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Role Playing Public Radio show

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Role Playing Public Radio looks at role playing games with humor and insight. Our mission is to make gaming more fun, whether it is celebrating a legendary session or making fun of dysfunctional games. If you have ever slain a gazebo by mistake, looted the body of a sass mouthed NPC, or died screaming in Call of Cthulhu, RPPR is for you!

By Ross Payton

The Board Boys Podcast show

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We play board games. We hope you like board games. New podcast episodes every other Thursday.

By The Board Boys

Facing the Grey Tide Podcast show

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The Hobby and Game ramblings of 4 average guys in the world of Warhammer 40k

By Chandler D, Evan S, Ron S, Bryan C

The Chaotic Goodness Podcast show

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Women and men playing a science fiction RPG together in a completely improvisational style. Follow the misadventures of a bunch of space faring idiots as they try to make a living picking up random jobs and constantly repairing their space freighter.

By Hashtag Chaos

The AIAS Game Maker's Notebook show

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A series of in-depth conversations between video game makers on the business and craft of interactive entertainment, exploring the core tenants of D.I.C.E. (Design. Innovate. Communicate. Entertain.) Hosted by Ted Price from Insomniac Games.

By Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences

Character Creator show

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A monthly podcast about video game characters and the people who create them.

By Brian Fabry Dorsam

DelveCast » Delve show

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Join your hosts Alex Dufault and Nathan Ainsworth as they Delve into the mechanical side of games and gaming with an exploration of the choices designers make when creating your favorite games. They cover a broad spectrum of gaming, from boardgames to RPGs with interviews with up and coming game designers and pros alike. More info at delvecast.com

By Alex DuFault and Nathan Ainsworth

Monster in My Podcast show

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A podcast by Kole Ross and Gary Butterfield taking a monster-by-monster look at all of the goofy, inspired, and sometimes dull creature designs in the 2nd Edition Monstrous Manual of Dungeons and Dragons. Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for short episodes about your favorite beasties.

By Duckfeed.tv

Pretend Friends - Tabletop RPG Adventures show

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Pretend Friends is an actual play pen and paper podcast. Currently ‘venturin in Space Kings. Starring Nick, Paul, and Josh from Continue?! as well as Kevin Cole! New episodes every Thursday.


The Last Province Podcast show

The Last Province PodcastJoin Now to Follow

The Last Province is your source for discussion about Legend of the Five Rings lore and competitive play. Brought to you by long time players Daniel Tickle, George Maney, and Robert Denton.

By Daniel Tickle, George Maney, Robert Denton III