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Mind, Body and Soul Show

Summary: We will attempt to demystify the realms of Mind, Body & Soul to bring you a more holistic and balanced way of living healthier in all realms of the psyche, the spirit and the body.

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  • Artist: Coach Steve Toth
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 Mind Body and Soul 03-18-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:21

Interview with Liz Pagayonan-Intentional Scrapbooking Expert. She describes what scrapbooking is and how it can be used to create and attract what you really desire in life. How it creates loving chemical reaction in the brain and it can be a great tool for personal transformation. I introduced a recent coaching client example for Liz to use as a model to demonstrate the power of her transformational tool-scrapbooking or vision board for "man only". " From coaching client: "Your question and comment, the last time we spoke, really caught my attention: "you need to find out who you are." Coach Steve, no one has ever asked me that....what a tough question! At the present time, my self-worth, and who I am, is based on how much money I make, what I accomplish, my title, the importance of my job, and what other people think of me." Liz explains the human suffering and pain. Where does it come from and how we distract ourselves not to feel it. We are thought to look for answers outside of ourselves, we look to Google, experts, books, tapes, seminars. We do not go within ourselves to get our own inner guidance. We also talked about how our "core issue" is born and how it is possible to be in the present moment and feel the flow and joy of life. Knock..knock..who is there?-my grand-kids interrupt the show and I don't loose it like I would have ten years ago, I incorporate them into the show to have everyone be reminded how free kids are and we need to learn more from them vs. us teaching them how life is supposed to be from our limited perspective. http://www.creatingintentions.com About Liz Pagayonan: she lives and works according to her passion- scrapbooking and awakening to conscious awareness. Every day she spends time scrapbooking to create and attract all the things she desire in life. She effortlessly experience unconditional love and appreciation from her three precious daughters. Her goal is to inspire the world even if it is one person at a time!

 Mind Body and Soul 03-12-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:07:12

Interview with Amanda Harvey-from Taiwan. She is a teacher, speaker and writer. Amanda explains international adoption and why she wrote her new book to Coach Steve Toth. http://www.realcoachingradio.net/content/mind-body-and-soul-1

 Mind Body and Soul 03-12-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:56

Interview with Amanda Harvey-she is a native of Australia, is currently based in Taiwan. Working as a teacher, trainer, speaker, and writer, sheas spent the last decade living in various countries throughout Europe and Asia. Through her work and life experiences, Amanda has developed a strong passion for encouraging others to embrace their differences and become empowered to choose their own paths. Finding love in an unexpected way, and overcoming the stigma of depression while learning to live a happy, healthy life, provided Amanda with enormous opportunity for personal growth. Making alternative life choices, including living abroad and becoming a mother-of-three through interracial adoption, has shaped Amanda’s sense of purpose in life. In all her work, the key message that Amanda endeavors to share is that there is always a choice, and that the only right way to choose life is your way. Amanda is the author of two books. One is a self-help book entitled Freedom from Shame; Overcoming the Stigma of Depression. This book is a personal account of Amanda’s experiences of coming to terms with suffering from depression. She shares the process she developed and used to overcome the stigma and shame she experienced, and how she is now enjoying a happy healthy life, even with depression. Amanda's other title is Not My Flesh and Blood, But My Heart and Soul. This book is a memoir telling of Amanda’s journey to motherhood through trans-racial adoption. Amanda shares her deep realization that family love can transcend all conventions and stereotypes, and that there are many ways to create a family. She declares that biology is only one way of being related. http://www.choosing-life-my-way.com

 Mind Body and Soul 03-11-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:29

Interview with Rae-Ann Wood Schatz-President of Personal Best Seminars-Alberta. Coach Steve Toth listens while Rae-Ann explains her business success. She does walk the talk. http://www.realcoachingradio.net/content/mind-body-and-soul-1

 Mind Body and Soul 03-11-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:58:05

Interview with Rae-Ann Wood Schatz-President of Personal Best Seminars Alberta, she has a background in psychology. She has a passion for making a difference and supporting people in transforming their lives. She said-"To create lasting change, changing behavior, just doing it differently and creating positive reinforcement is not enough." Finding out and understanding why we do what we do and what is in our subconscious is a critical part of personal development and creating long term change. We talked about what does it take to dream and manifest the things we want. She has shared the years of joy and abundance that she has experienced sense doing her personal growth work. We also talked about the different programs available at Personal Best Seminars such as the Ultimate Evolution Program and Personal Freedom Program. In our last segment we touched on passion, self-expression and accountability. http://www.personalbestseminars.com About Rae-Ann Wood Schatz: My background is in Psychology and at the time I became a participant in Personal Best I was already feeling some sense of disillusionment with my progress and perceived success with my clients. I had received most of my academic and practical training in the 80's, a time when the focus on the human potential was about getting people to just change their behavior with the understanding - just do it differently, create positive reinforcement and your change process is almost certain. Well, ever been on a diet? Something was off with that theory! Working in the battered woman's movement I had come to realize we weren't making much progress and it was through my experience as a client at Personal Best I realized there were many nuggets of information held within the course and I felt compelled to do my part to communicate those to the planet. As I progressed through the process, the opportunity to take over the Edmonton office was available and despite the fact I was hoping for a Hawaii franchise, I practiced what the course had taught me about risk taking, manifestation, intention and dream creation. I have learned what it means to dream and to manifest and have been enjoying years of joy and abundance doing what I do with Personal Best Seminars Alberta.

 Mind Body and Soul 02-25-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:22:13

Interview with Frankie Picasso-full time radio show host, author, life coach and human rights activist. This is what the fans and clients say about unstoppable Frankie Picasso, she is: dynamic and intelligent, compassionate, charismatic leader, instigator for change and a beautiful soul. We talked about her obstacles in personal and business life, coaching philosophy and values and the "Dark Side" of Frankie. She talked about the tough times most everyone is going through right now and what she does to make a shift herself to accommodate that. She also talked about her book and the human rights activities she is involved in. On this show and hopefully many other shows will follow on our network we are going to give away free product and services to callers. We did give away a free book to our second caller on the show to a listener from our Stickam syndication channel the "Midlife Mojo-How to Get Through the Midlife Crises and Emerge as Your True Self"-by Frankie Picasso. The show was closed with a very engaging conversation with our caller and winner a young 24 year old man at a crossroads in his life about perusing his passion or go to dental school and become a doctor to please his family. http://www.unstoppablefrankiepicasso.com/ Call into our shows to win free products and services! VIP hotline 303-872-0503

 Mind Body and Soul 02-25-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:16

Interview with Frankie Picasso-life coach, full time radio show host, author. Coach Steve Toth had just an amazing interview. They talked about a lot of great subjects including Frankie's new book on Midlife Crisis http://www.unstoppablefrankiepicasso.com/

 Mind Body and Soul 01-29-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:33

Interview with Dr Judith Boice-award winning author, international teacher, naturpathic physician and acupuncturist on Real Coaching Radio Network http://realcoachingradio.net

 Mind Body and Soul 01-29-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:02:52

Interview with Dr. Judith Boice-award winning author, international teacher, naturpathic physician and acupuncturist. Show theme: natural health, water healing method, Chinese medicine and qigong.

 Mind Body and Soul on 1230 WBLQ 01-21-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:46

Show Theme: Sexual Addiction and the Tiger Woods Story-Interview with Chaney Weiner-Founder of Wealth Mastery Success Program

 Mind Body and Soul 01-15-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:08

We will attempt to demystify the realms of Mind, Body & Soul to bring you amore holistic and balanced way of living healthier in all realms of the psyche, the spirit and the body. A healthy spirit is a healthy mind and a healthy mind is a healthy body. When all parts function in harmony life can exceed all your expectations. Only then, can you become who you always wanted to be.

 Mind Body and Soul 01-08-2010 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:05:03

How to meditate and why?

 Mind Body and Soul 01-08-2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:05:37

An interview with Maya McLaghlin-Meditation Teacher-Author and Radio Show Host from Scotland. We have explored her travels and deep learning curves on the show including her passions; meditation and writing. About Maya: she was born in Ayrshire and, being of typical Gemini nature,feel privileged thus far to be living a full, if unusual, life made up of much travel and steep learning curves. Other than that I’d say I’m fairly normal… I live with my husband, the lovely Twig (who is more spiritual than he knows) and I have a beautiful daughter, Louise (my pride and joy). In addition to literature, I am passionate about red squirrels (those cute little guys have to be saved!) and watercolour art – I go on the premise that if I paint enough, one day I might actually get good at it. I am also part of a Spiritual Development Group and I am an Adult Literacy Volunteer. http://mayamclaughlin.com

 Mind Body and Soul 12-18-2009 | File Type: video/mpeg | Duration: 00:04:21

Interview with Mark Anthony Psychic Lawyer and Medium completing three readings for callers from the other side.

 Mind Body and Soul 12-18-2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:25:18

Interview with Mark Anthony-Psychic Lawyer and Medium. Mark has conducted three different readings for callers from the other side. About Mark Anthony: Mark Anthony is a practicing medium, descended from a long line of psychics and mediums. For over 100 years, his ancestors have had significant psychic and mediumistic ability. These courageous people of faith had to cope with extraordinary challenges ranging from the deaths of loved ones to kidnapping, the Great Depression, two world wars, and the “stigma” of having psychic and mediumistic abilities in a time, when those gifts were looked upon as a curse, instead of the blessing. http://healgriefwithbelief.com/Home


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