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Mind, Body and Soul Show

Summary: We will attempt to demystify the realms of Mind, Body & Soul to bring you a more holistic and balanced way of living healthier in all realms of the psyche, the spirit and the body.

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  • Artist: Coach Steve Toth
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 Mind Body and Soul 09-09-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:30

Habits, Neuroscience and the Brain. Coach Steve Toth and his guest Merydith Willoughby talk about the role that these things play in our thinking and in our daily lives. http://www.ibcoaching.com.au

 Mind Body and Soul 09-09-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:55:06

Second interview with Merydith Willoughby-she is an award winning International Organizational Development Consultant and the author of the book "Sex in the Boardroom". This time around we talked about habits and how to change them, create new ones. Neuroscience and the human brain. http://www.ibcoaching.com.au

 Mind Body and Soul Radio 09-03-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:46

Energy Journey. Coach Steve Toth and his awesome guest, Amethyst Wyldfyre talk about how powerful all forms of healing energy (everything is energy) can be in our lives. Listeners get your free gifts from Amethyst here: http://www.theenergyjourney.com/gift…

 Mind Body and Soul Radio 09-03-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:47

Interview with Amethyst Wyldfyre, MsD-she is a Energy Mastery Coach who Energizes Passion-preneurs – the Leaders in Transformational Coaching, Speaking, Performing and Counseling to easily deliver extraordinary shifts for and with their highly invested soul purpose aligned clients as they express their mission, vision and service to humanity. On the show we have explored why being grounded is important, how to be grounded?, being in nature and the importance of our breath. Amethyst clearly described her 5 pillar coaching process and why coaches have a challenge with giving time for coaching income vs having a value mindset. From her personal experience of answering the call to a higher purpose and mission along with a lifetime of experience as a serial entrepreneur herself, Amethyst is familiar with both the journey as well as the “energetic shifts” that can be made to get clear, focused, present and grounded in one’s true destiny and how to live out that destiny through entrepreneurial activities. Find our more about Amethyst here:http://www.theenergyjourney.com To get her special gifts for the listeners of this show go to: http://www.theenergyjourney.com/gifts

 Mind Body and Soul Radio 09-02-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:34

Coach Steve Toth and his guest, Annamaria Poluha of Wellness Dynamics talked about how to get wellness now. There are many small steps you can take to get huge results. http://thewellnessdynamics.com

 Mind Body and Soul Radio 09-02-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:00

Interview with Annamaria Poluha-she is a master coach and a certified nutritionist (IBNFC), certified life coach (CPCC), certified personal trainer (NASM), and a published writer. Over the past five years, Annamaria Poluha has designed over 500 life style programs that yield permanent weight loss, energy, vitality and ultimate health – and freedom, peace of mind and happiness for her clients. She has shared a couple of her childhood traumas that she has mastered in her life which now enables her to teach others: “I have battled weight almost my entire life, “ says Annamaria”. From being a teenage athlete, I found myself struggling with two eating disorders. I overcame bulimia and living in a body I despised through my own discovery of the power of nutrition, positive psychology and esteem filled real life experiences. Annamaria has taught corporate workshops and groups and she appeared as an AOL health expert and on numerous radio programs. She was also featured in “Fitness Magazine” in an article about her victorious battle with bulimia and how her unique teaching methodology takes each individual through a practice of esteem building exercises along with establishing health as your foundation for life. More about Annamaria here: http://thewellnessdynamics.com Get her 3 gifts for the listeners of the program: http://thewellnessdynamics.com/gifts

 Mind Body and Soul Radio 08-27-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:42

The Dragon or fear in our lives, Coach Steve Toth and his guest Karen Parsons talk about the fear that we all carry around with us from the moment of birth in our unconscious mind and DNA. Check out Karen's special offer: http://www.successfulsolutionslifecoaching.com/Feeling-Trapped.html

 Mind Body and Soul Radio 08-27-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:40

This week's episode: Karen Parsons third appearance on the network completing the review of her "Feeling Trapped?-Free Yourself Now! Life Improvement Program with Coach Steve. Trap 9-Are You Feeling it? and Trap 10-The Constant Companion. Get Karen's Special Offer here: http://www.successfulsolutionslifecoaching.com/Feeling-Trapped.html

 Mind Body and Soul 08-26-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:01

Communication and self-expression. Coach Steve Toth and his guest Kay White discuss building self confidence in a way that is clear and understandable. http://www.wayforwardcoaching.com

 Mind Body and Soul 08-26-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:47

Interview with Kay White-Executive Coach and an NLP Licensed Practitioner. We talked about the importance of having Clarity, communication and self-expression. http://www.wayforwardcoaching.com

 Mind Body and Soul 08-20-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:03:38

How to stay positive in a quickly changing world? http://www.spiritualconsultations.com

 Mind Body and Soul 08-20-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:37

Dr Rachel Kohler-Medium, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Remote Viewer and Pet and Animal Communicator returning to the show to talk about; Quickening, Remote Viewing, How do we stay positive in this incredibly fast changing world?, Crop Circles and Demons and Goblins. http://www.spiritualconsultations.com

 Mind Body and Soul 08-19-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:03:04

What role do support groups play after a relationship break-up? http://www.bouncingbacknow.com

 Mind Body and Soul 08-19-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:00

This episode: How to bounce back from a break-up with Donna Thompson-Relationship Coach. http://www.bouncingbacknow.com

 Mind Body and Soul 08-06-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:06

Relationships and transitions by Geoff Laughton http://www.geofflaughton.com


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