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MLB The Show Cast show

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Your #1 source for MLB The Show Diamond Dynasty news! Market tips, program analysis, & much more!

By What The Moose

Land Ho! - A Sea of Thieves Podcast show

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Avast ye mateys! Welcome aboard the Land Ho! Podcast. Join Brian and Michael as they discuss the open-world pirate game from Rare and tell you all you need to know to become a pirate legend. We will be celebrating the game's accomplishments while taking a closer look to give critical feedback to the developers. Join our community and let's make the game a decade of fun! Anchors away!

By Land Ho Podcast

Shipwrecks and Shanties: A Sea of Thieves Podcast show

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A’hoy Mateys! Ye be enterin’ dangerous waters, so you best not be doing so alone! Join Jocelyn and Siv for the next six weeks as they tell you all you need to know about Sea of Thieves, the ultimate online, multiplayer, PvP pirate experience.

By Jocelyn and Ryan

The Carousel show

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The Carousel is a weekly podcast dedicated to the geek arts, such as video games, comics, movies, and music. We talk about video games about every other week and keep a rotating cast of characters for your listening enjoyment but will always come back to the main three hosts. A big goal of the podcast is to create friendly discussion and banter to make the listener feel like one of the gang. The podcast was started when John conned Justyn and Scott into doing an episode over the Halo: Reach beta. Now the trio is dedicated to bringing you listening enjoyment as well as pwning opinions. Yes I went there. The Carousel Podcast also features original music from MusiM ( and MusiM's friends and colleagues.

By MusiM

Griffin Merkert's Podcast show

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Griffin's Podcast about stuff.

By Griffin Merkert

Xtra Xtra show

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Quick Sports News and Commentary

By Vince Douglas Gregory

Transmissions from the Bunker show

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Satyr and Pastor Recoil rant and banter about geek culture and life in general.

By Satyr

Armchair Titans show

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Armchair Titans is a podcast following several groups of Seattle comedians and improvisers playing Dungeons & Dragons. The table talk is often hilarious, sometimes NSFW, and always interesting. This podcast is for anyone who loves Dungeons & Dragons and/or enjoys listening to funny people hang out together being funny.

By Wing-It Productions

Custerstuff cast  show

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Aussie girls Poxy and Roobi talk all things funny from dares and pranks, to their own song parodies. Join in on their hysteria. Hillarity at its best. With competitions, phone pranks, call ins and weird news, what more could you want in a podcast. Visit our home site and become a member at````

By Custerstuff

Immortal Machines » Podcast Feed show

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Immortal Machines is the PC Gaming podcast of Colony Of Gamers, and brings together a crew of PC enthusiasts who semi-regularly manage to pry ourselves away from gaming long enough to talk about the past, present and future of our favorite hobby. Heavily opinionated and loosely organized, this show is for anyone who takes PC gaming - but not themselves - seriously.

By Immortal Machines