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BS Podcast show

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BS is a podcast designed to provide an entertaining, open, positive experience. Features interviews, news, gaming and much more!

By wesocracy

Pen and Paper Paragons show

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Pen and Paper Paragons is an actual play of tabletop RPGs. We're a group of friends who decided to give podcasting a shot and try to have fun doing it! New episodes will be out every two weeks on Friday at 11:30 PM (Central Time), so check back for more soon!

By Long Nguyen

Press X | Video Game Conversations show

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Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No, of course not. Why would you even confuse those things? They look nothing alike. Welcome to the Geek Show Podcast Network’s very own video games podcast where we look at everything from indie titles and Japanese oddities to the latest AAA titles, but only as long as they're interesting or cool. No episodes on Black Ops IV: Zombies in 'nam total ultimate edition, thank you very much. When we're not doing that we’ll be spinning yarns or sticking our noses behind the curtain but ssshhhh you never heard that from us. Stay with us here on Press X for a good old chinwag about video games.

By The Geek Show Podcast Network

KeyFrame | An Anime & Animation Podcast show

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Welcome to Keyframe from the Geek Show Podcast Network. This show is dedicated to the glorious medium of animation in all of its forms, from anime and cartoons to stop-motion and more, with plenty of news and reviews.

By The Geek Show Podcast Network

4-Panel | Because Comics show

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Join our stalwart heroes as they delve into the strange and exciting world of comics, manga, graphic literature, and other sequential art forms (we draw the line at cave paintings ... maybe). GASP at the latest and sometimes weirdest news from both the West and the East. THRILL with reviews of the best (and often worst), comics and manga stories around. INSERT APPROPRIATE COMIC BOOK NOISES as your hosts get easily distracted and spend half the show talking about that time Captain America was a werewolf or the Justice League and the Suicide Squad had another hillbilly feud. ALL THIS AND MORE, ONLY ON 4-PANEL. Part of The Geek Show Podcast Network.

By The Geek Show Podcast Network

The Digital & Dice Podcast show

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<p>The Digital and Dice Podcast is a podcast about Roleplaying, Tabletop, and Video Games! </p><br><p>Join Your Host Mark, Voiceover Guy Brian, The One Called Justin, and Sound Guy Stephen as they talk about video games, Dungeons and Dragons, Game Mastering advice, world building, and other wonderfully nerdy topics.</p>

By Digital and Dice

SGO Files show

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The Secret Government Organization, a.k.a. "SGO" is sending it's best and brightest to investigate reports of odd happenings and strange occurrences from around the world. Join Master Sargent Bob Ross, Hans Perkins, and Carl Roberts armed with knives, pistols, and mind-altering tic-tacs as they make their way through popular horror tropes and scary stories found on the internet!

By Digital and Dice

Hazardous Endeavors show

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<p>​Welcome to Hazardous Endeavors, a 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Real Play series brought to you by Digital and Dice. This is an ongoing series about the journeys of a band of adventurers as they travel a home brewed world named "Agrantha".  </p><br><p>​The Characters are:</p><br><p><strong>Lindo Espina "The Beautiful Thorn"</strong> - Human Rogue - Played by The Lady Crass </p><p><strong>Wilf Quirk Tradewind</strong> - Gnome Bard - Played by Voiceover Guy Brian @VoiceoverB</p><p><strong>Jaxom Shaw</strong> - Half-Orc Paladin - Played by Sound Guy Stephen @SoundGuyStephen</p><p><strong>Elliot Frostmoon</strong> - Ice Genasi Wizard - Played by Wizard James</p><p><strong>Game Master</strong> - Your Host Mark - @digitalanddice</p><br><p>We hope you enjoy Hazardous Endeavors!</p>

By Digital and Dice

CreaturePasta show

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<p>Welcome to CreaturePasta, an incomplete field guide to creaturepasta critters, gaming beasts, and horror monsters, brought to you by Digital and Dice.  </p><br><p>Out of the mind of our very own "The One Called Justin" comes an incomplete field guide to creepypasta critters, gaming beasts, and horror monsters. Each episode goes over one of the many creatures from history, popular culture, games, or horror media, and explains where they came from, what they look like, and how you can integrate them into your roleplaying game! Join us for some creepy creature cinema in CreaturePasta, releasing every other Monday on</p>

By Digital and Dice

Jax Does Homestuck show

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Various projects related to Homestuck. Currently Readstuck: I read Homestuck out loud then review each Act with a special guest!

By Jax