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The Intelligent Racer Podcast: Adventure Racing | Triathlons | Ultras show

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The Intelligent Racer looks to educate and entertain the endurance racing community through discussions with racing professionals and elite age groupers. By focusing on some of the world’s most interesting & challenging races and by interviewing professional athletes and elite age groupers competing in those races, every athlete can learn insightful lessons, becoming a more Intelligent Racer. Our focus is not on a specific endurance racing format, but instead we cover many formats including: Adventure Races, Triathlons and Ultra distance events. Lessons can be learned and applied across race formats, so we don’t wish to limit ourselves. Whether it is swimming, cycling, running or some other physical activity, if it’s in an endurance distance race, we are interested and we cover it.

By Adam: Endurance Racing Athlete and Aficionado

The NP Dude show

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Giving Nurse Practitioners a voice!

By The NP Dude

Podcasts – MakeYouFamous show

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Getting press about yourself requires no magic - there are simple steps you can take, and pitfalls you face. In The Podcasts on Fame, we talk with experts and people who have done it. And be sure to check out This Book Will Make You Famous available on Amazon and at <br> <br> So, whether you make a product or videos, whether you sing or do data science, whether you are a narcissist or an altruist, you can make yourself famous. Fame is “the state of being known or talked about by many people, especially on account of notable achievements.” We all want to be famous for different reasons. Altruists want to do more good, narcissists want the lifestyle, careerists want more power and creatives want their work to be known. And you? How and why will you become famous? The companion book offers insights and doable ideas. It takes work, but you can find your own path to fame. Dipping into these podcasts or the 40 chapters of the book will help you understand your way to being recognized. There are 7.5 billion paths to fame, because that’s how many people are on the planet. Each of us can change, improve ourselves, and acquire the skills we need to become known. We can become fitter, funnier, faster, and bolder. We can each employ tactics to get attention, from protesting to breaking a record to singing a song. You can prank the queen of a European nation, or you can leap from the highest building at a single bound in a wingsuit and survive. You can seek fame simply for the sake of the lifestyle, but that might be as empty a goal as a moth seeking a flame. Instead, you can find a reason to become famous, a purpose, then assimilate some some doable ideas. This book and the podcasts can help you get a little press, and then you can build on your successes. It’s totally legitimate for all of us to follow our dreams and satisfy our longing to be recognized for our achievements. It might be easy for you, but it will probably take time and perseverance. Work hard and best of luck!

By Jeffrey Goldsmith

ELEVATE: Love Your Life show

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The Elevate podcast is hosted by best-selling author and Co-Founder of Authentic Education, Benjamin J Harvey.<br> Featuring interviews with authors from the Elevate book series, you will be inspired to improve your Relationships, Health, Finances, Mindset and any other area of your life from the inside-out.<br><br> <br>

By Benjamin J Harvey

Mind Your Body show

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How can we use "body knowledge" into patterns of behaving, thinking, and feeling? Can we facilitate harmony within each individual and with society as a whole? Mind Your Body is a podcast that aims to inform listeners about the inner-workings of the human body as a vehicle for improved consciousness of thoughts and actions using principles and concepts from dance/movement therapy, the psychotherapeutic use of movement that furthers the emotional, physical, and intellectual integration of an individual. We will explore popular social, emotional, behavioral, and political topics from this perspective. Tune in and find out as your host, Orit Krug, shares her interviews with dance/movement therapists and other experts who have a unique perspective on the subject.

By Orit Krug

Serenecast- An ASMR Experience show

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An ASMR podcast to help you drift off to sleep, or simply help you combat stress. Hosted by Youtuber Queen of Serene, and features relaxation scripts, sounds, and so much more.

By Serenecast- An ASMR Experience

Thought For Food Podcast show

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A weekly talk show on all things plant-based nutrition, mountain athletic performance, and lifestyle science. Hosted by Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber.

By Jackson Long and Aaron Stuber

Zen Habits Radio | Leo Babauta - The Zen Habits Audio Blog and Podcast - Take Your Zen to Go show

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Go to to download back episodes and get your free audio gift. Never miss another Zen Habits blog post again. Now you can listen to Leo Babauta and the Zen Habits Blog on the go. Take it on a run, to the gym or in the car. We record every blog post, every time, right away.

By Leo Babauta and The Zen Habits Radio Team

ADHD with Travis Mills show

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Travis Mills has ADHD and he’s not afraid to admit it. ADHD is a far-reaching conversation with Travis’ group of entertainment, comedy, music, and actor friends, about anything from popular culture moments, what success looks like, daily routines, working out, to all things life in LA.

By Travis Mills

The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders: Healthy Habits | Personal Development | Rockin’ Productivity show

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The 5 AM Miracle with Jeff Sanders is a weekly podcast dedicated to dominating your day before breakfast. My goal is to help you bounce out of bed with enthusiasm, create powerful lifelong habits, and tackle your grandest goals with extraordinary energy. The topics on this show are targeted directly at a life lived on purpose. From daily habits and productivity strategies, to personal development and health and fitness, you will get a solid education on how to be more intentional and live with incredible enthusiasm! For more information visit

By Jeff Sanders: Productivity Coach, Personal Development Junkie, and Plant-Based Athlete