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Summary: We will attempt to demystify the realms of Mind, Body & Soul to bring you a more holistic and balanced way of living healthier in all realms of the psyche, the spirit and the body.

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  • Artist: Coach Steve Toth
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 Mind Body and Soul 06-03-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:00

This interview with Dr. Dean Allen-PhD in Psychology, a wellness and stress management expert and the man with the tools and the rules so that the "Force Can Be with YOU" will blow you away! Dr Allen said: " There is only one human problem in terms of personal problems and that can be described in one line: "Drag on spirit life force energy flow"-which comes from "trauma memory", which memory tries to repeat itself on automatic pilot. Unconscious emotional decisions is what runs us human beings which we have created in our childhood during experiencing trauma on a cellular level. Most human beings are in their "Primary Human Confusion" state making decisions in the present from their past memory. If you can't have concepts that fuse and match with reality you are by definition "Confused" if you can't conceptualize reality you can't live in reality. Dr Allen said: "You can't not have an elegant solution to the purpose of your life anymore then your clarity for the cause which really comes down to the unconscious decision which primarily comes from trauma memory" Dr Allen has developed a scientific method using infrared technology that mirrors human physical, emotional and mental processing. He scans his client's face with an infrared probe to get a reading on 23 memory organ gland systems in the body. This scan measures the density of electrons which translates to heat and the heat translates to resistance and the resistance translates to fear, fear translates to trauma memory. This tool helps him to identify his clients "core issues"-trauma memory much quicker then talk therapy which sometimes can take a year or more because clients resistance to re-experience the traumas. Each 23 glands equal to 23 core issues (matrix-network) or trauma memory which is deeply in our subconscious. The cause is unconscious the effect is conscious-it is easy to see the effect-hard to see the cause. The "elegant solution" is to become conscious of the cause so that you can cause a solution rather then a problem in your relationships, business, finance...etc. Consciousness is where individuals personal power comes from. We are either conscious or we are in defense mode which equals: "I don't have any power and I can't do anything as soon as you buy this the game is over. You must have clarity which is a very powerful too, you must be clear about who you are and how you function energetically. The game is between the rules and the tools. The rules are basically the "Laws of Energy" and thew tools are your 23 organ gland energy systems. When you are conscious enough to direct those tools so that they align with the rules "The Force is with YOU"-your ability to able to align with what is real and already there. Watch me interacting with Dr Allen about one of my "core issues"' "This system is light years ahead of any other form of therapy, and I highly recommend it to anyone who really wants to release old patterns" Louise L. Hay Best Selling Author of "You Can Heal Your Life"

 Mind Body and Soul 05-28-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:03:47

Interview with Marlene Pardo-a Certified Master Hypnotist and Life Coach, with experience in Behavior Modification and Interpersonal Relationships about Spirit Release Therapy. http://www.miamihypnocenter.com http://www.audiblepodcast.com/rcrn

 Mind Body and Soul 05-28-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:38

Interview with Marlene Pardo-a Certified Master Hypnotist and Life Coach with experience in Behavior Modification and Interpersonal Relationships. What is hypnosis and why most people confuse it with stage hypnosis? Marlene uses hypnosis in her practice to help people with relationships, children and life coaching to address the subconscious mind. She said: "12% of our mind consists of the conscious and 82% consists of our subconscious mind which is what runs us-so to think that we are in charge with our conscious mind is an illusion" She also helps a lot of her clients to quit smoking and with weight loss, sometimes it only takes one session, she said. We discussed her Spirit Release Therapy-what are the signs, what are the negative energies and where do they come from? and what is spirit releasement? In the final segment she hypnotized me to experience deep relaxation and did I ever. Her Internet connection momentarily quit and cut her off from the studio in the middle of the session and sense my eyes were glued shut by her, I had no idea what was going on-it is a must to watch and see how I came out of it! About Marlene Pardo: she is a Hypnosis & Behavior Modification Expert, Life Coach. Her career focus: Expert hypnotist, speaker and workshop coordinator. Her affiliation: American Hypnosis Association, National Guild of Hypnotists, AFL-CIO Hypnotherapist Union Local 472. She is a Certified Master Hypnotist and hold degrees in Behavioral Studies and Criminology. She received her hypnotherapy training from Hypnosis Motivation Institute, (a non-profit nationally accredited hypnosis training college and clinic of hypnotherapy that was founded in 1968 by Dr. John Kappas, who established the Kappasinian form of hypnosis). More about Marlene here: http://www.miamihypnocenter.com

 Mind body and Soul 05-21-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:29

Interview with Karen Parsons-Life and Business Coach discussing "core issues". http://www.successfulsolutionslifecoaching.com

 Mind Body and Soul 05-21-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:57

Interview with Karen Parsons-Life and Business Coach. Reviewing her "Feeling Trapped in Life" coaching program. http://www.successfulsolut ionslifecoaching.com

 Mind Body and Soul 05-20-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:04

Interview with Natasha Abudarham-Brussels , Belgium-Life Transformation Specialist, http://www.natashaabudarham.com

 Mind Body and Soul 05-20-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:55

Interview with Natasha Abudarham from Brussels, Belgium. She is "Your Life Transformation Specialist" at http://www.natashaabudarham.com

 Mind Body and Soul 05-14-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:49

Interview with Cathryn McIntyre-Author of "The Honor in Concord" http://www.theconcordwriter.com

 Mind Body and Soul 05-14-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:04

Interview with Cathryn McIntyre-Literary Historian, Independent Scholar, Natural Psychic and an Author Cathryn shared how she was destined to adore and admire Henry David Thoreau the transcendentalist writer of Concord, Massachusetts and gave her the purpose to write her book the "Honor in Concord-Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord". We talked about the understanding of spirit and the two word not talked about much these days: honor and integrity. Cathryn said: "The message here is that all that we think, say and do has meaning. Our actions and intentions make up the very essence of who we are and help to form the circumstances of the world in which we live." Her 20 plus years in astrology helped to satisfy her curiosity about such phenomenons as: clairvoyance, medium-ship, the near death experience, past and parallel lives and alien abductions. In our final segment she described the unusual events occurred that led to her current work the "Thoreau's Wise Silence", a book that brings Thoreau and his message to life again in the 21st century. More about Cathryn McIntyre: she is an independent scholar of the life and work of transcendentalist writer, Henry David Thoreau and of the literary history of 19th century Concord, Massachusetts. She is also a gifted writer whose book, Honor in Concord: Seeking Spirit in Literary Concord, combines her passion for Concord's literary history with the story of her own spiritual pursuits. more information at: http://www.theconcordwriter.com/Cathryn_McIntyre.html

 Mind Body and Soul 05-13-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:04

Interview with Donna Marie Thompson-PhD,. Certified Professional Coach, Master Practitioner of the Energy Leadership Index and Co-author of "Bouncing Back:Thriving in Changing Times" with Brian Tracy, David Ricklen, Wayne Dyer and John Assaraf. Donna Marie lost her mother, her man, her money and her health all at the same time. She describes how life was like before these major life changes and what it was like after experiencing all these losses all at once. She said: "People live their lives on auto-pilot-she was a big defender and most are not aware that there is a way out, could do it nor change how to react to situations." Forgiveness of self and others was a the pinnacle of our conversation. We talked about why and how she got involved co-writing her book and how it would serve people going through grief, emotional healing and recovery. We also discussed her 5 E's to Recovery Coaching Program, is it realistic to be happy most of the time and when people are stuck what does it take to break through the wall of resistance? I would like to acknowledge Donna Marie Thompson for her resilience when it comes to technology as a baby-boomer, her intelligence and love to serve others to heal from grief through recovery. About: Donna Marie Thompson, PhD, co-author of Bouncing Back:Thriving in Changing Times with Brian Tracy, David Riklan, Wayne Dyer, and John Assaraf. The 5 E's To Recovery Program provides a structured, supportive, and positive environment for you to find your joy and happiness - to heal and move on. To cope and conquer. To overcome. more info at: http://www.bouncingbacknow.com

 Mind Body and Soul 05-07-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:56

Interview with Bambi Corso-Life Practitioner, A DreamTender. Coach Steve Toth discusses the Law of Attraction and what was missing from the movie The Secret with his guest. http://bambicorso.com/

 Mind Body and Soul 05-07-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:52

Interview with Bambi Corso-Practitioner of Life, A certified Law of Attraction Coach and a Dreamtender. We talked about the great marketing of "The Secret" the movie and what were missing to make it a complete experience. How important future visioning is to be able to access being and having what we want in our lives at a vibrational level of alignment. Listen to what came to Bambi when I have mentioned the following words: curiosity, passion, patients and authenticity. She said "our life journey is about becoming more authentic with who we really are". Dreaming is a huge fascinating mystery. We have explored one of my most important dreams that I can still remember from the time I was only 9 years old. She helped me to understand how that dream played a very important role in who and what I have become. Bambi has an awesome sense of clarity about her. About Bambi Corso: she is a practitioner of life, not simply a coach. She believes that each of us possesses the power to change. She did it; she can help you do it too. She is a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and a DreamTender. She believes in possibilities; in the power of change; and know that every individual has the ability to chart a different path simply by choosing an authentic life based on deliberate choices. As a Life Coach, she uses her training to help others open their minds to enhanced perspectives that support these changes, working to overcome limiting beliefs that may keep someone from manifesting the life they desire. She uses her expertise in DreamTending to help support that mindset, more about Bambi Corso go here: http://bambicorso.com/about-me/

 Mind Body and Soul 05-06-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:03:21

How core issues are born? with Helen Kerrison, http://www.insightinbusiness.com

 Mind Body and Soul 05-06-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:03

Interview with Helen Kerrison-Inspirational Speaker, Presenter, Coach, Trainer and Specialist in Enabling Change. This was a very rich conversation about the pain human being experience in life, how they run from it and create lots of dramas. Helen has an awesome coaching program and process she shared and how she takes her clients through the process of; Discover-Communicate-Manage. We were not shy on the program to share ourselves, our past drama's, vulnerabilities and how we have created possibilities for joy and happiness in the world to day. Helen shared "Doesn't it make sense to find out more about the part of you that's really running the show?" find out what part by listening to the show! Helen is a very authentic coach and human being, I have experienced knowing her all my life and we just met. About Helen: Helen combines intuitiveness and emotional awareness with aresults-oriented and pragmatic approach to motivate and inspire those she works with and deliver profound, insightful and sustainable results Helen comes from a communications and marketing background and spent more than 10 years working in global companies prior to setting up her own company, Insight in Business, in 2005. She is a certified corporate and executive coach, a personal development coach and NLP trainer and EFT practitioner. Learn more by going here: http://www.insightinbusiness.com/contact/about/

 Mind Body and Soul 04-30-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:14

Interview with Pamela Moss-Artist-Workshop Leader-Inner Vision Portraits-2 gifts for YOU from Pamela Moss: http://www.powerofmyvision .com main website: http://www.innervisionportraits.com


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