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Mind, Body and Soul Show

Summary: We will attempt to demystify the realms of Mind, Body & Soul to bring you a more holistic and balanced way of living healthier in all realms of the psyche, the spirit and the body.

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  • Artist: Coach Steve Toth
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 Mind Body and Soul 04-30-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:29

Interview with Pamela Moss-Artist, Workshop Leader and a recognized Authority on Unschooling. There is a statement on her website "She helps people remember who they really are" between that and her beautiful artwork, I was instantly connected to the gental soul she is and felt very safe in her company. The thousands of shows I have done in the last 5 years, this is one of my favorite! Her passion is painting possibility portraits of individuals, couples or families. She can do this over the phone and from pictures so it doesn't have to be in person. The purpose of these beautiful very detailed paintings are to "remember who you really are". I can't think of a higher calling then what Pam does and in a similar way it is what we do here at Real Coaching Radio Network. We motivate you to do that "one thing" , the reason you came into existence here on this planet, to master the biggest challenge of your life and then teach it to others! We also discussed her visioning and vision board workshops. 2 gifts for YOU from Pamela Moss at: http://www.powerofmyvision.com, Gift #1: Seeing Your Light Handbook, Gift #2. Complimentary Power Session with Pamela About Pamela Moss: Well, basically I’m just someone who’s discovered that what lights me up is helping others see what lights them up — I live to see and celebrate the divine light in each of us. I’ve been fortunate to have my Possibility Portraits featured in the #1 Spirituality bestseller, The Vision Board: The Secret to an Extraordinary Life by Joyce Schwarz, and also on national TV. I’m also grateful to lead vision board workshops around the country, such as Vision-Powered Planning for Entrepreneurs and Treasure Mapping: Creating an Extraordinary Year — participants call these unique workshops “dynamite,” “wonderful,” and “tremendously beneficial.” for more information on Pamela Moss: http://innervisionportraits.com/about

 Mind Body and Soul 04-29-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:46

Interview with Mark Anthony-Medium-Psychic Connections, Spirit Contact-Remote Viewing http://www.healgriefwithbelief.com/

 Mind Body and Soul 04-29-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:49

Medium Mark Anthony the "Psychic Lawyer" takes questions about spirit contact on the Mind Body and Soul Show. Marked shared his background and family history and how he was being born into medium-ship. We talked about a recent radio network in Canada banning psychics and how the owner of the station doesn't get that declaring a war and a crusade to eliminate psychics from public exposure doesn't work. I have shared a number of psychic episodes from my own life experience to get an explanation and Marks views on; psychic high frequency connections with others and remote viewing. Mark has done a spirit contact with my father on the show and for a number of listeners in the Stickam and BlogTV chat rooms-with phenomenal accuracy. We have also talked about his upcoming book "Spirit to the Rescue-Healing Grief with Help from the Other Side" About Mark Anthony: he is a practicing medium, descended from a long line of psychics and mediums. For over 100 years, his ancestors have had significant psychic and mediumistic ability. These courageous people of faith had to cope with extraordinary challenges ranging from the deaths of loved ones to kidnapping, the Great Depression, two world wars, and the “stigma” of having psychic and mediumistic abilities in a time, when those gifts were looked upon as a curse, instead of the blessing. More about Mark Anthony here: http://www.healgriefwithbelief.com/About

 Mind Body and Soul 04-22-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:34

Michael Schuessler-Author of the Top selling book, “The Holy G-rail”. and a sexuality life coach. http://www.theholyg-rail.com/

 Mind Body and Soul 04-22-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:52

Interview with Michael Schuessler, we talked about the "G", and his book, The Holy G-rail. A little about myself: I'm a sexuality life coach and the author of the Top selling book, “The Holy G-rail”. (G-spot, R-relating, A-anatomy, I-into, L-lovemaking) I believe all women are The Holy Grail and should be treated as such. The Holy G-rail shows the dualities between the fabled "HOLY GRAIL" and the beautiful women that are within our presence daily. All the chapters in my book ............. Will revitalize our relations and create a more passionate and intimate love life. This will transcend every aspect of our daily lives. Listen, communicate and be patient with your lover. Above all, challenge yourself to do this daily, and the chalice will always be within your grasp. I has been interviewed by many Local, National and International magazines and radio shows including; The Susan Block radio show out of LA as well as Sirius 198 PLAYBOY Radio's "The Afternoon Advice Show" with -Host- Tiffany Granath and "Night Calls" with -Host- Christy Canyon. Locally I have been on shows like, 106.7 KBPI "The Uncle Nasty Show" and 105.9 Alice "Your time with Kim Iverson" just to mention a few. Find out about what is a What is a Sexuality Life Coach!! Also check out my Q&A column "Ask Michael" at Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/x-12495-Denver-Sex-and-Sensuality-Examiner I'm the Sex and Sensuality Examiner for Denver. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail me at Michael@holygwear.com Smiles Michael Schuessler http://www.theholyg-rail.com http://www.amazon.com Join me on my other sites: http://www.facebook.com/michael.schuessler2 http://www.myspace.com/theholyg http://www.tagged.com/theholyg htpp://www.twitter.com/theholyg

 Mind Body and Soul 04-15-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:45

Interview with Dean A Banks about "Spirituality Guidance" http://www.realcoachingradio.net/content/mind-body-and-soul-1

 Mind Body and Soul 04-15-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:34

Interview with Dean A. Banks-musician, recording artist, recording engineer, author and producer. Our show theme was "Spirituality Guidance". We discussed who we are as human beings and how we function energetically. Dean has been in television and worked in the motivational industry, We talked about how those experiences plus being and editor and chief plus a webmaster is all connected to what he is doing to day. He is publishing his new book and starting his Spiritual Guidance WebTV station in May. We have also discussed seekers and tribes and how we all seem to become the same as we get older in life, focusing on our passions and living from love vs fear. About: Dean A. Banks, MCIWD, DD has been a touring musician, recording artist, recording engineer and producer during the course of his 40 plus year career. He earned his D.D. degree (Theology) from UCS in 1985. After college Dean taught audio engineering technology at the University of Sound Arts (USA) in Hollywood, CA. Dean’s song "Feel The Wind In Your Sails" received high acclaim when the song was played in the L.A. radio market during the ‘80’s. Branching out, Dean appeared on the Los Angeles market (Channel 9) television show “There Is A Way” and performed at the Shrine Auditorium in L.A in 1982 to promote the single release of his song “People Are Wanting Your Love.” He spoke on pursuing your dreams at The Mind, Body & Spirit Festival in San Diego, CA. in 1985. learn more here about Dean: http://www.triond.com/users/Spirituality+Guide

 Mind Body and Soul 04-08-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:58:56

Interview with Dr Karen Sherman-Psychologist, Relationship Coach, Author and Seminar Leader. Dr Karen and I really clicked fast on this show, she had me at her New York accent. We talked about her background and how she ended up doing so much work in helping people to create healthy relationships. She answered many questions like "Do opposites really attract and is that a good foundation to start a relationship?" I guessed the 3 common reason couples fight and yes I nailed them; money, sex and some form of control over the relationship. Dr Karen touched my heart when she stated that couples need to embrace each other including their dark side and not be triggered by them. Building each other up not tearing each other down should be the Status Que. Listen below to the 15 minute snippet of Dr Karen talking about how important it is to transform the pain we all feel inside and to free us up so that we can all experience the peace and joy of life. We also discussed two of her books; "Marriage Magic-Find it-Keep It-and Make It Last" and "Mindfulness and the Art of Choice-Transform Your Life." What is her "Art of Choice Program" about: Most of us live in a basic state of mindlessness. When we live mindlessly it means we simply function. We exist rather than live - like we’re on “autopilot” and therefore not really conscious of what we are doing. We are not taking responsibility for our actions, reactions, or behaviors. Despite this gray state of existence, we’re surrounded by choices at every moment, each an opportunity for change, each an opportunity to live mindfully.

 Mind Body and Soul 04-02-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:37

Interview with Vicki Hannah Lein-Award Winning International Singer, Songwriter, Author, Motivational Speaker and founder of Coach for Life. In my pursuit of building Real Coaching Radio Network for over four years now, I have come across a lot of coaches, trainers, authors, small business people and professionals. In my "guest technology training", I have noticed that the most challenged people are from the "baby-boomers" era. The only exception to this are people being involved in technology in some way. I do not know why this is, other then maybe it's about their conviction for freedom and listening is not a big part of that, lol. Anyway, when I first contacted Vicki and found out that she was legally blind and a baby-boomer, not involved in technology and had no issues with Skypy, our website and our studio-guess what no more excuses for baby-boomers. If she can do it anybody can. She said "If You're Afraid of Technology, I think You're Playing the Fool: If a Blind Middle-aged Woman Can do it, You Can do It!" We talked about relationships, parenting and addiction issues. She said "Many people talk about thinking outside the box. Talk is cheap. I know how to get people to step out of the box, sing, yes sing, move their bodies, laugh at themselves, and feel more energetic, energized and motivated than they have felt in a long time. They are ready to be brave. They are ready to take action. They are ready to be creative and find new solutions to old, sticky problems." I would like to acknowledge Vicki for being the "Queen of Self-expression", a rare and prestigious quality in a human being.

 Mind Body and Soul 04-01-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:34

Interview with Kerrace Alexander-Spiritual Teacher, Facilitator, Author and founder of BigFish Strategies. Kerrace shared her background with the listeners and brought us up to date as to how she has got to where she is to day. Her father was a spiritual teacher and she disliked and resisted him in her early life. It is interesting to learn that when we negate our parents we are actually blocking our own freedom and growth. The theme for the show was: Personal Responsibility and Accountability. Kerrace said: "When we take personal responsibility for creating our reality we open ourselves to the very mysteries of the universe and we then become channels for spiritual information learning a language more universal then the human tongues." If our lives are regimented our creativity is limited then we become threatened by our ability to create. In all honesty creativity releases our inner power. The qualities of Innovation and flexibility are creative forces we need to unlock with in all of us at this particular time in history in our world. Creativity is the key to unlocking the qualities of innovation and flexibility and we must honor these qualities within ourselves and within each other. We must honor the means which makes creativity possible and protect ourselves from those phenomena which threaten to shut down this basic life force as our very future depends on it. Very quickly I have found common ground with Kerrace sense I have been practicing "Core Issue" work for many years which we have in common. She uses similar work in her "RippleFX Manifestation System" learn more about it here: http://bigfishstrategies.blogspot.com/

 Mind Body and Soul 03-26-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:15

http://www.realcoachingradio.net/ Interview with Donna Amrita Davidge-owner of Sewall House Yoga Retreat in Main. Coach Steve Toth has a conversation about yoga retreats and what they can offer. This one you should check out. http://myrxforliving.com

 Mind Body and Soul 03-26-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:22

Interview with Donna Amrita Davidge-Owner of Sewall House Yoga Retreat in Island Falls, Main. We talked about yoga, yoga retreats, meditation, healing and Self-growth. Donna is a very gentle human being. I was challenged from being bliss-ed out several times during our conversation. A little history about The William Sewall House yoga retreat in Island Falls, Maine; has been entered into the National Register of Historic Places. Built by Mr. Sewall in 1865, it was the community's first post office. Mr. Sewall, Island Falls' first citizen, met young Theodore Roosevelt there in 1872 and for three successive fall expeditions served as Roosevelt's guide and companion After 1878 Mr. Roosevelt never returned to Island Falls, but he and Mr. Sewall corresponded frequently. In 1886, Mr.Sewall built Theodore Roosevelt's ranch in North Dakota and told him in 1887: "If you go into politics and live, your chance to be President is good."... Mr. Sewall gained much of his native knowledge from the Indians and was an excellent log man. Donna's great grandfather's chosen location in northern Maine is close to Canada and near Mt. Katahdin, where the sun first hits the East Coast as it rises; you can enjoy the nearby forests, lakes (Mattawamkeag Lake and Pleasant Lake), Baxter State Park and wildlife such as moose and loons. It is here you will be able to experience serenity and solitude, away from the trappings of everyday life. The Yoga retreat offers a warm Bed & Breakfast atmosphere filled with antique treasures and books as well as a lovely fireplace for gatherings in the living room. Yoga DVD's and books are available for use during your stay. Kent and Donna are grateful for all the guests who have chosen Sewall House for their Yoga Vacation. They truly enjoy being with those who return, newcomers, mothers & daughters, honeymooners & couples, friends traveling together, singles, families, married folk looking for some solo time, and retirees. Sewall House has been evolving in times when yoga has been booming all over the world. They believe in evolving with the guests and their needs. Their approach is simple: "Everyone has the right to be Healthy, Happy & Whole". They also share tools that their guests can bring home, healthy eating, thinking and being. Donna Amrita Davidge and Kent Bonham continue to fully commit themselves to the historic legacy of the house, it's American Heritage, and their own evolvement within the yoga community and the world.

 Mind Body and Soul 03-25-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:22

http://www.realcoachingradio.net/ Interview with Phil Fragasso-Investment Adviser and Author-how to make your financial choices work hard for you. Coach Steve Toth asks some questions on investment research and current state of the financial market. http://myrxforliving.com

 Mind Body and Soul 03-25-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:48

Interview with Phil Fragasso-Investment Adviser, Author and president of iPension Llc about safe investing. For most of us it is challenging to listen to and trust financial experts these days. When I was in finance the number one reason underwriters would reject loans was financial mismanagement. Our financial industry has gone through that at the highest levels in the last few years so you may say; "what a double standard". I asked Phil about it on the the show why this has happened?-his response was greed! Phil has a dedication and obligation to educate people about their financial choices and to show them why the traditional approach to investing is flawed. He has your needs at heart not some sales person at a financial institution putting you into a financial product because that will yield him the highest commission for himself at the end of the day. Phil also teaches several investing topics at the Boston Center for Adult Education and "Leadership and Ethics" at the Boston College. I smiled with joy when we talked about his commitment and the obligation he feels to educate. There is nothing more important right now for all of us to do then to personally make a difference by educating ourselves. Get our economy moving again and make good on our financial mistakes by putting it backinto balance which includes myself. We talked about his books and motivation for writing them; "Your Nest Egg Game Plan"-How to Get Your Finances Back on Track and Create a Lifetime Income Stream and "Marketing for Rain Makers"-52 Rules of Engagement to Attract and Retain Customers for Life. What is the single biggest message I got out of speaking with Phil?-you got to have a financial plan even if you have recently lost everything in our financial meltdown regardless of your age. http://hardworkingmoney.com/

 Mind Body and Soul 03-18-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:06:01

Interview Liz Pagayonan-Intentional Scrapbooking Expert. Coach Steve Toth and his guest went through a whole list of emotions that can be much more understood and dealt with through the use of Scrapbooking as a tool for personal transformation. http://www.creatingintentions.com


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