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The Bakery Bears Show show

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Join Dan & Kay in their adventures in yarn. Along the way we'll visit castles and medieval abbeys, read great books and lots of cooking. Plus we'll talk a little about Star Wars but all though is to spread the word of the joy of knitting! To view our episodes in HD or to watch our back catalogue visit our YouTube channel.

By Dan & Kay

The Outpost Podcast show

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The Outpost Podcast is a look inside Orange Nebula; a creative agency making board games and popculturey-type things.

By Orange Nebula

The Bricks King Podcast: Lego show

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We dig deep into the Lego world and interview Lego artists, and review Lego models.

By Matt King

Bash Bros Podcast show

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The Bash Bros Podcast is a weekly Magic: the Gathering podcast hosted by two of Magic's most famous brothers: Corey Baumeister & Brad Nelson. Each week, they'll have a very special guest and talk about strategy, improving your skills, and having the most fun you can while playing Magic!

By BashBrosPodcast

The Save Point Podcast show

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We are The Save Point Podcast. A group of friends that decided to make a podcast of about video games and nerdy fun stuff. Follow us @thesavepoint and Join our discord

By Save Point

Red Dead Redemption Podcast show

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Hey there, I am Morgan Cahill from and I am starting an information based journey that all revolves about everybody's favorite upcoming sequel, Red Dead Redemption 2. If you would like us to talk about a specific issue, you can email that to: Check out our other Podcasts at

By Drive By Dogs

CoD Blast Podcast show

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A Call Of Duty Podcast presented by &

By codblast

The Major Wrestling Figure Podcast show

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Join Matt Cardona (WWE Superstar Zack Ryder) and Brian Myers (WWE Superstar Curt Hawkins) as they talk about one of their favorite hobbies...collecting wrestling toys! Each week these two members of Mattel's “Elite Squad” chat about the latest news, upcoming releases, toy history, vintage collecting and much more! As lifelong wrestling fans and wrestling memorabilia experts, these two have plenty to say about the world of wrestling collectables. They started the obsession as kids and continued it through adulthood, and now as wrestling superstars they now have their own figures and merchandise and an insiders look at the wrestling figure business. PLUS, with all their friends in wrestling, you never know who could make an appearance each episode! If you collect anything wrestling, this is the podcast for you!

By Major WF Pod

MUT Force with Director & Trumpetmonkey show

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Director & Trumpetmonkey tackle Madden Ultimate Team news with STYLE! The Kiwi Charger & Aussie Raider are here to Entertain & Educate the MUT Community!

By Jared Seaich

Smash Bros Cast A Smash Bros Podcast show

Smash Bros Cast A Smash Bros PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Smash Bros Cast is about helping you improve your gameplay while learning with the host N64Josh. This will be the place for Smash news, community interviews and more.