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ADHD with Travis Mills show

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Travis Mills has ADHD and he’s not afraid to admit it. ADHD is a far-reaching conversation with Travis’ group of entertainment, comedy, music, and actor friends, about anything from popular culture moments, what success looks like, daily routines, working out, to all things life in LA.

By Travis Mills

The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders: Healthy Habits | Personal Development | Rockin’ Productivity show

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The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders is a weekly podcast dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast. My goal is to help you bounce out of bed with enthusiasm, create powerful lifelong habits, and tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy. The topics on this show are targeted directly at a life lived on purpose. From daily habits and productivity strategies, to personal development and health and fitness, you will get a solid education on how to be more intentional and live with incredible enthusiasm! For more information visit

By Jeff Sanders: Productivity Coach, Personal Development Junkie, and Plant-Based Athlete

The Dr. Gundry Podcast show

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The mission of the Dr. Gundry Podcast is to help listeners live their best, healthiest life. We’ll give you all the tricks and information you need to hack your vitality, avoid dangerous “health foods,” and balance your all-important gut. After all, a balanced gut is essential to good health — and Dr. Gundry’s goal is to help you live well, and eventually die young at a ripe old age.

By The Dr. Gundry Podcast

Conversation with the Big Guy show

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<p>Conversation with the Big Guy is a podcast released every week with Pro Wrestling Superstar, author, and owner of Feed Me More Nutrition, Ryback, alongside his sidekick, Asian Joe, and longtime friend and former professional wrestler, JD, owner of Iron Attitude and whom also happens to be the former gear maker of many pro wrestling stars along with the custom wrestling weight belts of Ryback. They explore life challenges, controversial subjects, wrestling nonsense, nutrition, motivation, and anything that they feel is relevant. Feed Me More! </p><p><br></p><p><br></p>

By The Big Guy Ryback

Musically Speaking with StoweGood show

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Musically Speaking is an intimate conversation between Grammy-nominated/hit songwriters Stowe Dailey &amp; Karen Taylor Good (StoweGood)—and you. Individually, these mature women have survived difficult childhoods, cancer, child-rearing, aging parents and the music business. Together, these two sister-friends travel the world sharing their powerful songs and stories via concerts, keynotes, workshops, retreats—and now—podcasts! Their work, described as “music for grown-ups” has been called “life-changing and transformational.” It doesn’t hurt that they’re funny, too. So stop reading this and start listening already!

By Musically Speaking with StoweGood

Life Uncharted show

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Welcome to the Life Uncharted Podcast with Christian Schauf. Each week we sit down with extraordinary people who have stuck their nose in the wind, stepped off the beaten path, and forged their own path to success. What made them do it? How did they succeed? And how can we follow in their groundbreaking footsteps? Tune in to hear their stories.

By Uncharted Supply

New Normal show

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No matter your circumstances, if you are facing a New Normal, this podcast is for you.<br> Join recently single dad, RJ Helguera on his mission to find hope and strength through inspiring conversations with exceptional people.

By RJ Helguera

The Sisu Way  show

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The Sisu Way is about grit, character, will, &amp; the decision to choose strength. Scott interview's people about life's adversity, universal connections, &amp; powerful moments that have strengthened their character. Topics include perseverance, mindfulness, gratitude, philosophy, fitness, leadership, service, &amp; humor. Hosted by father, husband, law enforcement professional, &amp; Mindful Warrior, Scott McGee.<br> <br>

By Scott McGee: Grit, Character, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Fitness, Leadership, Service.

Proverbial show

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The Bible is a cultural document! That means the texts it holds were written in a particular location, for a particular people, and in a particular time. We accept that world for what it is and we glean Godly principles from these sacred stories and passages. The Bible isn’t a fairy tale filled with made up characters - it’s a record of God’s unfailing love toward real, imperfect people.

By Erin Rose and Toya Obasi

Impulsive KetoCast show

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Open table discussions about ketogenic diets, ketosis, some intermittant fasting and general low carb dieting issues. Come join the discussion on facebook at