the Speakeasy Art Center. $400.00 beer? PJ Love. Bianca ran out of gas.  She needed a trunk monkey! Lagunitas vs Sierra Nevada over IPA logo. Lagunitas dude… Stop tweeting! Abita beers?  CBR says drink it! Story of the lonely hipster who hates children…  And tried to find a seat at Destihl brewpub in Normal IL. Greatful Dead concerts. Superfan showdown. Thanks for listening.  New shows sooner than later!  Make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with the local beer scene in Pekin. Beers on the show purchased at UFS in Peoria and Friar Tuck in Peoria IL. Music on the show courtesy of Tim Quirk from  Thanks guys for giving us awesome intro music for the last decade.

 Episode 73 – Three Loco | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:35:00

Bianca aged a beer for the show…  Holy smokes were we surprised when she pulled out a 4 year old Four Loco Blue-Raspberry can. REAL Beer on the show:  Nolo Hopitoulas IPA. On the show: B to the Anca? SIDT Beer? Punk? Blue beer! Zebra fur?  Huh? Apologies for the Zimmerman comment! Bianca’s editing is excellent! Virtual chug! Nolo beer. Love for New Orleans. Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis is still a deusche for busting kids on Twitter.  Might as well be on his tombstone, that’s all he’ll be remembered for. Yo Lo! Bono vs CHUD. Gingers are gross…  That one goes out to The Tom! Ke$ha should be listening…  We need 4 ponies worth of money to sustain this show! Beers on the show as usual, paid for and supplied by Groucho and others…  Chud was there to drink!

 TBR 72 – Sweetwater Brewing – Red Hot Mama | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Bianca is back!  Adopt A Podcast dot Org is really helping this show come along!!! We had picked a bottle of Red Hot Mama last winter down in Florida at Total Wine in Fort Myers Florida.  For those of you who don’t remember…  It was skunked!  So much so that we threw out a tweet stating that fact.  Well, Sweetwater was not going to let that stand…  They quickly contacted us and asked to get a new bottle out ASAP.  Wish we could say we got a new show out that fast! Finally, we had the opportunity to taste this one on air…  It was worth a second try!  Great beer with a much heavier feel than we expected along with nice tart hops. Beers on teh show:  Dank Tank Replacement of Red Hot Mama via Sweetwater Brewing Company. On the show: Look at those nails! Replacement Beers. Red or Pink?  Do these nails match my BMW? CHUD’s thinking very clearly Dank Tank, scratching their itch! Getting PDiddy on the show?  Go Bianca’s dad! Our long list of sponsors… Everclear Channel Icelandic Trust XXX Brewing Company Citadel Hotel Rick Dowland has some new ideas for a beer game. CHUD needs a cream. Lionel Richey?  Bianca loves Nicole! CHUD loves Lutherans. Beer on the show provided by Sweetwater Brewing Company – Thank you for being a active listener and picking up the slack that Total Wine missed!

 TBR Episode 71 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Groucho and CHUD are back with a new audio podcast! We are a little excited to bring you our newest iteration of the show…  We have taken on the assistance of for financial backing of the show.  This should help TBR continue its high standards of production and commentary without the distraction of failing equipment or hosts. Also new to the show:  Bianca.  Our Adoptapodcast sponsor. Enjoy this first episode with Bianca as we get to know the woman behind the NEW TBR. Beers on the show:  Unimportant. Thanks to Bianca’s Dad for supplying beers for this show. As always, show theme is Too Much Joys’s Drunk and in Love off the Green Eggs and Crack album.  Still working on our first million Mr. Quirk.

 TBR 69 – The Fox Pub show 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

TBR 69 We had recorded this show directly following the last Fox Pub show last month…  We had wanted to make sure we put out the last one lickity-split, in order to get the word out on the North-side Beerfest.  (Which we heard was awesome!) This show, we get a little more into the doing’s and business of the Fox Pub, and get Matt to defect questions left and right.  That means we are doing our jobs right?  We had a great time, and Rob (Central Illinois’ version of Bonus Beer Bob) makes sure we have some comedic interruptions.  Chad shows up with the bonus beer though… So, we may need to rethink the titles of these “extras”. I have to admit… This show had me smiling all the way through on production.  I hope you enjoy it as much I did!  G Beers on the show:  Stone 15th Anniversary Ale, Schlafly Raspberry Coffee Stout, Boulevard Coffee Ale. On the show: Groucho got kicked out of Joe’s Brewery in Champaign. (20 years ago) Matt shares Anhesuer Busche’s latest canned offering.  (Didn’t even bother to spell check that!) Code for locals when a macros are ordered! Stone brewing talk and wishing we could be as cool as Greg Koch. Big Al’s talk. Matt deflects! Matt gives us the whole story on the Fox!  Beer is his passion! If Rob owned a bar…  Bad idea! Do what you love…  And you’ll never work a day in your life?  lol! Spaceball Quotes ensue with Raspberry beer! Rob’s whale farm. Tingle theme. Schlafly beers where Groucho’s gateway. Does Matt’s wife wear a fake smile?  We all wonder how she stayed in Central Illinois! Fox Pub bus trip to GABF. Growth market… Central Illinois! The Fox “Tourie”. Trivia on Thursdays, live bands on Saturdays. “I hate God!” Shout out to Kevin at Harvest Cafe. Thanks to Matt and all the gang for letting us hang out and have a great time talking about beers at an awesome local venue!  Make your way there if you get the chance!  And don’t let them make the ducky noise!!!

 TBR 68 – The Speakeasy Fundraiser Postshow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:19:06

Groucho and CHUD were once again part of the craft-beer tasting at the Speakeasy in Pekin IL. We were happy be a part of this fundraiser again. Word on the street is that we will be doing this again on December 4th or 5th. About halfway through the show we get into a great conversation with Shane and Bryan about beer tastes and what people are going for now. On the show: Dude that CHUD knows? Reviews all the beers… We do not endorse his IPA stance. Personally, mowed grass is a great think to be drinking in our books! Nightcrawler Dan says hi. One of Groucho’s employees stops by. Second half of the show is all Groucho, Shane and Bryan. Shane Wicklund from Wolfe Distributing and Bryan Harlan from Baumgarten Distributing talk with Groucho about working an event like this. Why we love it… How we can work together… Then it becomes a conversation about Destihl and what they are up to. Kudos to Bryan for letting us talk about a competitor at length. He is owed his fair share of air time now! Look for the Matt Rixner show out soon. Like 1 week!!! Sorry for the delay!  I was going to lump it in here… But its not fair to the Fox and Matt to play second fiddle on a podcast!!!

 TBR – Founders Nemesis vs Leinenkugel’s Big Eddy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Two beer special! Groucho, CHUD and AB hang out for a bottle of Founders Nemesis and Leinenkugel’s Big Eddy Russian Imperial Stout! GROUCHOS MICROPHONE GOES WEIRD FOR A GOOD CHUNK OF THE SHOW!!! SORRY!!! IT DOES GET BETTER HALFWAY THROUGH. MIGHT HAVE BEEN ALL THE TED WILLIAMS IMITATIONS! On the show: Ted Williams voice Cuba baby! Homelessness? Groucho is out of touch! NASA announcements suck. Lasering at income aircraft is not smart! Groucho’s volume sucks! 7 Hour energy is our idea!!! The gout! Leinie’s love. The Citadel Sanitarium. Putin, CHUD loves him. Impending divorces. Smith’s and Morrissey hate. CHUD bares his artistic soul Groucho lays down the velvet vocals to Depeche Mode’s Enjoy the Silence. Groucho and CHUD are going to start a brewery in a 3rd world country. Brazil with Hawgdog? Beers on the show purchased at some unknown liquor store in Schaumburg near IKEA! That’s all I can remember! Sorry! Listen to this audio abomination here:  

 TBR 67 – The Fox Pub Peoria | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

If you are looking for another NPR style beer tasting podcast... You are probably going to be disappointed. Who are we kidding? There are about 20 podcasts that sniff, swallow, twaddle and judge beer like fine wine. We are not one of those! We are also not one of those shows filled with fraternity rejects who talk all over each other and sound like they were recorded in their Mom's basement. Your hosts, Groucho and CHUD, do drink a lot of good beer. They even talk about it... Sometimes they even know what we are talking about! That really only happens when Kevin comes on from the Harvest Cafe in Delavan. He's got the current beer smarts! The beer is the catalyst to all points and conversation made on the show. Conversation noodles have offended everyone from Brazilians, camaro drivers and Jim Koch of Sam Adams. Comedy, vulgarity, offensive points of view abound ahead! Enter at your own risk!

 TBR 66 – The Peoria Internation Beerfest 2014 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:27:00

Groucho, CHUD and Kevin hit the big city for this years VIP tent at the Peoria International Beerfest. We had some amazing beers, but really, gained enormous respect for the event that Pat Hartzler and the Peoria Jaycees put on.  It was a spectacle! This audio show is taken directly from a 25 minute YouTube video that will be released on Monday.  We did cut a 44 minute show, but it was way long, and really needed to be cut down more.  We have left it online, and after we get the better show out, we will be more forthcoming with links. Thanks again to everyone who helped raise money for the Jaycees… And thanks for the TBR invite!

 TBR 65 – Peoria Brewing Company aftershow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:42

We tried to overstay our welcome with Todd and Christian at the Peoria Brewing company, but they were game for all the nonsense that we were spewing on this episode of TBR.  This is a full blown show, don’t think its just a filler piece.  (Well, aren’t they all?)  You get a solid 20 minutes of beer content interweaved with talk about “Chud’s girlfriend at the time”, Clown fears, Stevie Knicks (SP? Didn’t care enough to look it up) and Bob Dylan.  Sounds like a normal show to us! Thanks again to those guys letting us hang at the Peoria Brewing Company.  Thanks for the free samples and we look forward to all the progress reports on the facebook page. Beers on the show:  TBR Pear Trippel, Mikkeller Beer Hop Breakfast, Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer American Imperial Stout. Tilted kilt? Way to start a show! Why cant beer places stick in Peoria? Plug for Beer-A-Sutra? “I had to drink them honey… It’s my job”. Groucho brought TBR homebrew!  The Pear Golden! CHUDs lost rhizome! Kent Goldings debate! Nipples and Nuts reference.  Who’s been around that long? Green Apple IPA conversation leads to pilot system talk. Todd has a midsection like a wasp nest. Groucho has a looming argument for the local beer stores. Is PUNK Brewery still around? Is the dog thing overdone? The beer biscuit idea leads to the peanut butter birthday story. Get your clown shoes on CHUD. CHUD is a clown hater?  The X story. Everything sounds better at Red Rocks? Fleetwood Mac?  RUSH talk. Ramones VS Bob Dylan car commercial showdown. Burning records and crosses in Pekin?  Lets move on! Malaysian Airlines predictions.  Still timely!!! Take me out EuroTrash Girl…  Edited for Grouchos enjoyment. Beers on the show, Honey Wheat courtesy of Peoria Brewing Company, Homebrew provided by Groucho and CHUD, Beer Hop Breakfast and Clown Shoes Vampire Slayer bought at Friar Tuck in Peoria Illinois. Link to the show:  


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