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Summary: Welcome to the Beer Report! If you are looking for another NPR style beer tasting show... You are probably going to be disappointed. Who are we kidding? There are about 20 podcasts that sniff, swallow, twaddle and judge beer like fine wine. We are not one of those! We do drink a lot of good beer. We even talk about it... Sometimes we even know what we are talking about! On a real good show, we drink some shit beer! The Beer Report is about "confrontation" as co-host CHUD would say... The beer is the catalyst to everything else that is created for the show. Comedy, vulgarity, offensive points of view abound ahead! Listen at your own risk!

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 TBR 86 – Crowler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:45:00

Groucho comes back from San Diego and brings back some fresh Stone Brewing Beer.  Not Arrogant Brewing…  That would be confusing.  Wait a second… That is confusing!  What the Hell are they doing out there in Escondido with the brewery names???   Thats for a different show. Anyway.  Groucho brings back a “crowler” of Stone Brewing Ripper IPA. Its a great way to start a new string of shows! This show was recorded on International Podcast Day, September 30th 2016.  For whatever that is worth! On the show: Crowler??? Groucho has been spending time with other podcasts.  Sorry CHUD. San Diego Homecoming of sorts? Groucho cant pour a beer! Kevin’s excuses to abandon us do not hold water. Flashback…  Dude Night Podcast and some TBR history. Stone Brewing Restaurant is great for kids. Lost Abbey Tequila Farmhouse Ale.  Amazing.  Seek it out. Groucho’s love of the 5oz sample. 32 North Brewing gets us a beer on the house. Little Miss Brewing. Groucho has forgotten how good a Pliny is. Watermelon Dorado gets bashed again…  Sorry… Cant refrain. International Podcast Day 2016 – Wave your freak flags people! Podcast life skills. Political Talk.  Debate Talk. “Trump was on coke” says the Chud. Election predictions? We wind the show up in politics…  Sorry! Chud doesn’t dig the Stone as much as Groucho. Thanks for listening!  New show from live in the Ale Smith Brewery with Hogdawg coming soon!

 Drunken Lullabies at The Social Kitchen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:37:32

I will admit to being pretty blessed when it comes to this silly little podcast that CHUD and I have been plodding along with for the past decade.  It’s taken us to San Diego where we met new friends and interviewed Greg Koch.  It’s gotten us VIP visits to breweries and opportunities to work with those breweries to get a handle of the topic.   We have interviewed top Brewers and up and comers.   It’s even gotten Groucho a steak dinner in DC!  If we made a list of benefits that come from our 6 bucks a month invested in a domain and online space… It would be an article unto itself. Adding to this amazing pile of benefits was a recent invitation I got from Dustin “The Voice” over at Drunken Lullabies podcast.  If you don’t know them, they are the other Pekin beer podcast.  Apparently this town IS big enough for two!  Dustin was doing a remote show at the Social Kitchen in Lasalle Illinois  with a few musical acts…  And figured out through shared friends that I followed one of the artists.  Primarily, he was talking about Bob Walkenhorst of the Rainmakers.  Also filling out the bill was Cody Diekoff, more known as the solo artist “Chicago Farmer”. Cody is from Delavan.  He has been plugging away from complete obscurity a decade ago to near local celebrity in Peoria at this time.  The last time I saw him play was back in 2005 at the Farmhouse in his hometown.   He played against a wall to a local crowd that payed him no mind.  At the time it seemed a little sad, but in hindsight appears to be a testament to the perseverance that it took to get to where he is now. Bob Walkenhorst.  The reason I listed all the great things that TBR has brought to us was to show you the reverence I had for seeing Bob.  This is right up there as a top benefit to doing the Beer Report.  I have been following his band The Rainmakers since their first major release in 1986.  Yeah, that’s a bit of time.  Bob still plays with the band, but recently seems to spend more time doing solo engagements as he travels across the Midwest.  I pretty much own everything he has produced…  Several times over as media has transformed from LP’s, Cassette and CD’s.  If Dustin was looking for a Bob expert to tag along for this show…  There are few in the Peoria area more qualified. Drunken Lullabies does specialize in craft beers for its podcast.  But it also serves double duty by focusing on local bands.  Dustin had a unique advantage for this hosting job when he was manager of the local record shop, Co-Op Records.  Even though he is not there anymore, his love for music is evident in his efforts to bring local artists like this to the public. The invite was to co-host this episode.  Of course, I was taking this gig! The best part about taking part in something like this was coming across a new venue for great food, craft beer and music.  The Social Kitchen was new to me…. I had no idea that Lasalle was hiding this little gem on its historical Main Street area. Pre show, we sat down to dinner.  Social Kitchen’s menu is a fresh and inventive mix of local flavors.  They combine that with off the wall items.  Delicious lobster corn dogs anyone??? I had one of the amazing salads and a few Revolution IPA’s.  We shared a table with some other folks and everyone raved about their dishes.   Had we been to the Social Kitchen just to explore a new restaurant, this would have been enough to call the night a success. Dave Gualandri got up to introduce tonight’s acts.  Dave is a rabid music fan turned promoter.  His sheer will and love to music is driving a series of concerts at Social Kitchen called the “Songwriter Series”.  I was not prepared for what he was announcing next.  He said that Bob and Cody would be playing side by side passing a virtual baton back and forth as they sang songs about subjects they had agreed to over dinner.  Of course, both a[...]

 TBR 85 – Stephen Hale of Schlafly Brewing Company | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:41:00

Groucho sits down with Kevin (Harvest Cafe), Kyle (RJ Distributing Cicerone) and Stephen Hale (Schlafly Brewing Company Brewer) at the Harvest Cafe before their beer dinner with Schlafly Brewing. This one starts off a bit slow…  I think that comes with Groucho not having warmed up with several beers and doing the show at the end of the night as we normally do.  Stephen Hale from Schlafly is probably one of the best guests we have ever had on the show, and its a shame we only had 39 minutes of interview time.  Next time we are gunning for that 4 hour show about all things happening in the brewing world. Heres the biggest shame in this episode…  Its recorded before dinner.  You cant even imagine how good Chef Terry’s dinner was.  It was one of the best “beer” dinners I have done with any brewery or restaurant.  That is saying a lot.  Kudo’s to Harvest Cafe’s Kevin for putting on an excellent event and bringing together The Beer Report, Kyle and Stephen for this show. On the show: The Kilt! Owning the St. Louis market. Lawn mower beer. Kolsch Education. Glassware talk. Groucho slams Watermelon Dorado by Ballast Point.  See, I didn’t edit this out Kyle! Beer Bubble! Distribution Philosophy. You can get Schlafly beers at most decent liquor stores in Illinois and parts of the Midwest.  Yeah, Stephen spelled it out… We are special here…  And some of you cant get their stuff! Theme song as always by Too Much Joy.  “Drunk and In Love”.  Better than any top 40 song of the same name.  Word is… Tim Quirk and the boys were recording a few weeks ago.  This could be a glorious year if we hear something new from them.

 Drunken Lullabies 37 with TBR Groucho | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Groucho makes the leap and heads over to see whats going on over at the new Drunken Lullabies studio.  Why not include it in our feed? These guys are great!  Dustin, the Voice, rolled out the red carpet and Blake rolled out the amazing beers!   Even with the age gap, we found tons of common ground and uncommon ground.   See Groucho pissing all over David Bowie later in the show. This show did have a “morning zoo” vibe to it… That probably comes from it being a housewarming party and podcast.  There were people coming and going during the show.  How Dustin can keep this crew together is reminiscent of the great and powerful JefferyT at Good Beer Show years ago.  (Look that one up noobs) Thanks for having me and I am looking forward to the next show with even more guests! G From their description: The Voice is throwing a Bottleshare party at Drunken Lullabies Studios and we’re pregaming on this episode. Joining the show this week is Beermansky, Hippie, newcomer Andy Savage, as well as Godfather Groucho of The Beer Report. We drink some great beers Buckledown, Shipyard, Grassroots, Hailstorm, Mikerphone, Goose Island, and Destihl. Our Band of the Week is The Temperance Movement from Scotland. We enjoy two songs from their new album White Bear and talk about Smells Like Pancakes, Bahamas with Beermansky, Poker Machines Everywhere, Luc Longley, “I’ve Thrown Up On a Show Before”, Scratch Off Intervention, Beloved Comedian Robbie Williams, Marion Berries, Biff Tannin & Hops, Bowie Is An Iceberg, Star Wars, Baby’s First Taste, and Music Man Singalong. Link to the show:

 TBR 84 – Goose Island 2013 Barley Wine | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:30

Beer on the show: 2013 Goose Island Bourbon County Barley-wine. On the show: The Bourbon County Rage. Chud’s cellaring philosophy. PABN.  (Secret Handshake required)  Whats up with the chugging?  CHUD recommends burning dollar bills. Consistency is an accomplishment!  80% of success is attendance?  Who said that?  Axel Rose sitting. The new Tick series.  Griffin Newman who plays Arthur let us down! Marc Maron Podcast and Show. Gary Schandling tribute. Goo Goo Doll’s…  John Mayer…  Not Jack Johnson!!!  Dave Matthews Band? Buffalo Wild Wings…  Hooters girls in Peoria…  Sad times. Arrogant Bastard cans? Boston. Fireball???  Why? Meat sweats. Aftershock is a hookup lock!  In 1997 at least! Tindr…  Yeah…  What do two married guys know about this? Chud digging on Frank Zappa…  Then comparing it to South Park. Trump, Clinton…  OMG.  Sanders? Fracking.  Groucho and CHUD break it down non-scientifically. The Future… Dont use self check.  Dont use restaurants that use robots.  Use businesses that support local jobs. If your going to be a sh*tbag… Your going to reap the rewards.  The moral of Krampus. A last dash of CBR love. This lovely beer purchased in Pekin Illinois at Broadway Liquors.  Tell them the Beer Report sent you… They will probably ask you WTF that means!  

 TBR 83 – | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Its been a while since we sat down for a PURE Beer Report…  Finally, Groucho and CHUD sit down and have a few beers and ramble about all things common and uncommon about art, Pekin and beer. TBR 82?  Its a smattering of Facebook videos from the Peoria Beerfest… We will see what we can make of those later. Beers on the show: Leinenkugel Grapefruit Shandy, 3 Floyd’s Yum Yum, Cathedral Square Brewing. On the show: Long time out of TBR studios saddles! The Shandy Style.  Groucho lays it out for you newbies! Hot chicks like fruity beers! Fragglerock reference? The sad truth of Zika. The Sprecher Brewery tour. PBC upheaval. My Little Brony. The gender thing and raging hormones of children. LGBT bathrooms. 3 Floyds vs Illinois seems like constant drama. Dark Lord Day 2016…  The horror story. 30 second lecture on the value of art. The token PJ mention. PABN…  Groucho might get evicted for mentioning the groups existence. The DLD arrest story. Gambling machines… The scourge of Illinois. Internet…  Is it bad or good?  2 pod-casters discuss. Ballast Point Dorado… With Watermelon.  Groucho rates is a ZERO! Shoutout to Drunken Lullabies…  Dustin and the gang are knocking out shows. Destihl love. CHUD hits Pekin for a night on the town after watching wrestling in Peoria. 64oz of sadness. Friend’s bar in Pekin. Do Lutherans have Saints? Karaoke… White trash entertainment? Russia and Missouri have a lot in common.  We would probably get along great with redneck Russians. Art break!  Graphic Novel talk. Ignorance is bliss. CHUD will not tweet! Summer Shandy purchased anywhere in the Midwest…  Yum Yum picked up at a small liquor store in Attica Indiana…  Cathedral Street picked up at Friar Tuck Bloomington.

 TBR Special Edition – 9AM beer and podcasting | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Hey… When its the day of the beerfest, where are you gonna eat breakfast???  A the Fox Pub of course!  Matt Rixner and his crew always serve up an amazing English breakfast on Saturdays, and its a great base layer before hitting the VIP tent. On this show, Groucho, Chud and TBR Photographer Ken eat, drink and talk about: Periscope LinkdIn.  Whats the point? Richard Branson has now clue about the struggle anymore. Trump? Democracy Now protests. The internet is ruining us as a civil society. Lets talk about our food…  Visualize with us! Ken’s Egg theory. Make sure to check out our other recordings from this years Peoria International Beerfest!

 TBR 80 – The Harvest Cafe Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:50

Groucho gets the invite to hang in Delavan at Harvest Cafe and taste a couple of great Point Brewing beers to get us ready for Summer…  Then Kevin rolls out some secret beers and a massive BBQ plate to round everything out! CHUD is home with the Chudlette and could not make the recording!  Hopefully, this is one of very few shows ever recorded without him! Also on the show is Kyle from RJ Distributing.  He is the second Cicerone in the Peoria area.  We enjoy some banter between Kyle and Kevin later in the show as they discuss tap politics. The show is over an hour!  Sorry.  You do need to stick around and hear about selfies with Auggie Busches exhumed body.  Just saying. Beers on the show:  Point Brewing Session pale Ale, Point Brewing Siesta Key Pale Ale, Goose Island Sophie, Deschutes Disadent 2015 Reserve,  New Holland Vinilla Chia Dragons Milk. On the show: Cicerone program. Fresh beer! Julian (Spell?) dates. Two week old beer! Porch Pounder???  Who coined that one? Cuban party with these Point beers? Kevin is the king of hugs! Groucho’s history lesson on his first visit to Harvest Cafe. Bourbon Barrel GI mistakenly priced. Shoutouts to local small bars…   Haynes on Main, Maquets and Kemps. No CHUD tonight! Kevin’s BBQ life lessons.  Make your kid the “Mop Boss”. Harvest Cafe fresh spring produce. The farm to table.  The real deal! The middle of everywhere…  Delavan IL. Bacteria!  The endless battle! Drink with your nose! Cheers Amy. Groucho gets to Soapbox. Fat Tire 25th Anniversary Beer Dinner at Harvest Cafe.  Mark your calender’s.  JUNE 21ST!!!! (Groucho, take your foot out of your mouth!) Sentimental Beer. Coor’s Banquet Beer gets a shout out! Kevin will not let the show end!!!!   More beer! BBQ Night at the Harvest Cafe! Halibut served with smashed Potatoes and local Ramps garnished with edible flowers. Kevin is becoming a foodie. Pork “Three times”. We all miss Grandpa Johns in Peoria. Kemp’s in Lexington talk edited out to protect ourselves from litigation! Kevin’s love for Notre Dame. Breakfast at Harvest. Jess, one of our “Number Ones”. Have you ever had a bad beer event…  Kevin answers all. Beer-tap wars. August Busches dead body would move some Budweiser at Harvest Cafe. Re-Grand Opening of the Exchange on April 9th!  Come down and check it out! THANK YOU HARVEST! THANK YOU KYLE from RJ Distributing. Beers on the show are mostly Kevin’s private selections saved up for this dinner. See you at the 2016 Peoria Jaycee’s Beerfest!

 TBR 79 – | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:45:19

Welcome to 2016! Groucho and CHUD sit down with an extra special bottle of 2013 DeStihl St Dekkera Excommunie Quatre.  From Barrels:  136, 138, 139 and 140.  Thanks to Shane! On the show: We are fresh out of ideas…  We posted some questions on the Facebook page asking for ideas. Sours are the new IPA’s??? Groucho’s tweet war.  @peorialawyer will get a tweet from Groucho in 3 years. CHUD…  Still like that Trump guy? Lemmy is dead! Glenn Campbell documentary. State of craft beer after the revolution. January 29th… Get with Groucho and CHUD at the VIP area and lets talk craft beer! New Brewery/PUB in Peoria…  Groucho gets flamed for being skeptical. A new podcast in Pekin!!!! Drunken Lullabies! Don’t make me sue you!

 TBR Special Edition – D2E2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:30:06

Beer on the show: Real Ale Sysaphis 2014 Thanks to PJ for this great beer from Real Ale in Texas. On the show: CHUDtone Iggy Pop overrated? Super Sweet? Ladies…  The soothing sounds of CHUDtones wash over you. Scorched Mother Earth.  We were idiots.  Mother Earth Brewing. Criticism…  Can you deal with it? Sysaphis was the dude who would lose it at the top of the mountain.  Damn Greeks! D2E2 10 year life lessons learned in beer podcasting. Groucho learned the value of 40 hours work. If you drink and are a *sshole…  Your a real *sshole in the real world! CHUD’s lesson:  The Girl at the record store is not your dream date. CHUD’s lesson 2:  Learn to breath through your balls???? Grouchos Lesson 2:   There is an evil man underground who will poke you for eternity. CHUD lesson 3:  If you dont like your spouses friends…  Your relationship will not last. The F’ing General Lee.  Groucho’s take on it. CHUD loves Atlanta! Ok… that last part might be a stretch… Apparently Atlanta and CHUD have issues!

 TBR 77 – D2E1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Decade two, Episode one! D2E1 It sounds like a crappy droid name from Star Wars… And we bring that up during the show. Beers on the show:  Shorts Brewing Company – Space Rock Beer.  Une Anee – Less is More, Une Anee – Devils Reign. On the Show: Star Wars… Groucho says still sucks JJ Abrams might save it all. D2E1, our crappy robot name. Legolas is the Ted Nugent of Lord of the Rings. Tommy Shaw’s death nail!  Damn Yankees. Like happy music?  Dont have CHUD make your playlist! Dead Kennedy’s at 8?  Too young? Last beer we had by Short’s blew up all over the place.  We got bad beer.  This beer tonight made up for it. Lots of beer in Central Illinois.  Over-saturated maybe? CHUD makes official apology to DeStihl Brewing in Normal. Re-Fleshing?  HP Lovecraft story. Groucho’s NE family vacation. Who should we share our 1996 Cantillon with?  Mega Bottle share? Property Hunters is fixed! A whole level of child safety is ruining society. Don’t identify yourself by your feelings!  Deep thoughts with Groucho & CHUD? Your feelings dont matter?  Sometimes you think wrong thoughts and need to learn how to understand that.  CHUD 2015 Infantalizing – CHUDISM? Learning how to be weird! CHAD? Evil Chad’s? OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! CHUD had a kid?  A chuddling?  Bianca might be a bit of a fake? How the Bianca character took her place in the show. The struggle! Beers on the show purchased at Friar Tuck in Peoria IL and Bud and Elsie’s in New Buffalo Michigan. Direct Link to File:

 TBR – Special Edition – 10th Anniversary Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:00

10 years kids!  Who would have thought that Groucho and CHUD could start a little show in July 2005 and keep it going consistently (fairly) for the last ten years.  Certainly not us! Beers on the show:  “Weez” and “Mean Old Tom” by Maine Brewing Company. On the Show: Jakyl intro! The Drunk Dial. The Names:  Groucho & CHUD. 10 years of progress in Craft Beer in Central Illinois. Gravyfest Shoutout! YouTube. Broadway Liquors sustained the show the first three years of the show. Biaggi’s review from years ago. Farm to Table in Central Illinois is finally coming! Live from Gravyfest!  Bubby and Doc. CHUD Rant!  Whats gone wrong with the world in the last 10 years! Trump? Bloom County is Back!!!! VHS games!!! Groucho’s guilt.  TBR confessions! Grapefruit Shandy!  Killer Leinie! The Future of TBR! KITH Quote! To Reg! Shoutout to Superfans! CHUD’s favorite episode:  4 Still embarrassed about mocking Avery Hog Heaven. One last shoutout to Jeff and Greg at Craftbeer Radio…  And a promise to podcast longer! Now… If you listened all the way through, you might be questioning the resolve of the owners of this show to be the beer crazed nuts that we have been in the past.  We still love beer… We still love hanging out with each other…  But the fact of the matter is…  CHUD now has a life as well!  Its going to be hard to pretend that we can get away with this much bad behavior forever!  We will still be out and about.  We will still hang and record.  But, events and launches are back burner events at this point. PLEASE GOD…  Isn’t there anyone else in Peoria Beercasting to fill the void???  Kinda shocking that there is not!  There seems to be a beer podcast in every town over 30,000 people! Beers purchased at some cool co-op in Vermont.  Thanks to the “dude” for help grabbing some cool beer!

 Peoria Brewing Company Show | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:00

Todd and Christian host us again!  The brewery is revisited after getting up and going!  Groucho and CHUD visited with Todd and Christian 9 months ago when the old paint store building was just a cold warehouse covered in dust.  Today, we go back on a “Mug Club” day to find a production brewery filled with people, music and food on the patio.  What a transformation!  The show is long, I realize that, but we do get into a lot of brewery business items at all times during the show, and I felt like it was not easily cut.  Remind me to do 2 shows next time! Apologies ahead of time…  Todd was on a different Microphone and over-modulated to start the show.  (Groucho forgot the 4th mic)  It gets better a few minutes in.  Its like herding cats when you do a podcast with 4 people! Groucho and CHUD do some but kissing! Criticism? How do you deal with that? Stevie Nicks talk leads into Kim Deal, leads into CB talk! Craftbeer Week 2015? Mainstream beer philosophy.  Session ales abound. Whats popped up that you didn’t expect? Managing a bar? CHUD’s pirate management book.  Publishing soon! Janet Jackson? The hours worked…. Biggest surprise. Todd is not trusted to run the “till”. Adam praise! Rothgar infamy beer. Sharing the experience makes the beer better. Todd is always sick! Pink Eye Saison.  Scott Bayo Saison? We control our own destiny!  Everyday you work in a brewery is a good day! Road show! Brains and Brawn! Where does the Rock Island Trail go? Are you happy you are on Pioneer Park? Mug Club! Beer as a business.  Brewers Distributing. Ran?  Sorry… Thought they were bikers! Rothgar commentary! Hefe!  They have a Hefeweizen! Josh Lanning and the beer dinner at the Fox Pub.  Marrow!!! THE FUTURE:  What does it hold for PBC? This summer…  Bands!  Madison Ward and the Momma Bear.  Belly Dancers.  Yoga and a flight! The Golf Room. Peoria Brewing smack talk. Food?  Its in the future for the bar. There are a few Mug Club spots open right now!  You get:  Shirt, new beers, copper mug, special bi annual events. “Dale”!  The PBC equivalent of Norm. What happens at PBC, stays at PBC! Find Peoria Brewing Company beers at any fine drinking establishment with great beers on tap in the middle of Illinois!  Seek them out! D

 2015 Craftbeer Week Roundup and Peoria Beerfest Roundup | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:30:26

Groucho is back for the final wrap up on the audio show for this years Peoria Beerfest and commentary on American Craftbeer Week 2015.  We then move on to clips from the festival VIP tent with Groucho & CHUD. Get to Peoria in late April for this Festival and be prepared to have a blast! On the show: Intro by Groucho with love for his local Peoria/Bloomington bars and restaurants that stepped it up for this years Craftbeer Week. Groucho & CHUD talk Peoria Beerfest. Belching Beaver Beer. Losing your head? Stone Brewing Theodors. Audio fail! Interview: Jennifer Ritter of the Peoria Jaycees. (at 9:00) Explore Peoria Video… Jennifer killed it! Do the VIP Tent! Northcoast Brewing Company J Marie. Interview:  Ken Chiu (Official TBR Photographer) (at 12:48) Breakfast at the Fox Pub before the Beerfest!!!  Lets pack the Fox next year! Fried Toast! Groucho drops an F Bomb! Kudos to Pat Hartzler from Brewers Distributing for all his acquisitions at the VIP tent. More F Bombs. Pat Hartzler is not pulled through on the audio show…  Hoping to pull through to video clips. Interview Luke Heminover (at 18:30) The Champagne Room at the VIP Tent. Who are the Jaycees? Trending, #Heminover Interview Steve King (at 21:45) Steve King verified the “Oldest Beerfest” with All About Beer. VIP Aftermath. Three Floyds Black Heart Interview Matt Rixner (at 24:00) Alchemist Heady Topper. “Wife…  Wife…”. More swearing… We are sorry!  Toast should never have that kind of language associated with it! Ken is back. Wrapup with Chud and Ken enjoying the Topper. The VIP tent is a great way to start the day the Jaycees Beerfest!  See you there next year!  

 Craftbeer Week 2015 – Day 4 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 0:00:01

Whats going on Thursday? Tartan Inn is giving away a guitar! Friday Night: Beer Cruise on the Spirit of Peoria Deschutes Tap Takeover at Fox Pub & Cafe Lakefront Tap Takeover at Fieldhouse Peoria Saturday: Gutbuster 5K and Mini Beerfest at UFS Homebrewer day with Destihl and the Hop Shop North Peoria Beerfest at Fox Pub and Cafe. Mini rant on contrived articles on Paste Magazine about Craft Beer. Interview from the Peoria Beerfest with Matt Rixner of the Fox Pub.  Lets pack the house for breakfast Per-Beerfest next year! Enjoy this upcoming weekend and be safe!  Get a Designated Driver for gods sake if you are hitting multiple places in Peoria.  (Y’know… Since we wont make it legal to UBER!)    


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