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Elder Scrolls off the Record: An Elder Scrolls Online Podcast show

Elder Scrolls off the Record: An Elder Scrolls Online PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Greetings Traveler! Welcome to Elder Scrolls off the Record! The first Elder Scrolls Online podcast and the oldest Elder Scrolls podcast! Join Evarwyn, Liz "Mistress Lebeau", Rob "Rage Philosophy", Mike "The Tamrielic Historian", Mark "The Scenarist" and Zeffin every week, as we travel Tamriel and bring you our in-game experiences, latest game/community news, game features, and the occasional pro tip/trick and advice surrounding "The Elder Scrolls" and "The Elder Scrolls Online". Our goal, has always been, to present information in an informative and entertaining format while capturing the enthusiasm and excitement of the hosts and help to draw fans of Elder Scrolls from all over, together, as a community!

By The Quest Gaming Network

Around The Payload show

Around The PayloadJoin Now to Follow

A fake Overwatch League game show hosted by TheBlevins. Each week Blevins brings on 4 guests from the Overwatch community to battle it out for fake points and. The guests will discuss and debate the Overwatch league topics of the week, and whoever can gain the most favor from the judge wins!

Command Hand: A Star Wars Legion Podcast show

Command Hand: A Star Wars Legion PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Command Hand is your ultimate Star Wars Legion podcast, bringing you updates on Community, the Hobby, and competitive Strategy for the Star Wars Legion tabletop miniatures wargame by Fantasy Flight Games.

By Glenmore Studios

Cardboard and Wine show

Cardboard and WineJoin Now to Follow

A podcast about life and the board games we love. Grab a glass, pull up a chair, and let's talk about some games!

By Cardboard and Wine

about (making) games show

about (making) gamesJoin Now to Follow

Interviews with the designers, artists and publishers of both video and paper games. Each episode we interview someone who holds a position that is critical to game development. Some have great experience, some are in unique positions, all have their own perspective on how games are created. Listen to the show and learn how games are made.

By Mac Senour

The Legion Outriders: A Star Wars Legion Podcast show

The Legion Outriders: A Star Wars Legion PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Star Wars Legion coverage from America's Hive of Scum and Villainy! Join us as we discuss the latest news, hobby talk, and competitive analysis from FFG's newest tabletop wargame.

By Legion Outriders

All Tings Considered show

All Tings ConsideredJoin Now to Follow

A podcast about Old School Magic: The Gathering.

By Bryan Manolakos

Solosaurus show

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A podcast about one player board and card games, hosted by Brandon Waite and Carter McKie. Join us each episode as we discuss the latest solo games news and give an in-depth review of a new solo game or variant.

By Brandon Waite & Carter McKie

Gameopolis Podcast show

Gameopolis PodcastJoin Now to Follow

Mark and Jeff talk about all kinds of games, including boardgames, card games, roleplaying games, miniatures games, and the very occasional computer game.

By Mark and Jeff

Dukes of Dice show

Dukes of DiceJoin Now to Follow

The Dukes discuss their recently played games, provide a detailed reviews of popular games, go over the latest gaming news, and put their favorite games on trial.

By The Dukes of Dice