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Star Wars Book Report show

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A fun podcast to celebrate all things written in the Star Wars Universe, other fun Sci-Fi Works, and all kinds of other shenanigans. We explore the galaxy one page at a time. It is the podcast for and Thanks for listening.

By Jesse Colbert and Wayne Chamberlain

The Dice Tower Audio Reviews show

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In his series The Dice Tower Audio Reviews , noted reviewer Tom Vasel provides short audio (mp3) reviews of both new and old games. Tom knows games, and these audio reviews are a great way to find out more!

By Tom Vasel

The Deck Tease show

The Deck TeaseJoin Now to Follow

A brand new mini podcast about Magic the Gathering and World of Warcraft. Hosted by Oestrus, you can hear all about her adventures as a seasoned World of Warcraft player who suddenly finds herself on the opposite end of the competitive spectrum when she decides to start playing Magic the Gathering again after a 10 year break. Tune in to listen to her most candid opinions and stories relating to these two games and a whole lot more.

By Oestrus

Teamwork Monster Hunter Podcast show

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Monster Hunter enthusiasts sharing insights and strategies for the Monster Hunter video-game series.

By Krystian Majewski

Vaders Finest show

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Vader's Finest is a new resource devoted to competitive-minded analysis of Imperial Assault.

By Vader's Finest

Relics of Orr show

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Guild Wars 2 banter and news, plus hefty rehashing of the original Guild Wars. Relics of Orr delves deep into the previews supplied by Arena Net and offers tips to players of the original game. Plenty of speculation too for the theorycrafters and the spectators.

By Ryan Singleton

The Idle Book Club show

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A monthly book club podcast conducted by a few amateur book lovers.

By Idle Thumbs

Angrypants Gaming show

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A gaming podcast called "The Pantscast" where fans and industry people talk about the games they love!

By Nicklaus West

JudgeCast – MTGCast show

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A network of the very best Magic: The Gathering podcasts around, covering every aspect of the game, from the pros to your local kitchen table guys and gals. MTGCast has them all in one place for your convenience.