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Summary: Welcome to the Beer Report! If you are looking for another NPR style beer tasting show... You are probably going to be disappointed. Who are we kidding? There are about 20 podcasts that sniff, swallow, twaddle and judge beer like fine wine. We are not one of those! We do drink a lot of good beer. We even talk about it... Sometimes we even know what we are talking about! On a real good show, we drink some shit beer! The Beer Report is about "confrontation" as co-host CHUD would say... The beer is the catalyst to everything else that is created for the show. Comedy, vulgarity, offensive points of view abound ahead! Listen at your own risk!

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 Drunken Lullabies 108 – Squatch Watch with Groucho | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:49:35

Sorry for the delay!  This Christmas Episode of Drunken Lullabies is still festive when listened too before New Years Day!   From Drunken Lullabies: The Voice is at home in Drunken Lullabies Studios for a Christmas Eve episode with Groucho, Daryl, & Lucas. We share some beers fromRevolution, Excel, 8 Wired, Rogue & Pollyanna, and then follow that with a Destihl Sponsor Spotlight. We enjoy some Christmas music from past Bands of the Week, Marty Casey & Kevin Max. Subscribe, Rate, and Review the show on Apple Podcasts, and send an email to be a part of Drunkamaniac Mail. Link to Drunken Lullabies page:  

 Drunken Lullabies Presents: Drunk at the Movies 21 – Planes, Trains, & Automobiles | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:32:28

Drunken Lullabies Presents: Drunk at the Movies 21 – Planes, Trains, & Automobiles Groucho sits in with “the Voice”, Dustin, and local broadcasting legend Daryl for a Christmas Classic.   This John Hughes movie is a favorite to most folks in Central Illinois, as we know a lot of the spots where they filmed the movie.  We also know the exact weather they are travelling in when the sh*t hits the fan. You will never look at Steve Martin the same way again after Daryl is done with him!  Heaven forbid he does a banjo show at the local PBS station!!! Thanks again to Dustin for rolling out the red carpet and providing some show grub.  After doing a Drunken Lullabies before this recording…  We were nearly blasted by the end of this one! G FCF NETWORK * iTUNES * FACEBOOK * TWITTER * INSTAGRAM Show Notes: The Voice is back on the couch at Drunken Lullabies Studios with two guys who Drunkamaniacs are no stranger to. It’s time to celebrate Thanksgiving, so I invited Daryl & Groucho over to watch the John Hughes classic Planes, Trains, & Automobiles with me. So grab some beers, grab some pumpkin pie, and sit down with your loved ones to watch this beloved 80’s movie. If you like what you hear, or if you have a movie suggestion, be sure to send feedback thru email or social media to let us know what you think. Subscribe, Rate, and Review the show on iTunes, and email us at to be featured on Drunkamaniac Mail. New episodes of Drunken Lullabies are every Sunday, while Drunk At the Movies episodes drop every Wednesday only on the FCF Network.

 TBR 92 – Jetski Wedding | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:11

Pod-fade???  Not us!  (Though, Groucho does lie awake at night having nightmares about such things)  Groucho and CHUD!!! Back in the saddle again for an honest to goodness TBR. Beers on the show:  Clown Shoes Pecan Pie Porter, Real Ale Brewing Belgian Tripel Ale, Destihl Adam Bier, Revolution Brewing Un-session-able Imperial IPA. On the show: Groucho has been passed around by other guys…  He’s feeling dirty. Billy Crystal imitations. Clown Shoes puns…  Wow. CHUD’s taste-buds have healed since the accident. Ghost noises. CHUD’s working on a children’s book. The “Horse accident”. The settlement…  The destination Wedding…  Sandals resort in Jamaica. Chicken Blood vows. Meier chat.  People still go there in Bloomington Normal? Why Amazon will rule the world. Best Man talk. California love from Groucho. Any Jeff Galuli of South Pekin? CHUDlette needs her herring treats. The riding crop incident. Flat Earther’s and the ilk are becoming annoying. Litmus test for going to the creationist museum? Local news interviews for the CHUD?  Selling the outrage! Dali Lama lottery for the CHUDlette. Groucho and CHUD doing the Instagram video thing…  Instagram:  thebeerreport Slamming the Irish for their stance on Abortion. Tom Petty talk. Brian Wilson… Beach Boys…  Sgt Pepper…  The Doors and Jimmy Hendrix. 1967… Greatest year for music? Queen. Marilyn Manson talk.    Marc Maron Podcast talk. Songs for Drella… Warhol and old school work ethics. The Double Album conundrum.  Frankie say relax? Tannin’s and Hops love. Superduper Dog IPA.  TeeWinks?  We still think of you… Late at night….  ick! No more pink BMW for Bianca. Thanks for playing along… More shows with the CHUD need to happen!!!  We are working on this!!! No sponsors for these beers… We do not pander…  We do not pull punches.  These brewers are great and we did not expect any bad beers…  But heaven help those bad ones that we might find.      

 TBR Special Edition – Groucho and Kyle at Harvest Cafe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:55:14

The industry is in flux this week, and Groucho takes the show on the road to visit with fellow beer nerd and head chef at Harvest Cafe, Kyle.   We review all the news of the day and talk a lot about local venues that have opened…  And closed!!! Beers on the show:  Hand of Fate – Coffee Vanilla Dream Ale, Revolution Anti-Hero (Less than two weeks old!)  2013 Northcoast Old Stock Ale. The sale of Anchor Brewing to Sapporo. Constellation brands buys Funky Buddha Maytag Blue Cheese fortune! Overvaluation, Blue-sky and the growing bubble! Groucho’s microphone problems!  Alesis mixer reboot! Budweiser is Ford? Destihl article in Paste Magazine. Peoria Brewing Company closing down.  We need a brewery in Peoria! The Mr Beer Challenge! New beers arriving weekly in Peoria! CHUD… Groucho apologizes! Kevin’s an *sshole! Shelf space is a premium! Tannin’s and Hops.  New opening in Peoria. Small Pours…  Groucho’s favorite thing!  Destihl Brewery and Pour Brothers in the Heights can be a great bargain. Pour Brothers.  Love is issued! Northcoast Old Stock ale is killing it! Interlude with Groucho while Kyle grabs a cleanup rag. Kyle has never met the CHUD. Mr Beer Challenge, a review. Peoria Brewing company talk… Again. Obed and Issac’s, a conversation! Flying Dog talk! Make room for the new thing!!! Kyle the mule! No splicing! Thanks to the Harvest Cafe for hosting this “Very Special” Episode! Look for a completely disjointed drunkfest show after this!  

 Drunken Lullabies – Drunk at the Movies – UHF | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

  What do you get when you have three guys gather around for a classic Weird Al movie?  You get Drunken Lullabies – Drunk at the Movies – UHF! Groucho sits in with Dustin “The Voice” and Daryl “The Broadcaster” to watch UHF and drink a bunch of craft beers! Dustin has been doing a bunch of these psuedo-MST3K podcasts and they are a ton of fun to listen to if you know the movie…  Also a ton of fun if you are participating!  Give his other episodes a listen. Getting this movie was no coincidence.  I was begging to do UHF.  This movie has become a classic in my house and its one of the few DVD’s that I actually own.  My son uses it as a lithmus test to shake out who he should be friends with.  Its also become a roadmap to what are the essential 80’s movies that he should watch.  If Al parodied it…  We must watch!  Well, except for Ghandi…  We can save that one for a couple years out. Cue up a copy of UHF and enjoy! G PS… My Victoria Jackson love was a real thing back in the 80’s! Beers on the show from Aldi, Trader Joes and assorted other places.    Liquid Mechanics and Stone Brewing  beers were killing it!         

 TBR Special Edition – Hipsters and Pliney | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Beers on the show: Russian River Pliney the Elder, Alchemist Brewing Heady Topper, New Galarus No Coast Pale Ale, Recorded at the “Swinging Single Pad” of Alex and Drews. The Pliney mystique. Beatbox? Whats your favorite podcast Alex? 120 letdown? Shoe Nice???? Showry.  Groucho’s YouTube crush. Spotted Cow… Overrated?  Yuengling? Bourbon County night at Maquets. Autocross Talk…  The show takes a turn! Finding a helmet big enough for Groucho’s noggin! No CHUD tonight!

 TBR Special Edition – Viva Las Vegas | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:25:33

Beers on the show:  Hop Valley – Citrus Mistress, Founders – Frootwood, Tahoe Mountain – Viejo Rojo. How does this happen? Groucho just happens to be driving through Las Vegas the same day that Superfan PJ is flying in for a 2 day work trip???  Kismet according to PJ! Groucho and PJ hang at the local craft beer bar and have some great beers along with some conversation about Rick Steves, whiskey tastings and cigars. Show recorded at Rebel Republic in Las Vegas Nevada!  

 TBR 91 – Beer and Babysitting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Yeah…  Its everything your expecting…  Fun giggles…  Awkward moments…  And a horrible crash. Then…  Groucho and CHUD run out of beer. This one is a dandy!  Enjoy! Beer on the show:  All Day IPA by Founders Brewing Company in a tallboy can!

 Two Podcasters and a Baby | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:30:11

Welcome to Episode 90!  Sponsored by We are at Studio CHUD for a 2 beer show.  We use the stand alone microphone method of recording and get a real good feel for what its like to podcast at the dining room table with a 1 year old in the house!  The Chudlet is a star! Beers on the show:  Sun King Osiris Pale Ale and Half Acre Gone Away IPA. On the show: Trump and Fake News. Twitter Activism. Liberal Tea Party? CHUD says read up on Bolsheviks and Nazis.  He then lays out the story of Osiris of the cuff.  He can do that! SNL skits with Melissa McCarthy nail it.  The rest of SNL sucks though. Check out the videos from Drunken Lullabies on our Facebook page. Podcasts still sucks!  Groucho cant find much to listen too. Joe Rogan Experience with Henry Rollins.  The best show ever?  CHUD says no. Jordan Peterson…  Maps of Meaning.  CHUD’s book of the week. Shout out to JeffryT from the Good Beer Show. Where was your first beer? Beer Beer Cars Beer Sun King provided by Superfan IRISH…  Half Acre picked up at Broadway Liquors in Pekin Illinois!  

 TBR Special Edition – Stone Jerkemon Go | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:56:00

Here is a gem from the end of last year.  Groucho brought back a couple “Crowlers” from the Stone World Brewing Headquarters in Escondido California last fall.  We drank these beers very quickly after arrival back to Central Illinois .  This is the second show from that night… We got a little rocked and you can tell by the end of this one! Beer on the show:  Stone Jerkemon Go. On the show: Crowler?  Can I get a definition please? Pokemon Go…  The future of our lives? The Wally Chair! TBR on the local radio? This beer is delicious!  Groucho says its flat after a week… CHUD says its good. Sweaty Betty.  “This beer tastes like sour corn!” The Schlafly Beer Dinner was the best beer dinner ever?  Stephen Hale was special guest at Harvest Cafe. Bloomington Normal News.  Destihl love.  Beercade in Normal?  Fatjacks is not CHUD’s favorite place on the weekends. Odabed and Issac’s…  Groucho needs to check it out. Skinny pants?  CHUD loves them! The hangover prayer vigil.  Worship Stone. Internet sovereignty?  THEBEERREPORT.COM Fake News? Oh God! Yes, we talk about it.  Facebook Manipulation of the news for their algorithm testing. Fish are not screwing because of your antidepressants Seattle! The Greatest Generation would have kicked your ass! Groucho is a paid writer. Dad talk about infants. Family role models?  Where have they gone? The new Pee Wee movies is hate filled according to CHUD. The Amish are multiplying.  So Sayeth the CHUD. Ron Paul Seed garden would not have helped John Goodman in Cloverfield Lane. Meandering and dishing on Iron Maiden and other assorted topics fill the show out. Beer on the show purchased at Stone Brewery.  You owe it to yourself to get there!  

 TBR 89 – Post Election Brews | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:37:32

We had a beer sent to us… And we drank it. Corporate Shills?  Not us.  This is one of those rare times when we try out a beer that has been sent to Beer Report Studios.  It sounded interesting and was close enough to justify a little “pimping” by the show.  You should be able to find Linalool at any liquor depot in the Northwoods of the upper Midwest.  It appears to be readily available.  Enjoy. As the picture implies… Politics are a key subject to this show.  But, you all should be thanking Groucho for the “post” editing.  We clocked in a show that was 70 minutes before the chopping began.  The politics of the minute were not compelling enough to listen to for me… So I sure as shit was not going to lay that on you!  Your welcome!  Just know this.  We are both Independents and hope that both sides can work together to get something done in this country! Beers on the show:  Pearl Street Brewery Linalool, 10 Barrell Brewing Company JOE IPA, St Peters English Porter. On the show: Why Groucho does not shill. Mudvayne talk until Groucho shuts CHUD down. 2016 Election Commentary. Beer Advocate.  Shoot me now! Podcasting makes us self righteous beer snobs? Groucho’s Trail Repair. Tantric?  Is that a sexual thing? Studio A memories. End of politics talk for the year! Thanks to Pearl Street Brewing for donating the Linalool.  10 Barrel beer was picked up at random liquor store in Colorado.  St Peters picked up at Friar Tuck in Peoria IL. Linalool IPA  

 TBR 87 – So Cal Beer tour with Hogdawg | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:21:16

32 N Brewery’s Best Coast IPA Groucho heads out west for an anniversary brewery crawl with Dude Night’s Hogdawg.  (Cheers to you who remember Dude Night!)  It had literally been 10 years to the week that Groucho and CHUD came out to San Diego for the Stone 10th annual beerfest.   This time, we behave ourselves and hit a few new brewhouses and enjoy our drinks with a little more moderation! On the show: Lost Abby Confessional Tony Guinn beer CHUD’s philosophy on food establishments. Pickled carrots. Thrillist list guided our day of breweries. 32N Brewing.  Totally cool brewery.  Best Coast IPA was great! Little Miss Brewing Company.  Groucho liked it!  2 months old. Breweries everywhere! Ale Smith IPA. Blue Angel Interruption! Groucho rails on Watermelon Dorado…  Again!  This horse is beat for God’s sake! Thanks to Hogdawg for making the time to host another great day imbibing.

 TBR 86 – Crowler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:45:00

Groucho comes back from San Diego and brings back some fresh Stone Brewing Beer.  Not Arrogant Brewing…  That would be confusing.  Wait a second… That is confusing!  What the Hell are they doing out there in Escondido with the brewery names???   Thats for a different show. Anyway.  Groucho brings back a “crowler” of Stone Brewing Ripper IPA. Its a great way to start a new string of shows! This show was recorded on International Podcast Day, September 30th 2016.  For whatever that is worth! On the show: Crowler??? Groucho has been spending time with other podcasts.  Sorry CHUD. San Diego Homecoming of sorts? Groucho cant pour a beer! Kevin’s excuses to abandon us do not hold water. Flashback…  Dude Night Podcast and some TBR history. Stone Brewing Restaurant is great for kids. Lost Abbey Tequila Farmhouse Ale.  Amazing.  Seek it out. Groucho’s love of the 5oz sample. 32 North Brewing gets us a beer on the house. Little Miss Brewing. Groucho has forgotten how good a Pliny is. Watermelon Dorado gets bashed again…  Sorry… Cant refrain. International Podcast Day 2016 – Wave your freak flags people! Podcast life skills. Political Talk.  Debate Talk. “Trump was on coke” says the Chud. Election predictions? We wind the show up in politics…  Sorry! Chud doesn’t dig the Stone as much as Groucho. Thanks for listening!  New show from live in the Ale Smith Brewery with Hogdawg coming soon!

 Drunken Lullabies at The Social Kitchen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:37:32

I will admit to being pretty blessed when it comes to this silly little podcast that CHUD and I have been plodding along with for the past decade.  It’s taken us to San Diego where we met new friends and interviewed Greg Koch.  It’s gotten us VIP visits to breweries and opportunities to work with those breweries to get a handle of the topic.   We have interviewed top Brewers and up and comers.   It’s even gotten Groucho a steak dinner in DC!  If we made a list of benefits that come from our 6 bucks a month invested in a domain and online space… It would be an article unto itself. Adding to this amazing pile of benefits was a recent invitation I got from Dustin “The Voice” over at Drunken Lullabies podcast.  If you don’t know them, they are the other Pekin beer podcast.  Apparently this town IS big enough for two!  Dustin was doing a remote show at the Social Kitchen in Lasalle Illinois  with a few musical acts…  And figured out through shared friends that I followed one of the artists.  Primarily, he was talking about Bob Walkenhorst of the Rainmakers.  Also filling out the bill was Cody Diekoff, more known as the solo artist “Chicago Farmer”. Cody is from Delavan.  He has been plugging away from complete obscurity a decade ago to near local celebrity in Peoria at this time.  The last time I saw him play was back in 2005 at the Farmhouse in his hometown.   He played against a wall to a local crowd that payed him no mind.  At the time it seemed a little sad, but in hindsight appears to be a testament to the perseverance that it took to get to where he is now. Bob Walkenhorst.  The reason I listed all the great things that TBR has brought to us was to show you the reverence I had for seeing Bob.  This is right up there as a top benefit to doing the Beer Report.  I have been following his band The Rainmakers since their first major release in 1986.  Yeah, that’s a bit of time.  Bob still plays with the band, but recently seems to spend more time doing solo engagements as he travels across the Midwest.  I pretty much own everything he has produced…  Several times over as media has transformed from LP’s, Cassette and CD’s.  If Dustin was looking for a Bob expert to tag along for this show…  There are few in the Peoria area more qualified. Drunken Lullabies does specialize in craft beers for its podcast.  But it also serves double duty by focusing on local bands.  Dustin had a unique advantage for this hosting job when he was manager of the local record shop, Co-Op Records.  Even though he is not there anymore, his love for music is evident in his efforts to bring local artists like this to the public. The invite was to co-host this episode.  Of course, I was taking this gig! The best part about taking part in something like this was coming across a new venue for great food, craft beer and music.  The Social Kitchen was new to me…. I had no idea that Lasalle was hiding this little gem on its historical Main Street area. Pre show, we sat down to dinner.  Social Kitchen’s menu is a fresh and inventive mix of local flavors.  They combine that with off the wall items.  Delicious lobster corn dogs anyone??? I had one of the amazing salads and a few Revolution IPA’s.  We shared a table with some other folks and everyone raved about their dishes.   Had we been to the Social Kitchen just to explore a new restaurant, this would have been enough to call the night a success. Dave Gualandri got up to introduce tonight’s acts.  Dave is a rabid music fan turned promoter.  His sheer will and love to music is driving a series of concerts at Social Kitchen called the “Songwriter Series”.  I was not prepared for what he was announcing next.  He said that Bob and Cody would be playing side by side passing a virtual baton back and forth as they sang songs about subjects they had agreed to over dinner.  Of course, both a[...]

 TBR 85 – Stephen Hale of Schlafly Brewing Company | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:41:00

Groucho sits down with Kevin (Harvest Cafe), Kyle (RJ Distributing Cicerone) and Stephen Hale (Schlafly Brewing Company Brewer) at the Harvest Cafe before their beer dinner with Schlafly Brewing. This one starts off a bit slow…  I think that comes with Groucho not having warmed up with several beers and doing the show at the end of the night as we normally do.  Stephen Hale from Schlafly is probably one of the best guests we have ever had on the show, and its a shame we only had 39 minutes of interview time.  Next time we are gunning for that 4 hour show about all things happening in the brewing world. Heres the biggest shame in this episode…  Its recorded before dinner.  You cant even imagine how good Chef Terry’s dinner was.  It was one of the best “beer” dinners I have done with any brewery or restaurant.  That is saying a lot.  Kudo’s to Harvest Cafe’s Kevin for putting on an excellent event and bringing together The Beer Report, Kyle and Stephen for this show. On the show: The Kilt! Owning the St. Louis market. Lawn mower beer. Kolsch Education. Glassware talk. Groucho slams Watermelon Dorado by Ballast Point.  See, I didn’t edit this out Kyle! Beer Bubble! Distribution Philosophy. You can get Schlafly beers at most decent liquor stores in Illinois and parts of the Midwest.  Yeah, Stephen spelled it out… We are special here…  And some of you cant get their stuff! Theme song as always by Too Much Joy.  “Drunk and In Love”.  Better than any top 40 song of the same name.  Word is… Tim Quirk and the boys were recording a few weeks ago.  This could be a glorious year if we hear something new from them.


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